Me and Mine: A Family Portrait Project 2015- January.

on Saturday, 31 January 2015.

I almost dragged the girls and Mr E out to take a couple of photos for our family portraits this month, as I like to take them myself using my tripod- bizarrely my girls seem to cooperate more for a tripod than someone else behind the camera.  But firstly chicken pox arrived in our house and Mads is suffering with them quite badly, and secondly in reality taking a couple of photos around where we live wouldn't really sum up our January.  January is normally the longest month ever, you inevitably experience the post Christmas come down, your money seems to run out by about the 6th due to the random Christmas wage packets, and it's all a little bit gloomy and miserable.  

But our January has been anything but gloomy.  I *may* have been harping on about it a little excessively on my blog the past couple of weeks, but on January 8th we left on a jet plane (two actually) and headed across the Atlantic Ocean to a little tiny island in the Caribbean.  It was bliss.  We got a bit of winter sun, escaped the depressing January weather, and of course got to experience paradise, even if it was just for a week.  But the thing we did most?  We made memories.  We had adventures.  We relaxed and we had fun in equal measures.  I have to pinch myself that it was even us there experiencing it sometimes, it all seems so long ago now as I sit on the sofa snuggled up next to a poorly spotty girl, bundled up under a blanket and wearing a thick cosy hoodie.

That's the beauty of a photograph.  You can relive the memories, the way you felt and the fun you had.  And I couldn't have been happier than to have my little family on our own for a week.  We have it good, we can't complain, but life is busy and life is hectic.  Our weeks pass in a blur of nursery, play dates and lots of work.  Mr E works all day and then comes home and works most evenings, and some nights we hardly say a word to each other.  So to have them all to myself for a week was just so special.  

Therefore this month it's Me and Mine: The holiday edition.  They aren't the most beautiful photos ever (Mads seems to glare or pull a face any time we ask someone to take a photo of us!) but I look at them and relive all the memories all over again.  

beaches turks and caicos 98a

LL's face on this one makes me chuckle! (Thanks Alison for taking it!)

beaches turks and caicos 100a

beaches turks and caicos 68

This photo makes me smile- LL is picking her nose, Mr E looks awkward and Mads and I just look happy.  Elmo and Zoe aren't members of our family, but we will let them off just this once.

beaches turks and caicos 3

I was taking photos of the girls and one of the staff members of the resort walked past.  He grabbed the camera off me to take a photo for me without me asking, and he was so sweet bless him.  He kept calling Mads a princess and in turn she flashed him one of her winning and most charismatic smiles.  Not.



Another classic.


I am excited to be doing Me and Mine again this year with some of my old lovely blogging friends, and also some new fab ones too.  This month I am sending you on to Lucy, my partner in crime.  Head over there and have a look at her gorgeous famly and then head round in a circle and it will bring you back here.  And don't forget to link up your lovely family pictures too.  This year Photobox are sponsoring me and Mine and you could win some fabulous prizes.


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