38 and 39 months... Oops!

on Friday, 25 April 2014.

To my beautiful Mads,

I should start this by saying that I have been naughty and not keeping up to date with your monthly letters.  Life is whizzing by so fast and I am now a couple of months behind, with you turning 40 months yesterday on April 24th.  Therefore I thought I would join the last two months together, and hopefully now I will be back on track.  Oops!  I want to make sure I keep writing these as I know they will be such a wonderful memento of your childhood when you are big enough to read them.  I have visions of us sat together at a kitchen table somewhere laughing and giggling over what you used to get up to. 

The last couple of months have been so busy and you have literally grown up before my eyes.  All of a sudden your clothes no longer fit, and you have got really tall.  We had to go out and buy lots of new clothes the other day, and as usual you were spoiled by Grandma and Auntie Emma.  The toddler days are far behind you now and in it's place there is a little girl who is growing up very quickly.    

The last few weeks you have gone through another funny developmental patch.  On the whole you are a really good girl but at times you struggle to convey your emotions.  Rather than just say you don't want to do something, you get upset or angry when there isn't really any need to get worked up.  You can get quite worked up by things, but we are just putting it down to you learning to communicate with us properly.  

Some days you are as good as gold and the most helpful, kind, lovely little girl and then some days you are harder work.  We never know what kind of day we are going to have, but for the most part you are a delight to be around.  There are days when you completely push my buttons and test my patience, which I guess is just what it is going to be like having such a feisty and opinonated little girl in my life.  Apparently at nursery they have never so much even had to have a cross word with you, and that makes me so proud.  I just wish that was the case at home too!  You love going to nursery now and always get really excited when it is your two nursery mornings.  I am so pleased you have finally settled in so well and I love to hear about your antics when you get home.  You tell me all about what you have done and you love 'Dancing Emma' the dance instructor who comes in on a Tuesday.    

We started swimming lessons a couple of months ago and when we first went you screamed the place down the entire half an hour.  But within two weeks you were fine and now you make us so proud with how you are in the water.  You go off into the pool no trouble and wave to us from behind the glass- you go under the water through hoops, jump in and love to splash about.  We are so pleased you are going to be water confident for our holiday this year.  

You have been loving films this month, and at the moment the current favourites are Toy Story 2, Frozen and all of the Shrek's.  You snuggle with us really nicely and watch them and we all enjoy having a Sunday afternoon film on the sofa, although LL hasn't got the same level of concentration just yet!  When we ask you what film would you like to watch you always say 'Well that's up to you' and when we say our choice you always say no and ask for a different one!

 Grandma found you some old Trolls and you love to play with those too, which takes me back to my childhood.  You love to be outside and one of your favourite things to do is go to the park on your scooter.  You also have an obsession with play dough and constantly ask to play with yours, the other day you played quietly for almost two hours and it was lovely to see you enjoying it so much.  Mummy does have to hold her breath when tiny little bits get squashed into my cream carpet though.

Speaking of our house, the other night you did something which made me the most cross I have been with you so far.  We have recently got our living room redecorated and silly Mummy left a biro on the table from when she was working.  We were eating our dinner a while later when we noticed that you had drawn all over our lovely new wallpaper.  I was so incredibly angry with you, I shouted really loudly and made you go straight upstairs to your room.  You were so upset but I just couldn't even bear to see you so Daddy kept going up to check on you every five minutes or so.  Eventually we cuddled and made up and you kept saying sorry.  I felt a little guilty for getting so angry but it was a very naughty thing to do.  Luckily our decorator has managed to peel the sheet off so it is back looking all shiny new again but it really taught me about how to control my emotions around you.  I am still learning at this parenting business too. 

Your eating is getting better slowly, after months of being a complete fusspot.  You eat most things at nursery except you have a real thing against jacket potato's- apparently you get really upset when they bring them out!  You will try more things at home, but still have set things that you eat and enjoy.  Lunch is still by far your favourite meal of the day, you love what we call 'picky picky' meals- little bits of everything and will often ask if it is lunchtime about an hour after breakfast!

You are still such an incredibly kind big sister and love to take LL into nursery first and pick her up from her room because then you get the best cuddles.  You chat to her constantly and cuddle her and play with her non stop.  You will always share your food with her even when it is your last bit and it makes me so proud to see you being so sweet towards her.  As you both get older we are really seeing the interaction between you coming alive, it is just amazing to see.  Whenever we are in the car I am treated to constant giggling as you try and make LL smile by dancing or being silly- it is so cute to hear you laughing together. 

We have a busy few months ahead of us, with weekends being taken up seeing friends or family occasions, as well as a couple of weekends where you are with Daddy as Mummy is away.  Plus we have our holiday to Rhodes coming up in June, something which we can't wait for.  In fact you already have your sunglasses ready!


I love you, always and forever.

But as always, you already knew that.

Mummy xxx



Our Lovely Long Easter Weekend...

on Tuesday, 22 April 2014.

The Easter bunny has been and gone and we now have at least a year's supply of chocolate currently taking up space in our cupboard causing us to have a tremendous amount of lost willpower.  Our four day weekend was just what we needed, a chance to relax and have some quality time together as a family.  I couldn't have asked for anything more and I am sad it is over for another  year. 

I have been feeling really emotional this weekend, I don't know if it was seeing the magic on my girls faces while out hunting for eggs, seeing my 90 year old grandparents and creating memories that I treasure so much each time, or just spending time with different members of my family but I have had to blink back tears on a few occasions as I have sat back and watched the people I love having a good time.  

It was a quiet yet subtly hectic weekend- Friday was spent over at my grandparents having slow roasted gammon and hunting for eggs on their farm, Saturday we went over to my Dad's where my other grandparents were visting, Sunday we went to a local farm for a day out with my sister before going over to my Mums in the evening as it was her birthday and Monday was spent being lazy and doing some tidying and baking.  It was just a laid back lovely weekend with two little girls who were on their best behaviour considering the amount of E numbers consumed.  (Although on Thursday night Mads drew a masterpiece on my new wallpaper with biro and we can't get it off but I couldn't hold a grudge with a three year old all weekend!)

Below are some photos and a (rather long) video of our bank holiday weekend together.  Why can't every weekend be four days long and full of chocolate?  


A little early Easter treat.


Bunnies everywhere.


The girls Easter baskets- a gorgeous Jellycat bedtime bunny and mouse, the obligatory bunny ears, chocolate friends and marshmallows.  We normally have them on Easter Sunday but we had them on Friday this year as we went over to my Grandmas for an egg hunt.


The little hand knitted chicks from my Mother in Law had kinder eggs hidden in them- Mads loved them and said 'Wow' when she realised there was her favourite treat inside.


The cheekiest Easter bunny that there ever was.


We went over to my Grandparents for lunch on Good Friday with my Mum and the rest of the family.


Ready for egg hunts.


Some new friends guarding the egg bucket.




Mads had a great time searching for eggs in Great Grandma's garden.


'Found one Mummy!'


Checking out her big sisters loot.


My Mother in Law made the girls these gorgeous 'matching but not matching' bunnies and my Mum also made them a lovely Easter basket each.  They were very spoilt with little treats.


More friends.


Mads went for a walk with Great Grandma (they live on a big farm with lots of gorgeous land) and picked me some flowers.  Her little face was so cute, she was so proud to give them to me.


On Saturday we went over to my Dad's as my Grandparents were visiting from Wales.  Nothing is more special to me than these family times, we are aware how lucky we are to be able to make these memories.


Digging in the garden with Grandpa.


 Sharing a joke with Daddy.


On Sunday we went to the farm that we went to last year, Mads loved feeding all the animals.  I didn't take many photos while we were there cause I didn't want to get my camera wet (obligatory British bank holiday rain) but I took some quick video clips. 


Because when my girls are grown up they will really want an awkwardly posed photo of their Mummy and Auntie in front of a ridiculously old fire engine.  Who wouldn't?  


Mads and I did some Easter baking on Monday because with all the mountains of chocolate we had in the house we just needed that little bit more sugar.


I love this photo of my Nana and Mads.  I will treasure it for all the happy smiles.

A little video of our weekend too.  It is rather long, anyone who gets to the end can have a leftover Easter egg.  Maybe.



All in all it was a lovely weekend.  One of those ones where you just feel thankful to have a slightly boring ordinary life.  Roll on the next bank holiday!


NB We were very kindly sent the Jellycat bunny and mouse for Mads and LL's Easter Basket. Thank you! :)

{The Ordinary Moments 14} #16 'Aaaaaaah.'

on Sunday, 20 April 2014.


At fourteen months LL has such a happy and carefree personality and in turn she brightens our days.  She still seems so little to me- most probably this is second child syndrome, whereas Mads seemed quite grown up at this age LL really does still feel like a baby.

She has the widest and happiest smile which spreads across her whole face and she gets excited by the silliest things.  She is also incredibly affectionate, her favourite thing to do is cuddle.  Whether that's Mummy or Daddy, Grandma or a cuddly toy, if you give her something soft she will wrap her arms around it so tight and squeeze it while letting out a long sounding 'aaaaaah' noise.  

She buries her face into your shoulder or into a toy and almost nuzzles to try and get comfy.  She will cuddle me for ages and I must admit to relishing every single one.  I love to bury my face into her silky soft hair, Mr E and I have always thought that for some strange reason her hair always smells a little like popcorn.  If you hold your hands out to her she will crawl as quick as she can across the room smiling and giggling and will hold out her arms so you pick her up and hug her tight.  

For some reason she prefers cuddling Mads toys to her own and Mads is so kind to her especially in respects to her favourite friend Pongo the dog.  I took this photo of LL snuggling in close to Woody the lamb with a huge smile on her face.  She really does have the most infectious personality and you can't help but smile when you are around her.   It's a joy to see her growing and becoming her own little person.

I feel very privileged to be the one who this little girl loves to cuddle the most.  What is about a cuddle from one of your children that makes even the stressful of days seem that little bit better?


You are 13 Months (but technically 14!)...

on Thursday, 17 April 2014.

My Dearest LL,

Mummy is really late in writing your 13 month letter, in fact you are now 14 months.  Oops.  We have just been so busy and the weeks seem to be going so fast. I will get back on schedule from now on but for this month only I will merge your monthly letters together.  After a very happy 1st birthday, you have settled into life as a 'not quite a baby not yet a toddler' very well.  

You have been at nursery for almost two months now, just for two long mornings a week.  At first you used to cry when Mummy left, although when I rang ten minutes later I was told you were always happy.  However for the last couple of weeks you have been fine when I drop you off, you hold out your hands to your key worker and smile when I wave goodbye to you.  It makes Mummy feel such a sense of pride that you are now a confident little girl.  When I pick you up you always get a little overwhelmed when you hear my voice, and let out a little cry.  They tell me that you are a very quiet little girl, happy in your own little world and are absolutely no trouble at all.  Apparently you love to do painting and I absolutely adore getting pictures from you and your big sister.

You are trying so hard to talk and are constantly babbling away.  None of it makes sense yet but I love to hear you chatting away to yourself.  You say Mama but don't say it in relation to me yet and we are sure that you are saying something that sounds suspiciously like 'Hi-ya' which is funny as we don't know where you have picked it up from.  You get quite vocal and shout and pull very serious facial expressions, almost as if you want me to understand what you are saying.  You absolutely love to point at everything and anyone and let out a little noise.  You love me to tell you what everything is and then once I have told you you point at the next thing!

There is no sign of walking on the horizon yet, but your big sister didn't walk until 15 months so I am not too worried.  She was more steady at this point but you just aren't stong on your legs and aren't standing on your own for any period of time.  I secretly like the fact that you are still a baby in that respects.  You stand up against anything and everything and cruise along the furniture, as well as nipping across the lounge with your baby walker.  You still seem too little and small to be walking, and it makes me laugh to see you with a huge smile on your face as you push it along. 

Your absolute favourite thing to do is dance.  You love to shake your little bottom and hold out your hands and bop to whatever beat is on.  You love 'What makes You Beautiful' by One Direction and notice it as soon as it comes on in the car, your little face breaks into a huge grin and you literally shake and dance with excitement.   Mads and I love to put it on and watch you, it's utterly adorable.  You also love it when Mummy sings 'Girl look at that body' which perhaps is a slightly strange thing to sing to a one year old, but you wiggle and giggle whenever I sing it.   

Another thing you love to do is cuddle.  You are incredibly affectionate and love to snuggle in our arms.  If we say 'cuddle' you will bury your face into our arms and say 'aaah' which is very sweet.  You love to cuddle your toys, although your favourite thing is still your big sisters dog 'Pongo'.  

You are sleeping fabulously and eating just as well.  The only things that you aren't keen on is jelly and fruit, I have no idea why as Mads loves any sort of fruit but you always spit it out.  Other than that you will eat everything so I am not too worried. You are going through a phase where you will let out a funny little noise if someone else is eating something that you want.  You defintely know what you want and will have little strops if you don't get a little portion of your own to try.

I still can't quite believe that my tiny newborn is now over a year old, yet at the same time I can't believe that you haven't always been in our lives.  You have just fitted into our family perfectly and we couldn't possibly imagine what life was like before you.  

Mummy couldn't love you anymore if she tried.

Thank you for being mine,

Love Mummy



 PS.  Look at your eyelashes!  When Grandma saw this photo she asked if I had put mascara on you. I can assure you I didn't put mascara on my 14 month old.  They really are so beautiful, Mummy is very jealous.  I love this photo of you. 

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