“Our life is ordinary but it’s the ordinary moments that are sometimes the sweetest.”


 What’s Mummy Daddy Me all about?

Mummy Daddy Me started in March 2011 as a way of keeping me doing something creative while on maternity leave with my eldest daughter. When it began there were just a handful of UK family blogs and I had no idea how much it would grow. Having always been known by family and friends for never sticking at anything, I would never have thought that over five years later this blog would become such a huge part of our lives and enable me to work full time on it, while also setting up my own freelance business. It is a dream of mine to be able to work creating videos, photos and writing for a living.

Essentially Mummy Daddy Me is all about our lives. It’s our visual diary of those beautiful years where our children were little and life passed us by in a blur. We want to record every single little detail-  the ordinary moments, the extraordinary moments and all those ones in between. But it’s become a lot more than that. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that we would get to work with incredible brands and this would become my job.

I really don’t know what kind of blog this is. I guess if we had to say it’s a family lifestyle blog covering mainly travel, photography, interiors and day to day life in general. Over the years it’s developed with a strong emphasis on travel, mainly because it’s one of our biggest passions. (I also co-run a travel blog called Space In Your Case) But ultimately it’s just about us.

My little family.

This is our story.

Who’s behind Mummy Daddy Me?

You may have noticed that our url is Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three. This was our original name, back when we only had one little person in our lives. Now there are two other little people in our lives too, which I guess sort of means we have gone full circle to three again!


 Katie… (me!)

I’m Katie, the person who writes Mummy Daddy Me. I’m Mummy to two lovely little girls and a new addition in the form of our baby boy, and I mostly spend my days with them, whilst working from home. (On this blog and my freelance work) Before they were born and took up all my time, I worked in online marketing for a large travel company- travelling has always been my passion. My other main passion is recording our memories- I absolutely adore photography and I am learning more and more about shooting videos too.

I love bright colours especially yellow, interiors, kids fashion and making my children wear ‘a little bit matchy’ outfits which they will hate when they are bigger.I am happiest when I’m with my little family. I would live on fajitas, pizza and chocolate buttons if my waist line allowed it, and I can’t go a day without having a diet coke – I realise it’s so bad for me but it’s definitely my guilty pleasure.

Oh and I am also a proper clean freak, our house is always tidy which is some mean feat when you have small children.


Jon…(Mr E)

Jon was called Mr E for many years on my blog, but I’ve decided just to call him Jon as I feel like an utter wally calling him Mr E now we do more videos! We have been married for nearly 7 years and been together for eleven years. We met in Leeds when we both worked in a bar and we lived in a lovely flat just myself and him as friends before we got together- I have lived with him for our entire relationship which is something I guess most people can’t say! (You can check out our little love story which I wrote down years ago – it makes me cringe to read it back!)

He is a designer/front end developer and set up his own business last year, after years of working for others. We are now working from home together in our little office and bizarrely we actually get on great considering we are together so much. He also helps me with all the deep coding on my blog that I just wouldn’t have the patience to do myself- in fact he helps me with my blog a lot, only occasionally grumbling over the fact I make him go out and take photos on a weekend afternoon when he would rather be watching the football! I am very lucky that he is so supportive of me and my passions. I love that we enjoy doing this together.

Mr E likes all the typical kind of stuff- he is a bit of a cycling geek and he loves design, football and cars. He has also recently got into making videos too, you can find his You Tube channel here.



Madeleine… (Mads)

Madeleine is our first born daughter who was born in 2010- she has a very exciting or unfortunate birthday depending on which way you look at it as she was born on Christmas Eve to the song ‘When you believe’ by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. She is now in her first year at school and I still haven’t adjusted to having to get everyone out the house on time for the school run. I’m miss her a lot while she is at school.

She is such a ‘tom boy’, she won’t wear pink, won’t wear skirts and has a love of superheroes, lego, playing jokes and doing magic tricks. She wants to be a spy when she grows up. Her favourite treat is to have a lemonade if we ever go out for dinner (easily pleased) and she never stops talking/jumping around/laughing. If you are grumpy you can guarantee that she will cheer you up- she’s definitely the silliest and loudest member of the family.

She is exceptionally affectionate, always telling us that she loves us, and she is the best big sister to her siblings. She loves watching You Tube, Horrid Henry and loves playing her guitar and going on her skateboard.



 Charlotte…never called Charlotte, always Lottie! (LL)

Lottie is our middle little person and she is the funniest member of the bunch. She was born in February 2013 via elective c-section and she has always been the most chilled out little thing, you hardly even know she is there. She’s got the most beautiful set of blond curls, the most infectious smile and is generally nearly always happy. But when she isn’t happy, then you better watch out, she’s ‘known’ for her tantrums. Thankfully these are rare.

She’s a lot more independent than Mads, happy to play on her own and you also have to work more to get a cuddle from her. She also adores her big sister and follows her around everywhere, and copies everything she does. She is turning into quite the character and she brightens our days.

Her favourite toy by far is Baa Baa, a little sheep that comes everywhere with her. She also loves lego mini figures, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and anything else her big sister is currently liking.



Our newest addition to the family is our affectionately named ‘bonus baby’ Wren. Having always thought we would stick at two children, we decided to try for one more if we were lucky enough for that to happen. It did, and in April 2016 our gorgeous little boy was born. I couldn’t imagine myself having a boy, after having my two girls and also growing up with a sister myself, but he instantly stole  my heart and I absolutely love having a baby boy in the family.

He’s changing so quickly but currently is probably the happiest baby we have ever met, smiling at whoever happens to be paying him attention- we often say he is a little floozy. He has the biggest blue eyes and is super chilled out, although he at the moment really doesn’t like sleeping at night, keeping his Mama awake often.

He’s completed our family and we all adore him. His little sisters dote on him and while sometimes I still can’t believe we have three children, at the same time I couldn’t imagine life without him. He is the missing piece to our jigsaw.


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