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We love to create and make our own little films of our day to day life. Not only that, we also like to feature in brand campaigns and on other YouTube channels. We can film our own content for a brand or we also have filmed with brands in professional campaigns whereby they send a team out to film us or we go to a studio.

I am also part of Channel Mum, the team behind NetMums, and I post regular monthly content for them over on their YouTube channel.

These are just a small few of our recent brand collaborations. We love to create creative and inspiring video content for brands so if you would like us to be part of your story then do get in touch…

Sovereign/Viva Alcudia Hotel & Spa Travel Diary Video

We will always make videos of our travels. This recent one shows the type of thing that we can do creativity wise, with aerial videography and a cinematic feel. It was a collaboration between Sovereign Travel and the Viva Alcudia Hotel & Spa in Majorca.

Promotional Video for Munchkin- for their usage

We were hired by Munchkin to make a day in the life promotional video for their sole useage (it’s unlisted on my channel just so I can show it as an example). This was to be used to showcase their range to potential suppliers in a natural and engaging way.

Cath Kidston- #BagsToSchool Campaign

The whole family worked on the #BagsToSchool campaign with Cath Kidston where we filmed for a day with a professional film crew surrounding the emotions of a child going to school for the first time.

Clover Promotional Brand Video on my YouTube channel- #NothingArtifical

We love to film our own creative content for brands- we filmed this video for Clover as part of a campaign with them highlighting the benefits around #nothingartificial.

Iceland Promotional Video for Channel Mum

We, alongside two other Channel Mum vloggers, filmed a natural and engaging video in collaboration with Iceland Foods, where we cooked a recipe on camera.

IKEA Promotional Video for Channel Mum

I worked on an exciting campaign with one of our favourite brands IKEA, where we were given an DUKTIG Kitchen and had to create our very own cooking show!

Ladybird Books/Toddler Fun Learning Story Time Collaboration

I was commissioned to work on a project with Ladybird Books and Toddler Fun Learning to read a well known children’s story. I was invited to YouTube HQ for the day where I had to read some children’s stories to the camera.

AXA Car Insurance Promotional Video for Channel Mum

Through Channel Mum, we were commissioned by AXA Car Insurance to star in a video discussing new laws surrounding children’s car seats.

Fisher Price Promotional Video for their YouTube Channel

We created a small piece of content for Fisher Price around their new campaign in encouraging discovery through playing. To date the video has been viewed almost 800,000 times.

Government Promotional Video Debate Piece for the Tots100 You Tube channel

We were commissioned to make a piece of content on behalf of the Government for the Department of Business, Work and Pensions discussing the new rules around Shared Parental Leave.

Subaru Promotional Video for their Social Channels- #XVAdventure campaign

We took part in a year long campaign with Subaru where we were given an XV crossover vehicle and asked to film our adventures. This introductory video was shot with a professional film crew on an exceptionally cold day in January.

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