{The Ordinary Moments 16} #37 ‘Family Traveller Awards’

Travelling has always been my passion, for ever such a long time now. It’s funny really, I’m someone who is actually quite anxious, who really feels content and safest when at home, who thrives on routine and structure, and who really doesn’t like flying. But for some reason I just adore travelling, even more so since we had our little family.

I hadn’t really been abroad much until I left home, I had been once or twice, but most of our family holidays were spent in places like beautiful Cornwall (which still is one of my favourite places to visit), then as I got older and my parents divorced we didn’t really go away all that much. While both my Mum and Dad love a holiday every now and again, they don’t really have the same travel bug that I do. I think I must get it from my Grandparents who have literally been everywhere, all over the world, and continue to travel now they are in their 80’s.

In my early 20’s I travelled as much as possible, from back packing round Thailand to sightseeing in New York and lots of places in-between. Then when I met Jon, we spent a lot of our early relationship going on lovely holidays, to places like Barbados and Cuba, or on weekend breaks to Barcelona. I started working as an online account manager for a huge travel company and I really enjoyed it, ending up working there for five years until I left nearly four years ago now after LL was born. When Mads was born Jon was made redundant and for a couple of years money was really tight and we really couldn’t afford to travel at all.

Slowly over time we have managed to travel more. I still have to pinch myself that I often get to travel as a result of this blog, it really is a dream come true and one that I couldn’t ever put into words how much it means to me. As a family we have already been on so many adventures, and I really hope that I have passed my love of travel on to them. I adore that the girls are already little adventurers and I feel so proud of the interest they take in the world around them. We had a little break during the later stages of my pregnancy last year and to be honest I thought that having a baby would mean our travels would stop for a bit- but if anything it’s got bigger and better. Our baby boy has already been on 6 flights at just five months old- I couldn’t honestly feel any luckier. A lot of people say that travelling with young children is a waste of time, or not worth the stress, but I couldn’t disagree more. Yes a lot of it is because we want to do it, but firstly happy parents equals happy children, it’s wonderful having that quality time together away, and also I hope that experiencing these things will help shape them, and that one day they will look back and remember all the adventures we had. I have such fond memories of holidays as a child, whether that was a weekend away in my Great Aunt’s caravan or a week in Majorca.

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Which brings me to the purpose of my post. On Tuesday night I headed into London to attend the Family Traveller Awards. For those who aren’t aware, Family Traveller is a multi platform lifestyle brand, with both online and print magazines. If you know the travel industry then you will know of Family Traveller.  The Family Traveller Awards celebrated 25 categories across the travel industry, ranging from awards like Best Family Friendly Airline to Best Family Ski Operator. I was there because I was incredibly a finalist in the Best Family Travel blogger Category. I was there alongside some amazing blogs, including Mini Travellers, Mums Do Travel, Parent Shaped, My Travel Monkey, All Baby Advice, Space In Your Case (which I am a part of too!) and Actually Mummy.

I met up with my Space In Your Case ladies (Alison, Helen and Penny) a few hours before hand and it was lovely to catch up with them, before it was time to head over to The White Company’s flagship store on Symons Street to attend the awards. It was great chatting to some of the ladies above, as well as Jen from Britmums and Jenography who was also there, and lots of new contacts from the travel world. I was utterly shocked that when it was time to announce the Best Family Travel Blogger category, the fantastic Dr Ranj announced my blog as the winner. Myself and our baby boy headed on up to collect the award, with me sweating and shaking like a leaf because I was so shocked.


I know it is inevitable to say how shocked you are when you win an award, no one is likely to sit there and say ‘yes I deserved it’, but I really couldn’t have been more surprised that I was the winner. I’ve said it so many times before but I am incredibly thankful for all that my blog has bought us as a family, not least for the adventures we have been on and for the fact that it has cemented travelling together firmly as one of our favourite passions. Nothing gives me greater pleasure in life than taking photos and making videos of the adventures we have- I couldn’t be happier doing that. I am still so surprised I won, not least because the other finalists were all amazing and such a supportive bunch, but I am so grateful that I did. It was also great to find out that Penny was runner up for her blog.

The voting was done partly by the public, but mainly from a panel of incredibly inspiring panelists, including editor of Family Traveller Jane Anderson, broadcaster and writer Mariella Frostrup, BBC’s travel documentary maker Simon Reeve, travel editor of The Times Jane Knight, and travel & lifestyle director of Elle, Sue Ward Davies. It feels like a huge honour to have been chosen by this panel and I still can’t quite believe it. My baby boy and I went home on the train later that night with a huge and gorgeous award wrapped up safely in my bag feeling so proud.

I couldn’t let the night slip by without mentioning the awards on my blog, after all it is such a huge achievement for me. Blogging is such a crazy journey, it has changed my life beyond comprehension the last five years and it has opened so many incredible doors for me and for us as a family. Travelling is just a small part of that, as after all we can’t travel too much due to Mads being at school. I am really excited to see what the future holds, but all I know is that whatever happens I will still be here taking photos and making videos of our ordinary moments, our travels, our adventures and everything else in-between.


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  • Congratulations Katie, its amazing that you won and well deserved. I love that the Famly Traveller Awards recognise that blogs bring value and have a category. I always enjoy reading and watching your family adventures, showing me some beautiful places that really are great for children. I can’t wait to see where you go next xx

    • Katie Ellison says:

      Thanks Laura, I am so thrilled. And yes it is great that Family Traveller recognises that blogging is really important to the travel world too. x

  • Kerri-Ann says:

    Aww first of all congratulations, I remember seeing the photo on IG and I couldn’t help but smile. Your photos are truly beautiful and you deserve every award and the recognition. I think it’s wonderful if you get the opportunity to travel. Now that Lil G is a little older we feel comfortable travelling and I can’t wait to introduce him to Thailand and NY which we both loved so much. I love that photo of your girls on the walkway x

    • Katie Ellison says:

      Thanks lovely, I still can’t believe I won, I feel so honoured. I loved Thailand and NY too- both amazing places to visit and it would be great to see them from a family friendly point of view. x

  • Notmyyearoff says:

    A massive well done Katie, you thoroughly deserve it and I love reading your travel posts. I love travelling and your posts are making my list bigger and bigger. It’s sometimes daunting with kids but I don’t want to just put it on pause. Can’t wait to read your Amsterdam ones 🙂

    • Katie Ellison says:

      Thanks lovely and you hit the nail on the head- it can be daunting but it doesn’t mean it should stop! You do some amazing travels yourself. x

  • How ironic that I wrote a post about taking a course to learn to take photos and here you are, even more so that I quoted you as inspiration! Well done on the award. Your blog instantly drew me in due to your photography and your fearlessness when it comes to travelling with your babies. You rock!

    • Katie Ellison says:

      I loved reading your post all about your photography course, it looked like it was great fun. And thank you for your kind words lovely. xx

  • Congratulations again lovely. I too have an enormous passion for travel and much more so after having children, there is so much of this wonderful world to show them and you do this wonderfully. xx

  • Carie says:

    You might not be able to say that you deserved it but I totally can! Of course you deserved it because you’ve worked not exactly for it, because none of us are blogging purely to win awards, but in a way that makes it the only natural conclusion! And I completely agree with you about travelling with little ones; Pip wasn’t even one when we took everyone travelling around Europe for this first time and even Kitty may not remember everything about it but it would never stop us going, they have such curiosity about where we go, and it’s fun to see them pick up a smattering of the language along the way. Even now I’m back at work and have only a little time to take off, I couldn’t think of anything I’d want to do more 🙂

    • Katie Ellison says:

      Ah thanks so much Carie, that is much appreciated. That’s it, they may not remember but we do and it makes for such amazing family memories. It definitely does help shape them and also shape you all as a family. xx

  • I personally couldn’t imagine this award going to anyone else. You deserve it and your vlogs and beautiful photography are inspiring. I love seeing you guys on your travels and it makes me a little jealous, but i’m a very homely person and I love watching you travel so flawlessly in your pictures and vlogs when I am sat at home feeling a little cosy and content. Basically well done Katie, you really did deserve it.

  • Huge congratulations Katie, what a wonderful year you are having! Another well deserved award; your travel photographs and videos are always beautiful and definitely show how much fun travelling with kids is xxx

    • Katie Ellison says:

      Thanks Jess I really am having a wonderful year blog wise, I am not sure I am going to top it to be honest! xx

  • Amazing news and very well done. You are an inspiration and I know how much hard work you must put in, especially when you have three such young children. Very well deserved!

  • Sherry says:

    You really do deserve it, your photos, your stories of your adventures are amazing. I’ve been hidden away for a few months reading everyone’s blogs from afar (hello!) and in that small space of time you’ve had some great adventures. Congratulations x

  • Ali Millar says:

    Well done! You take the kids on such amazing adventures – they’ll love to look back on them and see the world in such a great way. You totally deserve it, lots of hard work goes on I’m sure behind the scenes!

    • Katie Ellison says:

      Thanks Ali, I really hope that they will look back and love the adventures we have had in years to come. And yes lots of hard work behind the scenes, but it is fun work at least. xx

  • Donna says:

    Huge congratulations Katie – such a well deserved award! x

  • Happy Mummy says:

    Massive congratulations Katie. A thoroughly well deserved award; I really enjoy reading about your adventures a family and you definitely give us lots of travel inspiration x

  • Aaw huge congrats Katie, so well deserved! I completely agree with you that it’s great to travel with children even when they are little. I know several people who are in the “why bother until they’re older, they’ll never remember it” camp, but I couldn’t disagree more- all experiences shape us, and I think it’s fab when children can see the world x

    • Katie Ellison says:

      Thanks Becky, I still can’t quite believe I won. And it is definitely good travelling with children, of course it is not all plain sailing but these experiences help define as a family. xx

  • Mary says:

    Well done Katie.. another award under your belt – WHOOP! Sounds fab!
    I loved reading this post and about your past too, I had no idea about the places you’d been when you were younger and about Jon’s redundancy. How different life looks now ay, its so wonderful you get to go to these places together…travelling is wonderful and we have a couple of adventures we are looking forward to too over the next few weeks..eeek!

    As if your grandparents are still seeing the world in their 80’s – I love it


  • I’m so pleased for you Katie, it’s so thoroughly well deserved and you should feel so proud of all you’ve achieved- your blog really is wonderful, I just love reading about your adventures and all the ordinary moments and you can tell from your photos and words how passionate you are about travelling as a family. It’s lovely. Huge apologies I’ve been so crap at linking up with the ordinary moments lately- I feel terrible! I love linking up but I’ve been so snowed under with a few brand collabs lately and it’s taken all my time and energy, I’ve neglected writing about more personal family related stuff but I will link up with this one in the next day or two. I’ll be really pleased to be writing about our most ordinary moments again xx

  • Massive congratulations Katie, very well deserved! x

  • Susan Mann says:

    Huge congratulations lovely, very well deserved to win. You have amazing photos and I love reading about your family travels. It looks wonderful and a true inspiration xx

  • Jenny says:

    Huge huge congratulations Katie. I can’t think of anyone that deserves it better than you and your beautiful family and your amazing photos and videos that you share after each and every family experience together. They are truly stunning and full of your happy memories together. How amazing you won what an accomplishment. I am so proud, so happy and so excited for you and whatever the future holds for your little family too. Way to go girl! #siblingsproject

  • Congratulations you very talented lady!!! This is well deserved – your words, photos and videos that make up your blog and YouTube channel are all so beautiful. I could be more pleased for you xx

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