A Day Out On A ‘Choo Choo Train.’

Would you believe that we live 45 minutes from Central London and I have never taken Mads to the big smoke?  I find that crazy as I go quite a bit and also because we used to live there, but until last week Mads had never been into London, or had never even been on a train.

All that changed last week as myself, along with two of her favourite people, her Auntie Paula and Grandma, took her on a mini adventure.  We were lucky enough to go and see Peppa Pig Live at the West End, something that I knew she would be so incredibly excited about.

I wasn’t wrong- she loved every single minute of it, including going on a ‘choo choo train’.  She spent the whole time looking out of the window for ‘cows and sheeps.’  We took her to the Rainforest Cafe for lunch which was worth it just to see her face- she was in awe of the animals and we got a great seat so we had a huge moving elephant and a big gorilla next to us.  Every fifteen minutes or so they start making noises and moving, and every time it happened she literally got so excited and her mouth would open so widely!

Peppa Pig Live itself was brilliant, I didn’t know how she would react as she has never been to anything like that, but she sat as good as gold on Grandma’s knee for the whole show and was transfixed by her idols on the stage.  Her little eyes were as big as saucers and she sat with her fingers in her mouth the whole time, bar when the ‘Bing Bong’ song came on and we caught her having a little dance and sing a long.  She was treated by Auntie Paula to a Peppa Pig spinning light sabre thing, and a little bag, and she has been parading them around ever since.

You know once of those days where things just go really well?  It was one of those- we had a lovely time, Mads was an absolute angel all day even though she missed out on her usual three hour nap, and everything ran smoothly.  We had a lovely time and seeing her little face experience all these new things was absolutely magical.

It was a lovely girly day out.

I didn’t take many photos but here are a couple from my phone and my camera.  Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take photos in the theatre but to be fair I was too busy watching her little face.






(These photos taken from my iPhone so not the best quality.)




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