A Family Day Out.

I am very fortunate to live down the road from most of my family which is lovely.  Mr E’s side of the family, however, live ‘up norf’ in Manchester.  We therefore don’t get to see them as much, although of course we have the power of Skype.  The last few years we have had a ‘fake Christmas’ at our house a couple of weeks before the actual big day, but this year for a number of different reasons we haven’t done that.

So this past weekend they came down to meet us and we went to Stamford, which is about 35 minutes away.  We had a lovely day, ate lots, walked around and window shopped, and exchanged gifts which are under the tree ready to be opened via Skype on Christmas Day.


She carried around her backpack all day, it has lots of random treasures inside- including a toothbrush, LL’s nappies, a Father Christmas toy, a Touch Eclait lid, and some gloves.  Essentials some may say.


We hitched a ride.




Dressed up warm like a little bear.  Not sure she was too happy about it though.


We had pizza.


She loved the twinkly lights.  And looked rather grown up in her coat.


Big news.  We have top teeth.  Neither of us are particularly happy about this.

All in all it was a lovely day, and got us feeling even more festive.  Less than two weeks until the big day!



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