About Time…

Sometimes at the end of a long day I lie in bed and think that I haven’t been the best Mum I could have been that day.  Perhaps I have snapped at Mads for no reason, left them in front of the TV that little bit too long, or lost my patience just a little bit too quickly.

Or then I think that I have got stressed at something that really doesn’t matter, like a new stain on the carpet or the fact that I didn’t manage to tidy the house that day.  I worry about what if’s a lot as well, and every day worries like bills and work.

A few months ago I watched a film at the cinema with friends called ‘About Time’.  The premise of the film is that the main character can travel back in time to live that day again and potentially change it.  Although not going to win any Oscars, I really loved the film as it completely resonated with me and I made Mr E sit through it again at the weekend.  Again it really made me think about my life.

My beautiful little ladies are growing up so quickly.  Every day Mads grows a tiny bit taller, conquers something new or acheives another milestone.  She’s three!  Three.  I cannot believe it.  Every time I look at LL I feel like she looks less like a baby and more like a toddler and it feels like she is on a mission to leave babyhood behind.

I like to think I am a good Mummy, in fact I know I am a good one, but sometimes I think I like an easy life.  I may say ‘Let’s go the park after nap time’ only to decide it’s a bit too cold and dark to go. Or I try and tempt Mads away from doing painting because I just can’t be bothered with the havoc and mess.  I sometimes don’t go on full days out in the week because of the fact that I am strict with their nap time routine.  Don’t get me wrong, we go out every morning, we play lots and we have lots of fun but what I am trying to say is that sometimes I don’t think I make the very best we could out of each day.

But you only get one chance at each day, once they are in bed I won’t be able to ever get it back again. Who cares if we go out and get ridiculously muddy?  They are just clothes and they can be washed.  Who cares if they don’t nap for one afternoon?  It won’t make them never nap again.  Who cares if it is cold and dark?  Why not make it even more fun and go out and have an adventure with a torch?  Who cares if we stay in our PJ’s and cuddle all day?  There will be a time when they won’t want to snuggle with their Mummy non stop.

My girls are at a stage in life where the most simple and ordinary moments are exciting.  Mads has the biggest and best imagination, where even the most mundane tasks are worthy of an adventure.  They aren’t yet motivated by material possessions, they are completely innocent, full of expectation, and by far their most favourite thing to do is just to be with their Mummy and Daddy.

I need to look at the world through their eyes a little more.  See the excitement and beauty in it.  See that even the most simple moments are beautiful and something to smile about.  Time is so fleeting and going so quickly, and I want to experience, record and treasure all these memories I am making with my little girls.

Even the most ordinary ones.

There is a line in the film that has really stuck with me…


I think it’s definitely something I am going to try and live by a bit more.

At the weekend I filmed one of our ordinary days.  One of my closest friends Lucy has made a few videos and we have featured in a couple.  Mads ADORES them and I think we must watch them all at least a few times a week, with her constantly asking me.  They are so lovely to look back on and so I thought I would make one myself, I wanted to capture a simple day in our lives.  It does make me stop and realise just how lucky we are.

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  • Lauren says:

    I feel exactly like this and it’s interesting to think about what you would change if you went back and could relive the day isn’t it? I like that idea, not of actually going back but of stopping in your tracks and wondering what you would change.
    That quote is very “you” too 🙂
    And as if this post couldn’t get any better the video is AMAZING. You and Mr E seem like such fantastic parents and the girls are just amazing. LL has changed so much and so fast I can’t believe it. The things she is doing amaze me.
    2.46 made me laugh so much. The way Mads looks at LL, so funny. Please do more videos (said in true stalker form)

    • Thanks so much for your lovely comment Lauren, I often think what I would do if I could go back and relive my day. And thanks for your kind words about my video- I will definitely be making some more, it was really fun and so lovely to look back on! x

  • Stephanie says:

    Such a lovely video…do you mind me asking what camera you used to film it and which software you used to edit it? I would love to try something similar especially when my little bundle of joy arrives in April…thanks so much!

  • Anna-Marie says:

    This is such a great post.. I agree completely, especially after my hellish week last week.. I love the little video too, both Mads and LL are just the sweetest!

    I have not seen the film you were talking about, but its definitely one too catch on Box Office when it comes out!

  • I loved your video, LL loves the camera and you can see her little personality starting to shine through. I do love the idea that we should enjoy the small things in life rather than worry about grand plans.

  • Caroline says:

    Don’t be too hard on yourself. Being mum to 2 small children is exhausting in ways that a film would never attempt to discuss and there will be plenty of years to have fun and get messy (and to do those cleaning jobs that stretch beyond the ones that absolutely need doing).

    Water magic painting books are a lifesaver (until Ewan drinks the water!).

  • Oh I’m so glad you got round to doing your video. And what a lovely ordinary, extraordinary day it was. So cute!
    And I’m sorry, but when did LL stop being a baby and become a full blown little girl. She looks so grown up compared to when I last saw her. x

  • Kerry Alexander says:

    Wow. Love this post! And love the video so much! Please could you share how you edited it as I would so love to make a video of my little one before I turn round and he is a teenager!

  • Like many mothers I can completely relate to this post Katie. I often worry that I like an easy life parenting wise I think I should do more fun and adventurous things with the girls. I think I need to stop worrying and just really live each moment.
    I adore About Time too and can’t wait to get it on DVD.
    and lastly HOW CUTE IS THAT VIDEO??! Love it xx

  • Oh I adore the video, I love the Mindy Glenhill music too. Ordinary is extraordinary and you are the perfect mum for your girls

  • Rebecca says:

    I’ve now sat through that video three times!! Hopes fascinated by your two girls being sisters like her and greta. She keeps saying those nice girls like sisters like me lol. Fab post I feel the same a lot if the time then I have days where I just think sod it I’m going to do anything today. X

    • Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three says:

      It’s funny how they like watching other children isn’t it? Mads loves watching other videos that bloggers put up! x

  • Katie says:

    SUCH a beautiful video Katie. I love it and want to make one myself now.
    You look like such a lovely, happy family – no need to change xxx

  • Emma says:

    I know just what you mean, I don’t think we make the most of every day either, but then how do you know what ‘the most’ is? Perhaps they enjoy staying in playing more than they would going to the park….that;s the thing isn’t it? I always feel this pressure to be out, doing stuff…but it’s not always what the kids want…

    • Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three says:

      Exactly, sometimes they just want to stay in and snuggle too. There is nothing wrong with that! x

  • OMG, this is the cutest video. Your girls are so adorable together. I love how you have combined what we take for granted (the everyday) and made it so heartfelt.

    In years to come, this video will be fabulous to look back on.

    You’ve inspired me to capture more of these moments. x

    • Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three says:

      Thank you lovely, and yes it is definitely good to capture these moments. Glad I have inspired you. x

  • Gah! The tears! Just what I needed after a tough morning with the boys.
    As soon as John’s up from his nap, we’re going for a long walk & taking the torch, as I don’t plan on being home before its dark out!

    I also love the video. Definitely need to make one whilst both boys are still young & discovering the world.

    • Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three says:

      Thanks Amy, sorry for making you cry! And you should definitely make a video it will be lovely to look back on.x

  • Notmyyearoff says:

    The video is so cute. I love About time. We only watched it for the first time the other day, it’s so feel good. If only we could keep going back and reliving all those special moments over and over. I am guilty of putting off trips and things, especially in this season that I really dislike. My sort of New Years resolution is to do a lot more quality fun stuff together.

  • I feel as if I could have written this, I feel the same. I too need to grasp each day a little more xx

    • Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three says:

      We can’t be super mums non stop but I want to try and make the most of each day more than I currently do. x

  • Michelle says:

    What a beautiful video! I agree that time just goes by so fast and I often look back at baby pictures of my Harry (who is now 2.5!) and come to the realisation that we’re never going to physically see that ‘baby’ version of him again although he does get funnier as he gets older!
    It makes doing a blog even more valuable when you have children!

    • Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three says:

      It’s funny isn’t it, I also find that with time I forget what they were like at a certain age. Of course I have photos to remind me but its sad that you forget and can’t picture it as easily in your head. x

  • Ritz says:

    Such gorgeous video and every single word written could have been written by me…I feel exactly the same way, how many times i have gone to bed thinking I haven’t dine the best and how time is flying by…how i want to go out but then nap time becomes a priority 🙁 But always remember you are doing the best and the toughest job in the world…Being a mommy is the hardest and the loveliest thing 🙂 xxx

  • Dawn says:

    Like many others have already said I too can relate to this post it’s scary how quickly they are growing and makes it so important to enjoy the ordinary moments.

    Your video is just stunning, the girls are adorable and clearly loving those ordinary days.

    Definately makes me want to pick up my camera and have a go and creating a little video

    • Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three says:

      Thanks so much dawn and you should I loved making this video and it will be wonderful to look back on. x

  • Alice says:

    That video is beautiful!! I’m trying to do exactly the same as this, live every day in a way that I know was the best for both me and the babies. So far it feels like a good way of living 🙂 x

    • Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three says:

      Definitely, I think a new year helps bring about nice changes. Not a resolution as such but a new way of thinking! x

  • Claire says:

    This so resonated with me… I too am super hot on nap times but am also learning that one off day won’t ruin them forever! Love this post and totally agree in every sense! Carpe Diem!

  • Laura says:

    Lovely post and beautiful video. It’s the simple everyday things that actually change so much, and looking back on this in years… or even the months ahead will really highlight how quickly everything changes xx

  • Carie says:

    Oh how very true! There are so many things that I want to do each day and then I get to bedtime and collapse without having managed the half of them. I think part of it’s the time of year, it’s so easy to stay home in the warm when I need to push myself to get outside in whatever sunshine we get! And I love the video, it’s just gorgeous – Kitty wants to watch it again and again and again!

    • Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three says:

      Thanks Carie, we certainly can’t be super mum every day but I want to try a little bit harder to make the most of our weeks together! x

  • Wow the girls are so calm together! It’s like pandemonium in our house!! Boys wrestling all the time, could do with some of your peace! yes always good to stop and think how lucky we all are when it feels too tough. Lovely lovely video xxxx

    • Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three says:

      I am sure it will become more like pandemonium when LL is walking. Eeek! And thank you, I love the little video I made of them x

  • Ahhh this is so beautiful! I love watching your’s and Lucy’s videos! I am so guilty of making excuses not to go out and watching too much telly, it’s hard when I’m so tired all the time but I am also so aware that this time is going to pass so quickly and one day we will wish we had it all back. It’s scary how quickly they are growing up. We are going to be grannies before we know it!! xx

    • Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three says:

      Thanks Jess. Ugh can you imagine us as grannies, I am already finding it hard to accept I am going to be 30 this year! ;)x

  • Stephanie says:

    That video is so precious! Rosen enjoyed watching it with me too. I need to make more of an effort to make videos like this of my kids. I so rarely use the video feature on my good camera. I need to take more advantage of it!

  • kat says:

    I’m going to premise my comment with the fact that I agree with most of this: get muddy, get dirty, let there be a mess.

    However, on the flip side, and something I am working on, is to stop being perfect. Don’t want a mess? that’s ok. Feel better with a clean house so you leave the kids in front of the tv for 10 extra minutes? That’s fine – a happy mommy is a GREAT mommy. And honestly, sometimes I just think we don’t give ourselves a break. And when we do EVERYTHING that’s “right” for our kids, are we teaching them reality? Ya know??

    • Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three says:

      I completely agree with you Kat, we can’t be perfect all the time. Sometimes we have to do what’s best for us, and in turn it makes us a better Mum overall. x

  • Kelle says:

    So perfect. The video is perfect.
    Really hit home with me – not many posts do but this did. I feel guilty for making excuses to not do things. xx

  • Love, love, love your video. Oh No, George! is our favourite book at the moment too 🙂 But I have to say that it’s okay not to like a mess or stay in when the weather’s rubbish. You shouldn’t feel bad and force yourself to do things you don’t want to. There’s no hard and fast rule re how to be a great mum – we’re all great in our own very different ways (and are allowed the odd lazy day too).

  • Becky says:

    This is wonderful post and such excellent guidance to live by. It is the everyday the small things that shape us indeed

  • Caro says:

    Aaaah this is so lovely 🙂 And since I had the Twinkles is exactly how I live. After such an arduous and upsetting journey to become a mama, now my two babies are here, I treasure every single moment. Even the difficult times.

    Because I can vividly recall, before we were blessed with them, times were an awful lot harder.

    For someone like me, the most ordinary moments are indeed extraordinary — and nothing short of miraculous, because it so very nearly didn’t happen.

    We are SO, SO lucky to have our children. Lovely to see you enjoying yours. xxxx

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