Christmas 2012…

Christmas 2012 was a wonderful, tiring, exciting, hectic, at times a wee bit stressful, but above all a magical time.  We went over on Christmas Eve to stay at my Mum’s, even though she only lives about 5 minutes down the road she has a huge old house that is beautiful and very Christmassy so we love staying there.

We awoke on Christmas morning after a tiring nights sleep- I just couldn’t get comfy and for some reason for the first time in well over a year we had a little visitor join us at 5am for cuddles.



As is the law on Christmas Day we had a champagne breakfast with salmon and scrambled egg.


Before getting down to the important task of opening pressies.  We were all thoroughly spoilt- I got some lovely bits and pieces for my camera, and a very special little lady’s fingerprint charm for my pandora bracelet, as well as the usual clothes, makeup and smellies.


Thoughtful pressie decorations from Auntie Paula.



We then went over to my Grandparents who live about twenty minutes away, for a day of merriment, eating and drinking.  I was the designated driver which meant I could watch my family get more and more tipsy before my eyes.  Very amusing.  Especially when my Mum thought she was pulling off her jumper but ended up pulling off everything and exposing her breasts to my entire family.


Me and my sister.





Lunch was yummy, with my Mum ordering our favourite Malteaser cheesecake from our local pub for dessert instead of the ‘traditional’ Christmas pudding.  It was then on to more present opening.




We got caught red handed sneaking chocolate truffles!



And we had lots and lots of laughs.

In the evening we came home to my Mums and snuggled in front of the fire chatting before having an early night.

Boxing Day we had a relaxing day just the three of us which was just what we needed after a hectic couple of days.  We packed up our car and left my Mum’s, before going for a nice winter walk and to the local park.




We then came home and relaxed indoors- we sorted out Mads new mound of toys and clothes, which literally took hours, however it was birthday and christmas combined as we kept needing to remind ourselves.  Mads then had a nice long nap while we snuggled on the sofa.



We played with our new bath toys.

On the 27th we went over to my Dads in the afternoon which was lovely.  My grandparents were down from Wales to see us which is always special and memorable- my Stepmum cooked a lovely ‘picky’ meal full of nibbles and treats- it was delicious.  We opened a couple more pressies and overall had a nice, relaxing time.




Of course we were allowed ice cream treats- after all it was still Christmas!

And thats it.  Over now.  It is amazing how much hype there is for a couple of days.  It leaves you exhausted, low on pennies, and with a messy house.

But when you see the magic on your child’s face?  Totally 100% worth it.



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