Food For The Elves- Elf Donuts.

I am well and truly in the festive spirit here.  I have mentioned countless times that December is our favourite month, but I am enjoying it more than ever this year because Mads is starting to understand a bit more, and LL is experiencing her first ever festivities!  It’s all very exciting indeed.

We have talked to Mads about Father Christmas, but I still don’t think she really grasps the fact that he is coming and what the difference is between the main man and the other ones you see at Grotto’s and Garden Centre’s.  She knows who Rudolph is, and she understand that Elves also help Father Christmas on his rounds on Christmas Eve.

She is clearly quite excited and loves the sparkly lights that are everywhere, and the tree.  She is getting a little confused as her birthday is Christmas Eve, but when you ask her what she would like from Father Christmas she says a ‘One Direction Microphone’- something which Grandma has very ‘kindly’ got for her.  Oh what fun.  She also carries around her knitted Father Christmas that I put in her Christmas box everywhere and asks to sleep with him every night.

We were talking about how on Christmas Eve we leave a mince pie and a glass of port (can Father C drink pink prosecco?) for Father Christmas, and a glass of milk and a carrot for Rudolph.  But then we got thinking about the elves, they work just as hard and so need a pick me up too.

I then remembered a link I saw on a friends facebook page that was perfect for our little elf friends- Elf Donuts.


These are so so simple to make and great fun to do with little people.   All you need are some



Icing Sugar

Hundreds and Thousands.

Now Elves are just like us and like all different types of donut.  Some prefer chocolate, some like them with sprinkles and some prefer iced.   So we made sure we catered for all different tastes.  We used icing sugar (with a drip of water to make it stick) to sprinkle on some of our Cheerios, we melted Nutella and dunked some in that, and we also put some of our Nutella covered Cheerios in a little pot of hundreds and thousands too.

We let them set and then popped them into an empty small match box to make them presentable for the Elves.


We were having a snuggly day- hence the bed hair.  I do brush it. When she will let me I might add.


Some friends tried them to make sure they were acceptable to leave out for the real elves on Christmas Eve- they totally passed the taste test!


They taste pretty nice for Big People too as a little snack after getting busy in the kitchen!

Just a silly little idea, but we had lots of fun doing it together, and it is another way of getting into the magic of Christmas with my girls.

After all, through the eyes of a nearly three year old, what could be better than little mini donuts for Father Christmas and his teeny tiny elves?



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