I Love My Toddler.



I love my toddler.

Of course I love my little girl.

I wouldn’t be a very good Mummy if I didn’t would I? From the second Mads was born I loved her unconditionally and with every single bone in my body. Each stage is amazing. There’s that tiny, newborn scrunched up stage where they don’t do an awful lot, but you have every excuse in the world to just cuddle them all day. Then as they start to grow up there is all those very fun milestones to experience- smiling for the first time, hearing that precious first giggle, crawling, recognizing you as their mama….these are all incredible and such proud Mummy moments.

But to me, the toddler stage is just the best stage of them all. When Mads was 6 months, the thought of her being 18 months would have me breaking out into cold sweats and wailing ‘Noooo.’ I didn’t want her to be classed as a toddler- I wanted to keep her a baby forever.

However no one told me just how much fun having a toddler is. At 18 months Mads is a proper little character. She is still a baby- she fits in 9-12 month clothes, clings to her Mummy and holds her hands out for cuddles when she is sad, babbles in her own secret language that no one else can understand, and plays with Mummys ear when she is tired.

Yet at the same time she is a little person. She learns new words every day and copies things you say. You can now have a conversation with her, albeit sometimes it’s a little one way. She knows what she wants and what she doesn’t. The other day I said to her ‘Do you want a little sleep?’ The answer was ‘No.’ I then asked her if she would like a biscuit. The answer was ‘Yes.’ You now can’t say anything for fear of her copying you.

She loves to run around and her favourite thing is to walk. She doesn’t always want to hold your hand but if you tell her she isn’t allowed to walk unless she holds your hand then she quickly sticks her little arm out as she doesn’t want to be picked up. She loves to be chased and she squeals in delight if you get on your hands and knees and pretend to creep towards her.

She can do the most awesome animal noises. Sometimes I think there is an actual lion in the room with me. And a duck. She plays with her new play kitchen in the cutest way, bringing you a cup of tea and stirring the spoon for you. Although she does bring you more and more until eventually you couldn’t possibly stomach any more tea.

She makes me laugh. Not just a pretend laugh but a full on giggle. And that sets her off too so we giggle together frequently. She has the funniest facial expressions, and says the funniest things. She makes me proud every day with the way she absorbs everything- I like to call her my little sponge as she is really intelligent and knowing. The other day I was upset about something silly and I got tears in my eyes…she came up to me and gave me a cuddle and said ‘Ahhh.’ She is affectionate, cuddly and kind, yet independent, cheeky and lively.

I can see glimpses into the future. Of what kind of little girl she is going to be. Of the fun we are going to have. And of the fact that one of my lifelong wishes has come true- to have a daughter that can be my best friend- just like my Mum is to me.

Of course I loved the newborn stage, and the baby stage and I am sure I will love all the stages that are to come. Except having a teenager, that doesn’t need to roll around too quickly.

But the toddler stage. That is pretty damn incredible. I can safely say that I love every single part of my 18 month old little person.



  • S J Thurley says:

    Beautiful post hunny. I would do anything to go back to those times again. Enjoy every single moment of her. She sounds like she is growing up to be a lovely young lady.

    Lots of love
    Sam x

  • Such a beautiful picture! I love the curls, sooo gorgeous!

    The toddler stage is really cute and very rewarding. Make the most of it, they grow too quickly!

    CJ x

  • I couldn’t agree more. This stage is definitely my favourite too. I always loved babies before, but I had no idea how fantastic toddlers were until I had my own. It’s like some little secret you don’t find out until you have one.

  • I completely agree! I remember feeling so sad at the end of the baby phase but this age is just so much better, and I am actually excited about how much more fun things will get. Babies are lovely to cuddle but they don’t really do an awful lot! xx

  • Brinabird says:

    This is a great post! I understood about the love and I knew there would be lots of hard work but I am always surprised at how much fun it can be sometimes…laughing with my wee man as he is a bit of a quirky character, the joy of seeing him try new things (you try not to laugh as he gets frustrated when he can’t do it just right), his laugh is infectious. You are right every stage has something special to offer and like you I don’t know if I am too keen in managing the whole teenage hormonal stage just yet! x

  • HELEN says:

    I agree, toddlers are so much fun….hard work at times but a lot of fun! x

  • Dylan is starting to enter the toddler phase now although no toddling yet and I love how playful he is. He watches everything and really takes it in and I can’t wait until he can communicate a bit more. I don’t want to wish time away but I am looking forward to the next bit too x

  • Catherine says:

    Too precious!!! X

  • Charlotte says:

    I am enjoying the toddler stage much more! Love how they are like a real person now! x

  • SS says:

    What a beautiful post ! I have been following your blog & each & every post on your little baby. It sometimes feels like you echo my words. I’m a mum to a 17-month old girl & 3.5yr old boy. I experienced all of this when my lil boy went through the various milestones & how I wished time just froze….I didn’t want him to grow up so quickly…but each stage brings in a lil surprise & its amazing to watch how quickly they learn & copy. I still miss their toothless smiles & the 1st time they call you mummy!
    I wish u luck & more exciting times with your little girl xx

  • Lovely post and one I whole-heartedly agree with, I love Allegra at this stage in particular for all the reasons you’ve said – seeing her little personality shine through is so entertaining and fills me with pride. Toddler years = hard work but so much fun! X

  • It is a wonderful stage and things start to become much more fun indeed. Watch out though when they get a little bit older that cute personality sure knows what they want! xx

  • Elena says:

    This is such a sweet post and I know exactly what you mean. My little one will be 2 in less than a month and I’m absolutely lovin’ this stage. She’s so much fun! I really don’t know where my baby went though. I look at her now and she is a little girl (no more baby). When did that happen?! It’s crazy!

  • amummysview says:

    lovely lovely post. So true! I am loving the conversations at the min with my daughter and the way she runs up to me from nursery with a huge smile and says “hello mama!” makes my heart melt. Deff great times! I LOVE Mad’s ringlets btw sooooo cute! x

  • daddownunder says:

    My wife has been going gaga for your Blog for a while now and I’ve finally relented to see what all the fuss is about – I love it! Welldone to you, daddy and her.

  • Notmyyearoff says:

    I know exactly what you mean. It’s such a brilliant age, and I love looking at how their personalities are coming out. Don’t you find it’s like they’re playing some new trick or learning something new and just surprising you all the time? Very lovely 🙂

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