It’s Snow Fun…


We woke up on Monday morning and I jumped out of bed to see if Jack Frost had been overnight as promised.  He had, albeit not loads, but enough to go outside and have a play.  It was annoying that it fell on a weekday as being 35 weeks pregnant and worried about slipping, it would have been better if Mr E was there, but luckily we got up early and got ready so Mr E could join us for a bit.

Last year Mads had only just turned one when we had our annual episode of the good old white stuff, but we still enjoyed it as a family.  This year I was excited about the fact she would be more interested in it.

And she most definitely was, she squealed in excitement when her Daddy opened the curtains, and kept saying ‘Mummy Pink Wellies’ as she wanted to go out in it so badly.  When we finally did go out, she was fascinated by it, stopping to bend over and touch it, kicking it with her feet, and giggling when Mr E threw snowballs at the trees.  However she fell over, and got a little upset as I think she was just too cold, so we didn’t stay out a long time.

Afterwards we snuggled up indoors and didn’t go out for the rest of the day, but she was still intrigued by it falling heavily outside the window.







 It’s watching her enjoying the simple things that make me smile the most.

Edit- Excited that one of my photos from this post was chosen on The Simple Things blog as one of their featured photos.



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