It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas 2016

Every year we have an annual festive day. It’s been a little tradition for as long as Mads has been born and it is always the same every year. We get up and go to the garden centre, where we have a yummy hot chocolate and a cake, before we let the girls choose a decoration for the tree. We then come home, put the tree up, before giving the girls their festive box. It is similar to what people do on Christmas Eve I guess, except we don’t do ours then because it is Mads birthday. In the box you will find christmas PJ’s, some christmas chocolate, a book and some usual suspects like their cuddly Father Christmas toys and the magic key for the big man himself (as we don’t have a chimney!).

It’s one of those traditions that makes me feel all warm and happy inside. This year was slightly different, firstly because the night before we had been in hospital with our baby boy who had been really poorly all week. We were all going a bit stir crazy being in the house after a week of bugs, so we decided that as he was on the mend we would take him out, but it was a shame that he wasn’t on full form for his first family festive day. Secondly the only other big difference was that we have a new tree this year. Our new extension was finished in February so as such this is the first year we have had a lovely new room to put our tree in. Therefore a lovely new room deserves a lovely new tree, as our old tree was getting a bit forlorn and was just one we bought when we first moved in. And of course a lovely new tree deserves some lovely new decorations as well.

I didn’t take as many photos as I usually do, mainly cause I was filming it too and also feeling a bit exhausted after a week of bugs plus feeling under the weather myself, but still I am pleased with the photos we did capture. It was a really nice day, although at one point we had an injury after LL got a bloody nose- they were playing in the box the tree came in and Mads elbowed her in the face by accident. Always a drama!

You may have read recently that we have been working with Boots Mini Club over the last few weeks. They kindly sent the girls their outfits and PJ’s as a surprise which was lovely of them. I have mentioned their red capes in a post before, but they are living in them and we constantly get comments about them. Their little reindeer jumpers are perfect for the festive season and they are also always in these jeggings at the moment too. Plus of course who can resist some festive pjs for the christmas season, Mads absolutely loves her penguin ones and although LL had a mini fit at first as at the moment all she wants to do is be the same as her big sister, she soon decided that she loved her fairy ones. Our baby boy also has a lovely polar bear festive all in one but I didn’t take many photos of him as he wasn’t feeling too well. I have become such a huge fan of their clothes over the last few weeks, they are so bright, well made and of a great quality, for such a reasonable price.

I made a little video as well which you can see below. All in all it was a lovely festive day indeed, although I did sort the decorations out once the children were in bed. They totally didn’t put them in the right place on the tree!

festive_day_2016_a festive_day_2016_b festive_day_2016_c festive_day_2016_d festive_day_2016_e festive_day_2016_f festive_day_2016_g festive_day_2016_h festive_day_2016_i  festive_day_2016_n festive_day_2016_o festive_day_2016_pfestive_day_2016_j

On another note, we are doing vlogmas again this year. If you don’t know what that is, it is where we do a video a day on our You Tube channel. My normal videos are quite arty and I spend so long choosing the music and editing them, but I want these ones to be more day in the life and more unedited if that makes sense. We really enjoyed doing it last year so I hope we will enjoy it just as much this year too. Our first one has gone live this morning (I am going to set them live every morning around 7am) so be sure to go and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already.


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