My Little Bits Of Life #2

A while ago I decided that due to being such a busy bee I couldn’t keep up my 366 project.  Not due to the fact I don’t take photos, in fact I take lots of photos a day, but it is more the uploading them that got on top of me.  So I decided to do ‘Little Bits Of Life’- a glimpse into the life of me and my iPhone.
1.  This weather we have been having is dreadful.  But one day in the last week or so myself and Mr E managed to dine outside on our new patio!
2.  My hubby made this wonderful chocolate and vanilla cheesecake with crunchy honeycomb base- it was so yummy.
3.  When I went to Brit Mums I was really lucky to be sponsored by Pink Lining.  They very kindly sent me their new luggage to take with me.  It is gorgeous and I got lots of attention about it, with one passer by even asking me on the street where I got it from!
4.  Blue, sparkly nails to try and make me feel in a summery mood.
5.  Bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar- my absolute favourite.
6.  Mads giving baby a kiss- my little girl is so affectionate to everyone she meets.
7.  Trying on potential wedding dresses with Mads in H and M, I can’t wait to do this with her when she is older.
8.  Helping Daddy water the garden- what a good little helper!
9.  Our new toy!



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