Miscellaneous Memories #15

I haven’t had a whole lot of random photos left on my camera recently, I have generally been using all my photos for other posts or I have been taking my iPhone out instead of my DSLR.  However I do love looking back through my memory card and finding odd photos- just little snippets of memories and stories that I don’t want to forget.

Earlier in the week I posted photos of our life recently through the eyes of my phone, now here are some little bits as captured by my ‘big camera’…


Love the rawness and graininess of this photo of LL and her Daddy.


Serious splashing situation.


A little rape field moment.


The love both my girls have for their Daddy is possibly my favourite part of watching them grow.


At 16 months this little girl still seems very much a baby.  She isn’t in a hurry to hit her milestones and I am not in a hurry to watch her hit them.


Sometimes I don’t get a look in with these two when Daddy is around.  They then are super cuddly on a Monday to try and get back in my good books!


I love this photo of these two.


Daddy liked the swing at our treehouse a bit too much me thinks.


Sisters chilling on the bed with an iPad and some crisps.  A perfect lazy afternoon on our weekend away.


Her eyelashes are still so long and I love the way she furrows her brow when she is concentrating.


This girl is turning into an ice cream addict like her Mummy.


While this one is turning into such a cheeky little thing.



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