Miscellaneous Memories #3


I can’t believe that we are already in February, I am glad to see the back of January, not because it was a bad month but just because it is so long and pay day always seems like an age away.  February is the month of love and a nice short month as well.

I am enjoying this little project of mine- it is nice to remember all the photos I take that might not necessarily need a post of their own- just the little memories that I don’t want to forget.  I love taking photos with my ‘big camera’ – in fact Mr E gets cross as I take it everywhere with me!

Here are some photos from the beginning of February…

We were supposed to be going out to see friends but I just fancied a day just me and my little lady.  We went for a walk on her bike, it was rainy and windy hence the windswept look.  This is how she smiles if I ask her to say ‘cheese.’



Whenever I wear these socks she always points to them and says ‘cake’ and ‘ice cream’ and she takes them off my feet and puts them on herself.


I snapped this photo of her getting very excited over her play dough- she has a random fixation with the advert on television where the woman says ‘woucha’ or words to that effect and she was giggling while saying it over and over.  It makes me laugh when she laughs- she has a real dirty little giggle.


Mads has just started baby ballet and as such is really into ‘dancing’ at the moment.  We went out for the morning shopping with my Mum and she saw this little tutu and mask- we just had to get her it.  She has hardly taken it off since.  When you tell her she looks gorgeous in it she says ‘thank you!’




She loves to dress up, even in sunglasses.  She always wears them upside down, but I don’t have the heart to correct her as she looks so cute.


On the 11th February, a little person joined our family.  Here is a close up of her scrummy little face at five days old.


She loves to be snuggly and swaddled.


Here is our little lady on our first family walk, all nice and cosy in her hat.


While Mr E was still on paternity leave we went to feed the ducks and get LL’s foot and hand prints done.





We have spent the two weeks of Mr E’s paternity leave getting to know each other, including lots of ‘family cuddles’ on the bed.



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