Miscellaneous Memories #4


February is such a short month, I can’t believe it is over.  I will always remember February 2013 as the month of love, the month our gorgeous little lady entered the world and the month our family became complete.

I have been capturing lots of memories with my big camera this month, although not as many as I would have liked as we have been living in a permanent state of tiredness.

Here are some of my Miscellaneous Memories for the latter part of February and the start of March.


We went to a friend’s second Gruffalo themed birthday party and Mads loved the ice cream cone cakes.


I love this photo of my three.  Mads loves to play with ears, including her little sisters.  I will cherish the time we spent while Mr E was on paternity.


This man is such a hands on, incredible Daddy.  He is one in a million.


I love how this little girl is still in the curled up frog like stage.  So adorable.  She sleeps all day.


Lucy and her brood came to visit.  It is lovely that I have made such a good friend through blogging.  And our husbands get on too. 😉 I thought it was a funny sight seeing them push huge big buggies side by side.


We went to the park with Lucy and her brood- Mads loves the swings.


These two are going to be a force to be reckoned with when they are older- here they are in matching tops I bought them.


And heres an outtake- this is what you get if you ask Mads to smile!


Snuggling my little lady.


My littles.



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