Recently I have been having quite a few ‘pinch me moments’.  I don’t know whether it is the time of year- I just love Autumn- it’s not yet cold enough to stay indoors, and occasionally the sun comes out as well.  I love the colours of the trees and the anticipation of Christmas just around the corner- it just turns me sentimental.

Anyway I have been having a few of these ‘pinch me moments’, generally when I haven’t been doing anything particularly exciting, but for some reason I take a step back and realise how lucky I am.  I had one the other Sunday morning, we were having a lazy morning in bed- Mads and Mr E were watching Peppa Pig on the ipad, and I was snuggling and dozing next to them.  Mads was playing with my ears like she does, and Baby No 2 was kicking away inside my tummy, I just took a second to realise that yes work, money and stresses sometimes get in the way, but actually everyday life is pretty special.

I had another one today.  Normally on my days off Mads and I will see friends on a Thursday and Friday morning, and go to a group, or out somewhere exciting.  Then we come home and Mads has a long sleep in the afternoons.  I like to spend time with my friends and Mads really enjoys seeing her little chums too.

 Today we decided to spend time together, just us two, something which we rarely do unless we are having a day at home.  We are very lucky to have lots of people around us, including my family, so my days off are often spent with them.

But today we decided it would just be us two.  We put on our coats, wellie boots and hats and went to a local park.  We live in a beautiful area, and this park is right next to the river.  We chatted to the ducks, played on the swings and slides and had running races over the bridges.  We found a tree that had shed all its leaves, and we played for ages in the fallen leaves- we kicked them, threw them and pointed out all the colours.

It doesn’t sound particularly exciting, but every little thing is an adventure when you are 22 months old.  Mads little face was glowing with excitement and her little nose was red from the cold.

 Under that tree, amongst those fallen leaves I had another ‘pinch me moment.’  There was no where else I would rather be.

We walked back, me carrying her the whole way as by this point she was so tired, and got home and snuggled on the sofa eating biscuits and watching Peppa Pig.  We are very lucky to have some wonderful friends and family around us, but sometimes, just sometimes, it’s nice to just be the two of us.  I am well aware that soon, it will always be the three of us, and while that will bring a whole lot more pinch me moments, I want to cherish the times I spend alone with my little girl.










On a side note, speaking of moments, as you may know I am a brand ambassador for Little Dish, and they are a company who are all about family time- after all the company was started by a lovely lady called Hilary who has two little boys who are the company’s chief taste testers.  Hilary spends a lot of time baking with her two boys, something that Mads and I have recently started doing too.  Having been a part of their brand ambassador team for a few months now, I can safely say that they are all about family- they work hard to create the most nutritious products for your little people.

Little Dish have got involved with ‘Parents’ Week’ which runs from the 22nd-28th October.  I hadn’t heard of Parents’ Week before but every year it celebrates the amazing contributions that we as parents make to our childrens lives.

The week is about celebrating the moments that make life special, something which from my blog you can tell I feel strongly about- after all it doesn’t have to be a big day out or a grand gesture, just spending time with Mads together makes her happy.

Take this quote from Professor Tanya Byron, FPI charity ambassador.

“Evidence shows that children most value the simplest moments they spend together with their parents. Time costs nothing yet can make the most significant difference to our children’s development and overall well-being.”

This Parents Week the charity are encouraging parents to ‘make a moment’ with their children.  But when you actually think about it, we make moments together every day.  Even going to the park and kicking leaves is a ‘pinch me moment’ for Mummy and a moment for Mads.  You can enter their prize draw by completing the caption ‘I love it when we…’ to be in with a chance of winning an £1000 photography session.

Mine after today, would have to be ‘I love it when we spend time together…just the two of us.’



  • Kelly says:

    This is an absolutely beautiful post. It is so true that it is all about the moments we share with our children. I am off to enter the Parent’s Week Comp now too. Thank you.

  • Gorgeous post and I love her little hat. Dylan and I have been spending more time together at the moment – just the two of us as I really want to enjoy it whilst it lasts! x

  • Lovely Katie, H and I had a similar morning last week. xx

  • Susannah says:

    I love this post and I love the photos, your photos are always gorgeous.
    It is great that Little Dish are supporting the Parent’s Week cause, we love their meals.

  • Jenny Paulin says:

    Awwww Mads is loving those leaves isn’t she? I know you commented over on my blog about your love of autumn too – it’s just perfect when the weather is dry as it has been the last week amazingly! The crisp crunchy leaves and picking them up and throwing them over each other! Brilliant! Def a moment to treasure x

  • Those moments are the ones worth internally photographing and keeping an indelible, un-erasable imprint in your heart. Just gorgeous. I found that my bond with my daughter deepened hugely when we spent some precious, simple quality time together – falling in love even more! Off to enter comp xx

  • Louise- Mummy Rocks It. says:

    This is such a beautiful post. And I have just entered the competition Thanks!

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