My Christmas Cracker Turns Three (In Pictures)…

The festivities have been and gone, but they left behind some pretty good memories.  Christmas 2013 brought a third birthday for my beautiful big girl on Christmas Eve, and I was really excited as it was the first birthday where she was likely to really know what was happening.

We went to see Father Christmas and went out for lunch with some friends, before coming home for a snooze.  Then Grandpa and Nana (my dad) came to see her before we went over to my Mum’s for a little Christmas Eve/Birthday party with some family and friends.  We then stayed at my Mum’s until Boxing Day.

I was going to post her birthday photos alongside our Christmas ones, but then I thought that I was living up to the whole stereotype of grouping Christmas and Birthday’s together already.  So even though I didn’t take many photos on the day, here is her third birthday captured in the few photos I took…


Every girl needs a massive balloon to wake up to.


Opening pressies with Daddy.  She got a scooter which she was so excited about.


Sitting with her ‘boys’ on a trip to see Father Christmas.


With the big man.


More pressies at Grandma’s.


An owl cake for a three year old.


Blowing the candles out with Great Grandma.


Before getting the food ready for Father Chistmas.


And finally laying out their new sacks for the big man himself. (They have their names on them but I have turned them round for the purposes of this blog!)

All in all it was a lovely day.  I cannot believe my baby is three.  And in less than six weeks LL will be one.  Why does time fly when you are enjoying yourself the most?



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