My Three #1

I wanted to do something new for 2017, a way of remembering and documenting these days with my babies. I of course already document the memories as much as I can, whether that’s through the ordinary moments which I am still going to be doing each week, or our family portraits, or even of them as siblings, but I found that I wasn’t remembering tiny little snippets of them individually. I write them letters but those have become a lot less frequent nowadays, and are usually reserved for the bigger milestone dates like birthdays. I have also found that quite often nowadays I will take my DSLR out if we are going somewhere exciting or on holiday, but I rarely pick it up around the house.

I have decided to each week do a really quick post with a photo of each of them and a little snippet underneath about something that has made me smile, or laugh that week, or just generally a couple of sentences about what they have been up to. I guess in a way it is similar to a 52 week project, and also my lovely friend Lucy did similar a couple of years ago, but I thought it would be a great way of remembering the little things that I might otherwise forget, while also encouraging me to pick up my camera a little more on those weeks when we are quiet. Although I can’t always promise they will be with my DSLR as I am far too lazy for that!


skiing_les_gets_bShe made us so incredibly proud on holiday. After the first couple of days where she was upset and lacking confidence at ski school, she faced her nerves and ended up absolutely loving being up there. She was a natural.


skiing_les_gets_gWe talked a fair bit about her while we were on holiday. She is our funny little fish, quite a solitary little thing, preferring to be on her own than engaging in conversation. Sometimes while away we had to really encourage her to join in, but once she did she had lots of fun.


skiing_les_gets_fHe was a little under the weather on holiday, to be honest he hasn’t been right since he had a bad sickness bug a few weeks ago. The little routine he did have before Christmas has gone out the window and most nights he slept on my chest. His sleep is worse than ever and I am so very tired, but he will never not be 100% worth it.


  • Sherry says:

    This is such a lovely idea! I’m joining the Living arrows link up which is a similar theme. That photo of Mads is simply stunning, the concentration on her face! x

  • I capture a photo each week of my girls and I loved looking back at them from 2016. You really see the differences in them that you may not have otherwise seen. These are gorgeous photos and it sounds like the girls loved it in their own way. I’m sorry your baby boy is not feeling great, I hope things improve now you are home x

  • Donna says:

    I love this idea and cannot wait to see more photos of your children, and little snippets of their lives as the year unfolds x

  • Kerry says:

    Love this idea!! Such gorgeous photos of the three of them! I started something similar last year but ended up giving up. I’m joining in with Living Arrows this year which is similar, as I always have photos which I don’t share so thought it would be good to have somewhere to put them all xx

  • Brilliant idea…it’s the small moments that are easily forgotten and this will be epic to look back on in years to come. Love that the girls took to skiing so well and so sad that W was under the weather xx

  • Katie Albury says:

    Such a wonderful idea Katie! It’s so lovely to take time from each hectic week and celebrate your beautiful babies. The weeks fly by so quickly and I know I’m missing out on documenting certain milestones that have made me so proud and I know I’m going to forget them soon xx

    The Enchanting Blog

  • Lucy says:

    Awww, I’m so glad you’re doing this too. As you already know, I massively regret not doing it last year, so I’m excited to be doing it again for 2017, and to see you doing it too. Gorgeous photos of them, it’s so nice to see a little snapshot into their lives. x

  • Emma Towler says:

    This is such a lovely idea! When you’re so busy it’s so easy to forgot those tiny details. I already find myself digging back across the last 12 months to try to remember something that I thought I’d remember forever. This seems like a great way to capture those fleeting moments in our crazy love filled lives. Looking forward to seeing more! x

  • What a gorgeous idea 🙂 I might try do something similar, but maybe just monthly 🙂

  • Jenny says:

    What a beautiful post hunny, it’s so lovely to document them individually as well as together. I have done two years of my two individually and I love looking back at how their own personalities have developed, changed and really matured lately. I got last last summer for a number of reasons in my him and her posts and wanted to start them back up this year. You have just reminded me why I did them all in the first place. I am trying to get back on track this year with it all. Your three are so beautiful. They have really changed and grown in their own right too. Mads seems so mature and the leading lady of the family now. LL doesn’t seem so little when you see her with her baby brother but she too seems to have really found her place and soon will start school this year. Can you believe we will then have two in school! OMG! I am not ready for empty nest but little man here will still be there for you to watch how fast he grows too. I bet with a third it goes even faster and faster each time. I look forward to reading all about your three this year. I noticed Lucy is doing the same it’s such a lovely way to capture them throughout the year. I can’t imagine having three but I bet it’s truly magical!

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