My Week That Was #41

We have been in Cheshire this weekend seeing Mr E’s side of the family- it is a three hour drive from us, and therefore both Mr E and I are quite tired and looking forward to an early night.

Without further ado this is My Week That Was.

Monday was a work day.  Enough said.  In the evening we went over to my Mum’s for dinner and had a roast which was lovely, I love living a couple of miles away from her.

Tuesday was another work day.  Enough said!

Wednesday I had a holiday day and my Mum, sister and I went for a very relaxing spa day at Ragdale Hall.  It was wonderful, and I really enjoyed spending quality time with them both, and of course being pampered.  I had a wonderful massage but I have a post to come all about it!  In the evening we got home quite late so Mr E and I treated ourselves to Dominoes as a naughty midweek treat.

Thursday was my day off and we went to soft play in the morning to meet our friends, Mads has such fun climbing around and playing in the ‘balls’.  We had lunch there, and in the afternoon Mads and I came home as we had a man round deep cleaning our carpets.  They look like new now!  She then had a long nap which was nice for me!

Friday I woke to find my cold had got worse and I didn’t feel like doing much, so Mads and I went to the midwife first thing and then came back and got into our PJ’s.  My sister came over as she was also feeling a bit under the weather so we all snuggled on the sofa together.  Mads had a three hour nap again so I relaxed and caught up on some blogs.  In the evening we went over to my Grandmas for dinner which was lovely as always.

Saturday we got up early and went to Cheshire to see Mr E’s family.  We got there just before lunch and had a quick play with some new toys that Grandma had bought Mads, before going out to Pizza Express for lunch.  Three courses later and we were all very full so we went for a walk in a local country park and had a hot chocolate in the tea rooms.  Then in the evening Mr E, his Mum, her husband and brother got very merry on wine while I sat there drinking Sprite!

Sunday we got up at 7am which slightly earlier than normal for us because Mads was in the room with us, we all got ready and then went to another local park to feed the ducks and have a go on the swings.  We then went to a little bistro for some brunch, I had a massive all day breakfast which went down a treat.  We then set off on our journey home and three hours later arrived back at our little house.  We relaxed for the rest of the afternoon and I did some tidying.


And that was My Week That Was.

If you would like to join up and tell us about your week (or show us your week in photos) the linky is open and will remain open until next Sunday so feel free to join up at any time- doesn’t just have to be on a Sunday.  You can grab the badge too.  Have a good week.



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