My Week That Was #45

We are having one of those perfect lazy Sundays that you just need every once in a while.  I went to visit a friend in the morning for a coffee and so Mads and her little friend could play, and Mr E did the garden.  Now Mads is napping, Mr E is napping (hungover) and I am sitting on the sofa catching up on some blogging.

Without further ado here is My Week That Was.

Monday I was at work which went quite quickly as it was the only day I was there this week due to various reasons.  The day went nice and quick as I was a busy bee.  We normally go to my Mums for dinner but we didn’t this week as I was tired and wanted a night in with my little family.  We did however go for an impromptu drive in our pj’s to find fireworks- Mads loved them and I haven’t seen her so excited before- in the end we ended up pulling over on a grass verge and watching a whole display!

Tuesday I normally work but this week I was off.  Unfortunately I had to spend a couple of hours at the hospital as I had a urine infection, and was made to wait for ages.  It wasn’t anything to worry about, it was just that they were all very busy.  In the afternoon I treated myself to a Mcdonalds as I was starving- nice and healthy!

Wednesday I was still feeling a bit bleugh so I just relaxed at home, at lunch time to get out of the house I took Mads to a baby singing class and then out to lunch to Frankie and Bennys with two friends.  I then came home and napped while she had a nap as well.

Thursday I went shopping with my Mum in the morning to get some of Mads Christmas and Birthday presents.  We had a 25% off voucher for ELC so we took full advantage of that and bought a fair bit of Happyland stuff for her, as well as some other bits and pieces.  I think that the shop assistant thought she was the most spoilt child ever, until I pointed out that her birthday was Christmas Eve so this was for both.  I am not going mad this year for her, she doesn’t understand and we don’t have the money or inclination to spend lots on plastic tat.  As her birthday present we are getting her new room done for her, and Christmas I want to get her some thoughtful stocking fillers as well as a few bits to open.  We had a nice coffee and lunch and then we came home and Mads had a nap and I caught up on some blogging.  In the evening we went over to my Grandparents for dinner- I adore them!  I also got the most exciting package in the post that I nearly let out a little shout about- it is an amazing Sugarjack bag for when the new baby arrives- but more about that later!

Friday we went to a local baby group in the morning and then went to a friends for a coffee afterwards so Mads and her daughter got to play for ages.  We then came home and I decided to have a nap, but just as I was falling asleep the postman knocked on the door- it is always the way!  In the evening Mr E cooked us a lovely risotto and we sat down ready to watch a film- but by 8.30pm I was so tired I went to bed.  Crazy times all round.

Saturday we got up early and went to have some photos taken with a local photographer.  Mads is probably at the worst age to be told to sit on a backdrop but hopefully we got some ok ones.  We then drove to Lincolnshire to pick up our new wheels- I love my new car and I told Mr E that I feel like I am a proper Mummy now I have a big car!  In the evening I went out to my favourite gastro pub for a meal with my lovely friend Jo- it was nice to have a girls night and I didn’t feel bad I wasn’t drinking as she is pregnant too!

Sunday has been a lazy day.  I went for a coffee and catch up with my friend while Mr E slept off his hangover and mowed the lawns, and then after a quick trip to Tesco we have been relaxing indoors- now Mr E and Mads are both napping and I am relaxing on the sofa.  Home made pizzas for dinner so I best start making the dough!


And that was My Week That Was.

If you would like to join up and tell us about your week (or show us your week in photos) the linky is open and will remain open until next Sunday so feel free to join up at any time- doesn’t just have to be on a Sunday.  You can grab the badge too.  Have a good week.



  • jenny paulin says:

    sounds like a relaxing week really and fun (asides from the urine infection). must be a very expensive time of the year with christmas and Mads birthday all at once! but so totally worth it if course! it is so easy to get carried away isn it? i love choosing presents for my two.
    lovely new car too – be much better for taking family trips in x x

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