Once Upon A Time……….

Once upon a time there was a little girl of just turned two who woke up one morning to see more white snow than she had ever seen in her life.  She had played out in the snow, briefly, a couple of days before, but now there was lots more.

She was so excited, she couldn’t wait to get her Peppa Pig wellies on and get out there with her Mummy and Daddy.


She loved kicking and running in the snow, but the one big thing she wanted to do was build a snowman.  She had seen programmes about it at Christmas, and read some books, and she desperately wanted to build a snowman of her very own.


So she set about building one.  But not a big snowman.  Oh no- the little girl wanted a small snowman that she could ‘carry’.


She was so excited as she helped her Daddy build the ‘baby snowman’ and her smiles were very wide indeed.


They built and they built.


And she built some more.


Until they built a baby snowman that the little girl could carry with her while she explored the rest of the snowy wonderland.


They were so happy…


…Until the little girl started to get cold and they decided to walk home.  She kept saying ‘snowman in house’ as she wanted to take her new friend home.  Mummy said that snowmen live in the garden not in the house as otherwise he would melt.  Hearing that her new friend wouldn’t be able to come in and watch Peppa Pig made the little girl’s big blue eyes fill with tears.


They got home and put the snowman in the garden.  The little girl was so worried about the snowman that she burst into tears.

And that put a stop to the fun in the snow!

The End.



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