A Summer Evening BBQ…

As we all know in the UK we usually have approximately 4 sunny days over our so called summer before it’s back to rainy, cloudy and dreary. We all rush to get out our summer clothes, drink Pimms in the garden and of course moan about how hot and stuffy it is during the nighttimes. There is also another sunny day staple that is compulsory over the summer- and that is an evening BBQ.

I absolutely love a BBQ. Ours unfortunately blew up last year (and singed Mr E’s eyebrows in the process!) so we currently don’t own one, but whenever my mum (or any other friend or family member) offers to have one at her house we are there in a shot. There is something so lovely about sitting in the garden as the sun begins to set, eating, drinking and generally enjoying the sunshine. Especially when I am surrounded by my favourite people.

Last week we had the most glorious weather here in the UK and as a result I was itching for my mum and stepdad to invite us over. In the end I rang up and invited ourselves over, but luckily she was willing to except. So armed with a bottle of prosecco, our Boots Soltan suncream, and my camera, we headed over for an evening with family. As I mentioned in a previous post, we were very kindly sponsored to go to BML with Boots, and as a result they sent us a big hamper of Soltan goodies. They reminded us that we should be putting on sun protection as even in the evenings when the sun is setting you can still burn. Plus you can also burn in the shade.

We had a lovely evening together. My sister and her boyfriend were also over and it was just one of those random nights where everyone is relaxed, happy and the night goes on later than you thought. Someone bizarrely gave my stepdad an old golf buggy a while ago and he was giving the girls so many rides around the garden on it- Mads even had a go driving it (on his lap) which was rather terrifying. We ate far too much food, the girls played in the garden non stop, and I took advantage of the beautiful golden sunshine to take far too many photos.

I absolutely LOVE these photos. In fact they are some of my favourites I have taken recently. Just simple, happy family times. There’s far too many but I just couldn’t choose which ones I liked best. I love them all….

More sunshiny weather please, there’s nothing better.

bbq_at_grandmas_july_16_ybbq_at_grandmas_july_16_xbbq_at_grandmas_july_16_rbbq_at_grandmas_july_16_1bbq_at_grandmas_july_16_2bbq_at_grandmas_july_16_3bbq_at_grandmas_july_16_4bbq_at_grandmas_july_16_5bbq_at_grandmas_july_16_qbbq_at_grandmas_july_16_pbbq_at_grandmas_july_16_obbq_at_grandmas_july_16_nbbq_at_grandmas_july_16_jbbq_at_grandmas_july_16_kbbq_at_grandmas_july_16_lbbq_at_grandmas_july_16_zabbq_at_grandmas_july_16_ibbq_at_grandmas_july_16_hbbq_at_grandmas_july_16_gbbq_at_grandmas_july_16_fbbq_at_grandmas_july_16_bbbq_at_grandmas_july_16_cbbq_at_grandmas_july_16_dbbq_at_grandmas_july_16_ebbq_at_grandmas_july_16_abbq_at_grandmas_july_16_That awkward moment when you turn up and someone (my sister!) is wearing the same sunglasses as you. 😉


NB: Boots Soltan kindly sponsored us to go to #BML16 and I have mentioned them again in this post. All words and opinions are entirely my own. 


  • You can’t beat a good bbq! We had one at the weekend with our family and your right everyone just seems to relax in the garden and it’s all very chilled out. Don’t you wish our summers were longer! Your beautiful boy is getting so smiley, I adore that picture of you and him. xx

  • Natalie says:

    Gorgeous…. I love family BBQ’s we are the same as soon as the weather is nice I’m on the phone to my Mum asking if she is having a BBQ. x

  • Sarah Austin says:

    Wow your photos are amazing! x

  • Wow, these photos are amazing. Lovely of LB too. xxx

  • Gorgeous photos I adore the golden light. I tend to take too many photos and can’t choose aswell I did that in one of my posts this week!! That one of your mum is really lovely xx

  • Such gorgeous photos. I still have no idea how you capture that golden light so beautifully- it’s a real skill! Summer evening BBQs are the best I just wish the British weather was a bit more predictable! Your family like looks so happy and idyllic x

  • These photos are gorgeous Katie, I love the close up ones of your girls, just stunning. Sounds like a lovely evening, I love it when you get together with family and everything just falls into place. You must feel very lucky looking through these photos xx

  • Charlotte says:

    I love BBQ’s especially on the rare occasions when the sun is shining. My uncle had a BBQ last week which we went too, I love his BBQ’s he always makes unusual food that isn’t your regular burgers and sausages. I love these photos, they are beautiful, I am very envious of all the beautiful photos on your blog, they are stunning, I hope I can take photos like these one days. Lot’s of practicing ahead x

  • ruth maguire says:

    Gorgeous pics as always!

  • Oh dear poor Mr E’s eyebrows. I think BBQs are always better around the parents, and we don’t actually own a BBQ and just seem to manage with those cheap disposable ones. We really should buy a proper one and have the parents round to our house one time. Love the golf buggy as I am convert after staying with Q Lodges back in June and having one outside the lodge. Nearly made me take up golf lol. Gorgeous pictures as always Katie x

  • Laura says:

    Beautiful photos!!

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