The Baby Diaries- Week Eighteen.



 Last Week’s News.

 We had a pretty quiet week last week and so there isn’t much news to report.

LL is becoming so animated, doing more and more laughs each day.  She luckily is still incredibly laid back in the day, which we need at the moment because sleep is still not really happening.  She hardly ever cries and is happy to just fit into whatever we happen to be doing that day.

I have started to notice that her day time sleeps seem to be a bit hit and miss.  Some days, like today while I am writing, she seems to sleep a lot, having two or three shortish naps of about half an hour to forty minutes.  Other days at the moment she struggles to send herself off to sleep and as a result doesn’t nap.

I try and make her and Mads nap at the same time but more often than not it doesn’t always work out that way.

She sat in her Bumbo for the first time last week, I think we probably put Mads in hers around the same age, but she just seemed so small in it.  She is growing up so quickly.

As you can see from the above photo, someone has found their tongue this week!


Aaah Sleep.  What is that again?  My marvellous little sleeper, has, well, stopped sleeping!  It’s not that bad but we have had some quite interesting nights recently.

She can wake anything from twice to four times in the night, but seems to have got in the habit of being wide awake and not really being able to settle herself.  She just lies there and if I leave her she will chat to herself for ages before eventually getting upset.

I have left her to settle herself a few times and she will eventually go to sleep, but I have to listen to her chatting for an hour- sometimes I think it is just easier to feed her for 5 minutes to get her back off to sleep, although I am worried I am teaching her bad habits.


Her feeds are pretty much the same, she is generally going every 2-3 hours between feed, or anything up to four.

She rarely cries for food during the day, or night, but seems to be happy and not hungry.

I need to get her weighed next week to see how she is getting on, but shes healthy, smiley and happy so she must be enjoying her Mummy’s milk.



  • Carie says:

    Aww! She’s such a little sweetie,. I hope the sleep comes back soon, everything always seems to take twice the effort when you’re tired.

  • Sally says:

    Your blog and photography work is beautiful – gorgeous babies! I have just started blogging and came across yours- it’s lovely 🙂 x

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