The Baby Diaries- Week Five.



Last Weeks News…

LL turned 5 weeks old on Monday.  I keep wanting the time to slow down.

We had an appointment to see a Cranial Oestopath on Tuesday to see if it could help her with her trapped wind.  It was really strange as it really did look as if she wasn’t doing anything but that night she slept for 4.5 hours straight.  While it hasn’t completely cured her, and she still gets really upset at night with the pain, it does seem to have made a slight difference.  We have another appointment this week so will have to see what happens.

On Friday I thought I got a little smile when we were in the pub having lunch with my Mum and sister.  She was definitely looking straight at me as in the last few days she has been focusing on us more, and she ‘smiled’ four or five times, however she hasn’t done it since so it could have been wind.


On Tuesday night after the Oestopath LL slept the best she ever had.  She went to bed around half ten and slept for four and a half hours straight, before having a tiny feed and then settling back down really well.  She then had another feed almost three hours later before coming in our bed for an hour before it was time to get up.  It was lovely having a nice sleep although I felt sleepier in the morning because of it!

Since then we have had good and not so good nights.  However she does seem to be in a pattern now.  We go to bed around half ten and she generally sleeps until 2am.  She then settles quite well (but I am still up about 45 minutes with her) and then she will sleep until around 4-5am.  This is when it is not quite so good and she gets really unsettled with wind.  I have been trying to be stricter and keep her in her moses basket until 6am when I then let her come and snuggle in our bed.  However some nights I do let her in bed with us after her second feed of the night.  On Monday night for the first time ever I fell asleep while she was settling back down on my chest after a feed- I didn’t even do that with Mads.  It was only for an hour but it worried me so I need to make sure I don’t do it again!

With Mads we would let her moan and groan in bed for a few minutes before getting her up to feed her to see if she would settle, but with LL I am worried that she will wake up Mads so I do often whip her out of bed at the first little groan.  Each night I have been trying to leave her a bit longer to see if she will self settle back down, but a lot of the time she starts crying within a few seconds so I get her out out straight away.

All in all two wake up’s aren’t that bad so I can’t complain really, although I would like her to be able to stretch out a little bit longer as the weeks go by!


Breastfeeding is going well which I am so pleased about.  I am generally feeding on demand and although I try and go three hours between feeds in the day, sometimes if she gets upset or distressed I do occasionally feed her more often that.  I worry that she is just comforting sucking but at the end of the day she is so small that if she is doing that I am sure she will grow out of it.  She doesn’t have a dummy so it could be that she is using me as a comfort.

During her two feeds at night she is only feeding for a few minutes at a time which leads me to think that she is either not really hungry and is just comfort sucking to stop her wind and to get her back to sleep, or that she is so sleepy she isn’t really feeding properly.  I guess we will see over the next few weeks!




  • LauraCYMFT says:

    Wow, 5 weeks already! Scary! Great to hear feeding is going well and sleep is getting better. I do think having more sleep when your body has adjusted to little sleep makes you feel sleepier but you soon grow out of that. You can see the difference in her week to week. She’s getting chunkier. So cute!

  • Kelle says:

    How is LL nearly 6 weeks already!?!
    These pictures are such a lovely way of recording how she’s changing and growing!! Youre so good at doing it too!! I started a monthly one to F and i lasted 4 months….
    Although im doing well on the 52 project …so farxx

  • That is the thing my sister is so worried about, but it does happen I remember Ollie feeding lying down in the night and then waking up a few hours later with him nestled into my armpit. Have to say we did that a lot and I should have been more careful. Good advice xxx

  • Kat says:

    glad that she’s feeling better! I hope it continues to get better as well.

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