The Beautiful Ordinary.

Sometimes when I am being treated to a seemingly neverending runny nose, or have my head buried under the 3rd pile of washing that day, I forget that being a Mum is the greatest experience of my life so far.

Of course I blog about the fun things- the days out, the pretty photos of a picture perfect family life and the adventures we get up too.  But in reality life, and motherhood, most certainly isn’t picture perfect.  I have hard days like everyone else. Boring ones. Especially at the moment as I am so tired.  Trying to lug an inquisitive toddler about who doesn’t want to hold your hand, but who you don’t want to carry all the time because she is too heavy and doesn’t rest on your bump properly, can be tricky.  And tiring.

 We have days at home where I am literally counting the hours/minutes/seconds until bedtime, or until nap time when I can have a rest.  Or when Mr E turns his key in the lock and I almost cry with relief because I can just go and have a bath and have some time to myself, and not have to be treated to another episode of Peppa Pig, or have to pick up one more crumb off my expensive sofa.

However life isn’t full of days out, and picture perfect memories.  In fact a lot of life as a Mummy can be very mundane and ordinary.  An onslaught of washing, tidying, tiredness, and constant ‘No Mummy.’

But actually when you think about it, the ordinary is actually the most amazing thing.  It is pretty special to be able to have a front row seat to watch your child grow into the person that they are going to be.  To help them learn, and to steer them on the right path so they become a good and decent human being.  That is one big responsiblity and one amazing gift.

Mostly parenting is about day to day life- the play dates, the mornings at home, the eating of lunch, bath time, bed time and the mundane routines that we have.  But the ordinary is pretty special too.

I want to make sure that I start to celebrate the ordinary, and the day to day life we lead.  I want to make the little moments ones to cherish.  As one day when she is at school or even grown up and flown the nest, you can bet I won’t miss the days out, or the expensive treats…I will miss the little moments of our day to day life- the snuggling on the sofa watching TV, the constant ‘cups of tea’ I am brought from her play kitchen and even the way when she eats an apple she has to give me every single bit of skin.

 The beautiful ordinary.















  • So true hun. This is exactly what parenting is about, the little things and the everyday moments. I just think we sometimes have to remind ourselves to sit back and enjoy them rather than rush through life waiting for the big exciting moments. X

  • Very true Katie. I bet you love those soggy bits of apple skin 🙂

  • aah! some lovely pics! The one of her chilling on the sofa has gotta be my fave! Too cute!

  • Oh I completely understand this at the moment. No matter what kind of day we’ve had, bedtime is a blessed relief and an opportunity to while an hour away in a peaceful bubble bath. That being said, the hour that CK spends in bed with us when he first wakes up, just cuddling, drinking milk and watching cartoons, that’s the best hour of my day. The highs and the lows of parenting, I guess, but you’re right, it doesn’t get any more special.

  • Brinabird says:

    Beautiful words. The everyday is magic when you just look close enough.

  • Josie says:

    True that mama! Your daughter has such beautiful coloured eyes btw 🙂

  • What do you call her sleeping pod?! We call ours a bird bag?!!! From when Sammy was born and he was nicknamed big bird! Lovely photos. I am all about making the ordinary extraordinary, just like these photos xxx

  • jenny paulin says:

    Katie i really love the title of this blog post and I know you are a great believer in the little things and i agree with you whole heartedly. with children every thing big or small counts and means something.
    Mads day looks lovely and very normal and nice. I adore that first photo of her – she looks so much like her daddy. xx

  • What a wonderful post! It is always the simple pleasures in life that we often forget as motherhood madness can all get too much for us. I am a mum of twins, and I can understand just how exhausting it can all become. Thank you for reminding us about the important things. Your little daughter is just gorgeous, and how could you not melt every time you look into her beautiful blue eyes… 🙂

  • So true – no matter how great it is being a mummy, it is also hard work and very tiring, especially when you’re pregnant (and dealing with backache!) too. But you’re right, it’s good to try and remember to take stock of the everyday as before you know it they’re all grown up and time has flown by xx

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