The Bluebells…

 When I was little, I used to love the bluebell season.  I remember every year going on a walk to see if we could find them, and I even remember once my friend having a fairy party in the middle of a field of them.  As a young girl, I remember seeing the beautiful blanket of blue on the ground and thinking it was magical.  I always remember going out walking with my Mum and Dad, with our dog, searching for conkers or looking at wild mushrooms.

So this past weekend I told Mr E and Mads we were off on a hunt for bluebells in a nearby wood.  Mr E looked a little bit unimpressed as there weren’t many blankets of bluebells for him being a boy growing up in Manchester city, but he humoured me and off we all went.

They were every bit as magical as I remembered as a little girl.  We went to the same wood about three weeks ago and there was no sign of them, but almost overnight they have grown, and actually are on their way out as they don’t stick around for long.

Ok so our journey wasn’t quite so magical, it was muddy, we all got covered from head to toe in dirt, we couldn’t sit on the ground to take photos because it was so wet, and Mads needed a poo and two wee’s and we didn’t take a potty with us. (Cue me holding her legs while she did her business- that is a memory in itself!)

But they were worth the journey to go and see them.










I want my girls to have a childhood full of magic and make believe.

I want us to go hunting for fairies, looking for treasure, make dens in the garden, write letters to Father Christmas and look for the beauty in the ordinary world we live in.

Children seem in such a hurry to grow up nowadays and I feel really sad when I see young girls strutting around town in makeup and aspring to be people like the cast from TOWIE or Katie Price.

While I know my girl’s will grow up and while I know I can’t keep them innocent forever, while they are little and while they are still so pure and unaffected by the not so nice things in the world, I want to make sure that I give them a childhood full of imagination, fun and make believe.

There will be a time when searching for bluebells with their Mummy and Daddy couldn’t be less fun, so I am going to enjoy every single cold, muddy, wet walk that we take.  Even if we do end up covered in dirt and even if I have to hold Mad’s while she does a number two!

Because that’s what being a parent is all about.  Getting up and out the house at 9am on a Sunday morning to have a little adventure.  Even if we are a bit tired, or stressed, or can’t really be bothered.

It’s about making memories, having adventures and making sure they have a childhood they can look back on and smile about.

Because my little girls aren’t going to be little forever.


  • Lauren says:

    This is beautiful, even with the mention on Mads doing a number two. ha ha!
    We haven’t had the chance to search for bluebells. I saw some at the zoo and my mum has some in her garden but nothing as beautiful as the place you visited.
    Mr E looks so proud of his girls. It’s lovely to see xx

  • So sweet, I’m always so conscious of Lucas growing up too fast. I want him to play outdoors and use his imagination and believe in the unbelievable. Will be a great trip to make with your little girls every year (while they still want to) x

  • LauraCYMFT says:

    Gorgeous photos. I think you are right about just wanting kids to be kids. They don’t stay little for long.

  • Lisa @ hollybobbs says:

    I completely echo the sentiment of enjoying their innocence while we can, children try and grow up so quickly.

  • Karen says:

    We love searching for fairies lots of fun. Beautiful pictures of your gorgeous family xx

  • Sarah says:

    Wow so many bluebells! Like a carpet. So pretty

  • Ooh lovely photos I’m crossing my fingers for a bluebell Me and Mine this month from you! We have none around me! xx

  • Beautiful, looks like a lovely outing! I completely agree. I feel like I am getting to re-live my childhood through Leo. I want him to keep his innocence and see the magic in the world for as long as possible. xx

  • Mammasaurus says:

    Gorgeous! I’ve been 4 times to see them by me but they still aren’t properly out yet.

  • jenny paulin says:

    ok so i have bluebell envy now!!! i took the boys on a bluebell hunt yesterday (post for later in the week)and we didn’t find many at all mostly sticks lol. I am hoping to try another one tomorrow or weds weather permitting!
    i adore seeing a blanket of bluebells even now as an adult and your photos of your find is wonderful your little family sat among them is just lovely x x

  • Stephanie says:

    At least you got some beautiful photos, even if it did mean getting a little messy. Those bluebells are so pretty! I wish they grew in my neck of the woods! It’s also so great that you make the effort to create lovely memories for your daughters. I know they’ll look back fondly on their childhood when they’re older.

  • Dawn says:

    I used to go to a Bluebell wood with my mum when I was little, and I loved it. I need to find a bluebells were I am now. As always beautiful photos

  • Ciara says:

    Beautiful! We went searching for bluebells last weekend too. Such a lovely annual tradition to start.

  • Notmyyearoff says:

    That’s a beautiful field of bluebells. I haven’t spotted any near us yet so think might be a bit early for us. I love the simple pleasures though…sometimes a walk is really magical (even if it does involve an impromptu poo! :))

  • Emma says:

    Oh yes, so worth the journey there! They are beautiful!
    Isn’t it sad that they have to grow up 🙁 So important to cherish every moment xx

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