The Fairy Doctor…

I have mentioned on here before how Mads is at an age where she just loves imaginative play.  Whether it is playing with her play kitchen, pushing her dolls around and pretending to wind them like I do with LL, or playing ‘supermarkets- she just loves anything that involves using her imagination.

I love that streak about her, I used to get told all the time that I had a very overactive imagination (not always in a good way as I constantly worry that the most ridiculous things are going to happen- I was one of those who worried about the end of the world just before Christmas!) but it is a side of her that I am really keen to explore and help nurture.

Recently we have aquired two new items to our dressing up box.  The first being some fairy wings and a tutu to which she runs around the house saying ‘Abracadabra- turn you into a frog!’  However the way she says it, it ends up coming out as ‘Agarabra’ which is very cute.

The second is a nurses outfit and doctors kit to which she becomes Dr Mads and proceeds to try and cut your toe off with the play scissors.  Whether you have a tummy ache, headache or are just generally ‘poorly’- it is the toe that seems to cure all illnesses!

I love her imaginative side and I love playing with her.  She is at such a fun age.









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