The Story Of My Little Lady…

On the 11th February 2013 I awoke with an excited and terribly nervous feeling in my tummy.  Today was the day we were going to meet our new little lady.  We got ready, dropped Mads off at her Grandmas and headed over to the hospital for 8am.

We arrived on labour ward and booked in with the midwives.  They took us to a two bay room where there was already another couple in there.  We knew that two c-sections were taking place that day, and it was luck of the draw as to which one was first so we silently kicked ourselves that we hadn’t arrived before them!

There was a lot of waiting around in the morning, the consultant was late because of a car accident on the motorway, so we nervously paced up and down our little bay, not quite relaxing enough to read a magazine or even talk properly.  We found out that we were indeed correct and that we were scheduled in second.  We heard the couple next door get ready, and go down to theatre ready to meet their baby.  Their section took quite a while and eventually at around midday they arrived back in the room with their baby in their arms.

By this point I was incredibly nervous and they began discussing the section in graphic detail which didn’t really help!  I put on my gown and Mr E put on his scrubs and the midwife came and got us to walk us down to theatre.


Last bump shot!


Mr E playing doctor!

The walk down to theatre was incredibly nerve racking and walking in there to be suddenly surrounded by people in scrubs is quite a surreal experience.

I was made to sit on the bed while the anaethetist put a local anaesthetic into my hand.  He then went to put in a cannula and he couldn’t get it in so managed to spray blood everywhere.  He was getting them in but they weren’t staying so he kept taking them out and it was making me feel more and more dizzy.  He tried a few attempts on each different arm before saying that all was fine and it was in.

They then sprayed my back with freezing cold water and put another local anaesthetic into my spine.  It didn’t hurt as much as the cannula.  I then had to sit forward with my head on my chest so he could put the spinal into my back.  He put it in once and again had to take it out again and try again in a different place which was making me feel quite nervous.  Eventually he got it in and I had to lie down on the bed.  By this point the room was awash with people getting on with different things., all the while chatting to us and making us feel at ease.

The anaesthetist kept fussing over my cannula and I heard something about ‘vein tissuing’ which made me feel sick and before I knew it they were taking it out again and putting it in the other arm, all the while fussing over it.  It tipped me over the edge and I started to feel really sick and dizzy.  They gave me an oxygen mask to breathe into and the surgeons got to work, the blue screen covering me so we couldn’t see anything.

I just kept feeling so sick so the anaesthetist kept giving me anti sickness drugs but they weren’t working, and eventually Mr E had to hold a bowl down to the side so I could be sick into it.  I felt really funny and no where near as relaxed as I was last time during my c-section with Mads.

The inital cutting took a lot longer as I had some more scar tissue and I was getting more and more on edge.  Eventually we heard them suctioning my waters which we knew from last time meant they were nearly ready.

They really had to pull her out and were frantically tugging for ages, before shouting ‘forceps’ which again scared me as I didn’t realise they needed forceps for c-section deliveries.  The assisting staff, especially one lady were lovely though and kept telling me not to worry and she would be here any minute.

And then just like that we heard it.  The most magical sound.  Her gurgling cry, just once at first quietly, before getting louder and louder as she took her first breaths in the world.  I burst into tears- I didn’t cry with Mads apart from a couple of tears but I think that it was just complete and utter relief that another of my babies had arrived safely into the world.

The little lady that I had been thinking about every single day was here.

The midwife held her up for me to see before taking her over to the other side of the room to check her over.  Mr E was allowed to go over there and watch before coming back with her to cuddle.

Both times he has got to cuddle our babies before me, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. There is something so magical to me about lying in that operating theatre with all the activity going on around me, and just watching Mr E cuddle the little person I have prayed for every single night for nine months.  It is like an out of body experience and a completely surreal moment.

My husband and our babies.

The surgeons delivered my placenta and the midwife said that it was huge, just like it had been with Mads.  Our Little Lady went to be weighed, have her cord clamped etc, and Mr E got some wonderful photos that just like with Mads are just a bit too personal to share.  I lay there feeling on a complete high and just took every single second in.  I could half see what the surgeons were doing in the big theatre light above me so that was a little bit off putting.

And then it was time for our first cuddle and it was most definitely worth the wait.  I of course felt instant love with Mads but when they handed me this little lady the love I felt for her took my breath away.  I felt more in control, less nervous and just completely head over heels in love with both my girls.



Eventually I was all stitched up although it took a good half an hour, it turns out I had lost a litre of blood which means I am on iron tablets for the considerable future.  They also put a catheter in too.  They transfered me from the operating table to my bed and then placed our little lady on my chest ready to transfer us back to recovery.

She was a lot calmer than Mads who screamed pretty much non stop for the first hour, in fact she just seemed to be taking it all in.  Her tiny little bluey black eyes, still with gunk in them, stared and blinked frantically at me.  She was staring at me and I was staring at her, she looking at her mama and me looking at the little girl who had just instantly captured my heart.  We were sizing each other up, soaking each other in.

We went on to recovery where we took turns in cuddling her, and attempting a bit of skin to skin before I eventually tried to breastfeed her for the first time, she didn’t instantly latch on but we got there in the end having a few tiny little sucks.






First feed.


Mr E bought both our girls a rabbit on the day they were born- a special toy from their Daddy-  here she is with hers.

We eventually after a few hours of observations and the most incredible toast of my life, got transferred to the post natal ward.  I was on a bay with the lady who had been in the previous bay with me.  She was harmless enough but not really my type of person and she kept chatting to me, however when you are feeling a bit lonely at 4am, anyone chatting to you is nice.  She did however snore really loudly which was so frustrating.

We stayed in hospital for two nights and I found it a lot more bearable than last time, although I hardly got a wink of sleep, even though she slept lots in the first two days!  On Tuesday night Mads came to visit and blew us away with how caring, kind and loving she was towards her little sister.

But that is a whole different story…

And just like that, the little girl that we had been waiting nine long months for, finally arrived in the world.

At 12.52 on Monday 11th February our little lady arrived, and promptly stole the remaining bits left in my heart.

We were no longer a three but a four.  And it couldn’t have felt more right.



  • Congratulations!!! I remember seeing your tweets about the snoring, they made me laugh. I had similar when T was born.

  • A lovely account of a very special moment in your lives. All the best for a long and happy future as a family of four x

  • Such a lovely & honest post and such a a beautiful little girl! Congratulations!

  • Katie you write so beautifully and like Lucy says your little girl is beautiful too. You must be one very proud mummy. Im glad that Although it sounds as though it was not quite as plain sailing as last time, that she arrived safely and you are all doing well now. Your photos are wonderful too. I’ve been using your photography tips and practicing myself but will be a long time before I produce lovely pics like yours. Welcome to the world little lady x

  • Charlotte says:

    Beautiful post Katie! Congratulations again! x x x

  • What a wonderful story but I am not going to lie it has made me nervous for my planned section! Last time it was emergency so I had little time to think! X x

  • Mrs Jones@ Keeping up with the Joneses says:

    Congratulations Katie and thank you for writing such an enlightening post on c-sections, they have such a bad reputation in the UK that so many women are now terrified of having one. I had an elective c-section with my daughter and will hopefully do the same again when 2.0 arrives this summer. Fortunately I had a very calm, positive and happy experience and what more could any woman wish for!

  • Always a miracle to me ~ You are blessed ~ Congratulations to all ~ try to enjoy every moment ~ Precious photograph! ^_^

  • Molly says:

    Congratulations! I love the shot of your feeding her… such a precious moment!


  • Lovely to read that your baby girl is here safe and well. I have been following your blog for a little while now – love all of your pregnancy tips – its reassuring to read that someone else is going through the same thing! Congratulations to you and your beautiful family!

  • Helen says:

    I can imagine how scary it was, I was scared going in for a general, I think I would’ve needed the sick bowl too going through this. You’ve got your little girl now though & that’s all that matters.

  • Katie says:

    The toast….. Best thing I have ever eaten! X

  • Whitney says:

    Such beautiful photos and a beautiful story. Congratulations on your sweet little girl!

  • Such a beautiful birth story, has made me very emotional and broody 🙂 I’m glad it all went well for you and you have a lovely healthy and happy little girl. Some great photos for you to look back on too xx

  • Emma says:

    Just found your blog and I love it! So girlie and cute, it’s right up my street, looking forward to reading some more of you posts. I’m just about to give birth to a baby girl myself and I can’t wait! I already have a gorgeous little man who’s 2 and a half. Congratulations on your new edition to your gorgeous family 🙂 x

    Beauty by Emma

  • amummysview says:

    fabulous! congratulations lovely she is gorgeous! Bet you were frantic with the anesthetist! How to put someone at ease! Glad all was ok in the end though and what gorgeous photo’s! Welcome to the next few weeks of fun! 🙂 xxx

  • Kara says:

    Wow what a read, sounds a little scary, I do hate having cannulas in, I agree worse than spinals. I am sorry you lost so much blood, same happened with G, I was on iron for 3 months, made me very tired.
    They are beautiful pictures, truly magical, Ash held both our babies 1st too, the most amazing feeling seeing the man I love with our child, so I second that feeling.
    I thank you for sharing your story, I am terrified of a c-sect but honestly this is the 1st time I have read about one and feel more at ease, you are such a good writer.
    Another huge congrats to you, the perfect family xxxx

  • Lauren says:

    I had to stop reading this half way through because I was crying so much.
    Sounds like you had quite a tough time, I’m sorry it didn’t go smoothly.
    The photos are beautiful, just like your little lady.
    Obviously having never met Mr E I wouldn’t completely know but from the photos she really looks like him.
    Congratulations again to you all.
    Looking forward to reading more about your lives together xx

  • Lovely Birth story! x Beautiful photo’s too x

  • This is beautiful Katie. Just like your new baby girl.
    I’m so glad it all went well, and was a positive experience just like it was with Mads. I find it so interested reading c-section birth stories, because in some ways they are so alien to my experience, but it other ways they are still exactly the same. I’m so glad you have your gorgeous girl and your little sisters you always wanted.
    And Mr E makes a rather dishy Dr, even if I do say so myself. 😉 x

  • Notmyyearoff says:

    Awwww gosh, reading all that made me teary! I’m so glad everything went well and she arrived safely! She looks so lovely and perfect and I hope your recovery all goes really smoothly. Congrats to you all, again 🙂

  • I think no matter how prepared you feel it must be so nerve wracking having surgery. I had natural births with my boys so it must be so surreal knowing you are going to have the baby and that waiting feeling as you are in the theatre. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful little family of 4 xxxxx

  • TheBoyandMe says:

    Oh Katie, this is such a beautiful tale and I’ve just had a little weep while holding The Boy. So pleased that it does seem to have been a better experience than with Mads? I also need to thank you for the factual account of what happens, when I have number two it will be by c-section and I don’t really know what to expect, this has helped.

  • Brinabird says:

    So beautiful, thanks for sharing.

  • Oh love! I welled up. You looked stunning and that little girl is just beautiful. Mr E makes a right dishy doctor – just out of an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. You lucky gal!

    I hope you are recovering well. xxx

  • LauraCYMFT says:

    What a lovely story apart from the horrible drips and jags and spinals. You’d think an anaesthetist would know what they were doing to avoid causing you even more nervousness than you were already feeling. When I had Miss C, a nurse tried to put a cannula in my hand and my wrist started to swell with blood building up behind the needle. It was husband that noticed it and shouted her over before it burst.
    Beautiful photos of a beautiful girl. Second time around is so strange because you don’t feel so nervous as you did with the first. Enjoy your new little girl.

  • Stephanie says:

    I loved reading your birth story! C-cection stories are so fascinating to me. I’m glad your little one arrived safely. She is so beautiful! I love all the photos!

  • So glad she arrived safely! Congratulations on your new little girl. Hope you are all settling into life as a family of four!

  • Wow!!! You look amazing in the last bump shot, you truly are the most stunning pregnant person I have seen! I love your post, I have never had a c section and I can’t imagine what it must be like, it makes it such an incredible read.

    Mads is going to be a fab big sister, it’s going to be the most inspiring journey for you and Daddy.

    Looking forward to seeing more of the little princess. Congratulations again xxx

  • Eeek I fully picked up on how nervous you must have been during the first half on the experience, I’m so glad it all went okay and that you finally have your newest addition to your lovely little family. She’s gorgeous xx

  • Susan Mann says:

    Congratulations lovely. Your birth story sounds very similar to mine, which I have yet to write. Hats off to you for writing it now. I have been thinking of you a lot and prayed all went well for you. You’re little girl is gorgeous. Big hugs xx

  • Sonia says:

    I’ve had three sections now, my last was the only elective and it was the scariest of all three! I was petrified walking into theatre!

    You look absolutely beautiful in all these photos and little girl is so adorable!

    Huge congrats lovely xxx

  • melanie says:

    Congratulations, she is just beautiful! Enjoy every minute of your gorgeous girls-and get eating that spinach to boost your iron! Ha! x

  • What a beautiful birth story – even though it wasn’t smooth it was just so moving and amazing. Your littlest baby is beautiful. Enjoy those precious newborn days.

  • Laura says:

    Such a beautiful story and stunning pictures. Congratulations, she is gorgeous. x

  • jenny paulin says:

    funnily enough i have just read \Susan’s c-section and her story is similar to yours in that she ended up being sick as the anti sickness tablets didnt work AND she also had to have forceps help deliver her little girl because the baby was so high up!
    well it sounds like a great birth asides from the sickness and loss of blood. you look so well in all of the photos and LL is just beautiful. such a lovely end to your pregnancy post story x x

  • Lisa @ hollybobbs says:

    Not sure why I’m only it reading this, but a lovely,post! As someone who has been through two c sections too, I completely understand the agonising wait when you don’t get first in the queue! LL is gorgeous though, and Mr E doesn’t look half bad either! 😉

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