What They Don’t Tell You…

When I was pregnant with my second little lady, people were quick to offer advice or little snippets of their lives as a family with more than one child.

Tales of how my body would not be the same after having two children (it isn’t), tales of how tired I would be (I am), and tales of how it is hard work but totally worth it (it is).

I was worried about whether my heart had enough space to accomodate and love another little person so unconditionally, and many people assured me that indeed you would love your new baby just as much.  That I shouldn’t worry and that you would fall head over heels in love, just like you did with the first.

I found that thought quite unfathomable at first, intriguing almost, but when LL arrived in the world, it hit me.  Just like that.  In fact perhaps more so because I was more confident as a mother, and less scared of this tiny, seconds old baby that had been placed in my arms.

These women who had walked that journey before me, the journey of a mother to more than one were right about a lot of things.

But there was one thing nobody told me.

Something happened that nobody mentioned, and it hit me like a ton of bricks from the second I heard the little pitter patter of footsteps running down the hospital corridor to meet their new baby sister.  The way she ran in, looked straight into the plastic hospital cot and said her sister’s name.

I fell even harder in love with my biggest daughter.

I don’t know what it is.  Maybe it is the fact that having a new baby has made Mads seem much older.  She is like a little friend to me now, communicating and interacting, and seeming much wiser than her two and a half years.  She’s funny, and she makes me laugh every day.

Perhaps it is the presence of a new baby that has made me realise just how special the past two years have been, and how lucky I was to have her all to myself for such a long time.  How lucky I have been to have been able to find my feet as a Mama with a really chilled out, happy baby.

Perhaps it is because LL has made me realise how babies are such a blank canvas, ready to be shaped and moulded into tiny little people- and how much my first born daughter is turning into a incredibly kind, caring, affectionate and happy girl.

Perhaps it is just because of the way she is with her little sister, never once being jealous, unkind or out of turn.  The way she holds her hand, strokes her ear, asks to go next to her in bed in the mornings, and includes her in everything she does.  The way she declares ‘You are my best baby ever’, and ‘I love my little sister’.


Or perhaps it is just because she is Mads.

My first born little lady.

Whatever it is, no one told me I would feel this way.  The love I have for her has deepened even further, magnified, and grown all over again since having LL.

I’m more proud of her than ever before and at least once a day she makes me turn to jelly with something she comes out with, says or does.

She’s a cheeky monkey, she can have tremendous tantrums, and she leaves mucky handprints all over my cream sofas, but my god I love her.

And that said cheeky monkey has been with us for 2.5 years today.  A funny old milestone- still very little, but at the same time careering at a fast pace towards three.


 It’s been a fabulous 2 and a half years Mads.  Thanks for being you.

We all love you very much. xxx



  • Lauren says:

    Gorgeous they grow up so quick.

  • Awww Katie, beautiful. I remember feeling the same before I had my second, but now I know a heart can grow and fill with all the love it needs to hold. xxxx

  • keri says:

    Aaaah, I couldn’t have put it better, exactly how I feel x

  • The growth in love within my family all round, just amazed me when our little lady joined us. I loved everyone more than I had thought I ever would; I loved her more, I love the hubby more and of course I loved my little man more, just as you describe.
    How scary is it to think that Mads is nearer to 3 than to 2. 3 sounds so incredibly grown up. x

  • Notmyyearoff says:

    That’s really beautifully put. I sometimes catch myself mistaking z for an older person and start to almost have a proper conversation and then suddenly remember he is still 2. It’s a funny old age isn’t it 🙂

  • Rose at Rosebud Baby says:

    I am really pleased that I have read this as I’ve worried about the same thing when considering if we should expand our family. Thank you so much for explaining as really, no-one does tell you this and even though you know you will love your new arrival, it is the unknown about how your 1st will react to a new addition, and I feel better knowing that other mums have found their love for child no. 1 grows even when you can’t imagine you could ever love them more than you do now.

  • Lynne says:

    What a beautiful post! I’m 38 weeks pregnant and my son will be 3 on Wednesday. Reading your words is exactly how ai am feeling now. How will my heart love another baby as much as I love my son. I will find out soon enough but he is a thoughtful little boy and hope he is even a fraction as affectionate to the baby as your daughter is I’ll be a happy mummy xx

  • Lauren says:

    Oh this is so beautiful. She sounds like such a perfect big sister, LL is incredibly lucky to have a big sister who cares about her so much.
    It’s lovely how you’ve said you are like friends now. I feel that way with Charles. I can talk to him about anything.
    And of course the photos are amazing. You have two very pretty little girls. xx

  • Carie says:

    I love their instant protectiveness of their little sibling; Kitty will rush up to anyone who approaches to say “that my baby Elma, that mine!” And it sounds like your gorgeous two are just the same!

  • Love truly has no bounds. This is a great age. My wee man is nearly at two and a half and though pushing a lot of my buttons I am loving his cheeky wee self.

  • Ah that’s so lovely. This week Iyla has been really hard work and when she’s been tired she has been really trying to hurt Jobey. Like actually kicking him, hitting him and throwing things. It’s awful! I know it’s just for attention but its so hard not to react and get really cross. I hate being like it but I also feel protective over poor Jobey. I’m hoping its just a phase and most of the time she is lovely to him and it amazing to watch. The violence does ruin it a bit though! Xx

  • A lovely post that I think a lot of Mum’s can identify with. Having another baby really makes your first grow up almost before your eyes, so it’s amazing to think how little they themselves still are. LL is super lucky to have such a fab big sis, you have many more wonderful moments to come I’m sure x

  • Kara says:

    In love with this post. As a mummy to 3 it changed again. No one can explain it I think. But Deacon makes me look and question would I be able to love all 3 in such a strong way. Would I be to split. The answer is no and your right somehôw with each child the love for the 1st and 2nd is more. Even with G who has never been able to interact with his siblings it deepens as the appreciation for that special person becomes more. What they attribute to your life & how they do that is why. But seeing Addy with her baby brother brings a sense of pride & seeing a totally unconditional love for her brother is just pure magic

  • Lynsey Morgan says:

    Beautiful, I am still enjoying that time of just me and my first born and feel apprehensive of having another, but this makes it sound just right. Thank you. X

  • Nicola says:

    Lovely post sweetie., makes me want to have another baby so much. I’m glad that Mads is such a wonderful big sister. I can just imagine her and LL running around together causing lots of trouble!! Xx

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