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I love this quote and I love this photo of my ‘little fairy’ Mads.

Sometimes I feel a little sad about the world we are bringing our girls up in to.

Don’t get me wrong, they are growing up surrounded by love and happiness.  But occasionally when I turn on the news or read the paper, I feel a little sad about some of the horrible things that happen.  How people can be so cruel to others.

It feels like such a huge responsibility being a parent sometimes.  That we have been entrusted to care for these girls, and help them grow up to be kind, compassionate human beings.  To protect them, keep them safe, but yet also give them enough freedom to spread their wings and become who they were meant to be.  There is the desire to keep them wrapped up in cotton wool but with it the worry of stifling them too much.

Even at this age it’s there.  The child in soft play who pushes Mads to the ground.  Her little face with tears streaming down it, looking at me as if to question why anyone would do such a thing.  There’s the desire to leave soft play but instead I find myself saying to her ‘That wasn’t a nice thing to do, we must not push or hit other people.’  The desire to let her fight her own battles a little.  To learn that not everyone is going to be nice all the time.

At the moment she is so innocent and pure, unaware of the horrible things in the world.  I wish I could keep her that way.  Children seem in such a rush to grow up nowadays and I look at young teen girls with faces full of makeup and it makes me feel a little sad.  I am not stereotyping every teenager, but it seems that a lot of their role models are people from TOWIE or Geordie Shore.  It just seems that children aren’t children for as long anymore.

I remember going off on my bike when I was young and not coming home for hours.  I would build dens with my friends, prank call boys from school from a phone box, and sit on a park bench and eat sweets.  It was before the days of mobile phones and all my Mum would ask was that I checked in every few hours so she knew I was ok.  I can’t remember how old I was, but would that happen nowadays?

I know that my little ladies won’t be little for ever but while they are I want to make their childhood full of magic and fun.  I want them to go hunting for Gruffalo’s, and make dens in the woods.  I want them to believe in fairy tales and believe that they can be anything they want to be.  I want them to dance around in their tutu’s without any inhibitions, to want to be a princess when they grow up and to get excited about Father Christmas coming down the chimney.

 I want our ordinary life to be magical.  Of course it can’t be all the time, but I want to help them create memories of their childhood that they will treasure.  I want to fill their days with fun, start traditions that they will pass on to their own children, and make the most of their little imaginations.

I want them to look back on their childhood when they are older and think that we did a good job and that life may not always have been easy but that it was full of love, fun and make believe.

I can’t keep them little forever but I can make this short time one that they will treasure.

And that I will treasure too.




  • I love this quote, it was the tag line of our wedding. It was on the stationery. I think life is full of magic and fairy tales if you look in the right places. X

  • Kellpops says:

    Gorgeous photo…
    Gorgeous quote…
    Gorgeous words…

    A childhood is a magical thing, we need to treasure them.

  • Lisa H says:

    LOVE that pic of Mads, how fantastic! The world does fill me with fear for my children and its so hard to get past that, hopefully we can give them the right tools to deal with it xxx

  • Oh my, that photo is amazing! X

  • I love that photograph. Just gorgeous. I love the quote too. Real life has been a bit tough recently, but fairytales are wonderful escapism. Maybe I need to think like our babies a bit. xx

    • Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three says:

      I love fairy tales, we all know they aren’t true, but there is something so wonderful about them! x

  • Lauren says:

    Absolutely amazing photo and quote.
    I completely agree with everything you’ve said. I’m scared about what the future will be like for my boys. I’ve just been watching the news and everything is just so awful and depressing. A 10 year old boy arrested for killing an old man….what?!
    As long as we control what we can for as long as we can then they will have a fantastic life xx

    • Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three says:

      It is a scary world sometimes isn’t it? I just hope that I can always look after my girls and teach them right from wrong without stifling them. It is so much responsiblity being a parent! x

  • Karen says:

    Husband and I have similar conversations all the time. It’s so scary being a parent sometimes. Love the little photo of Mads. She really is beautiful xx

  • I remember that feeling in soft play. Sadly it is the little knocks like this that teach children to get a bit cynical here and there, and whilst it’s necessary for life, it’s horrible to see as a parent. And it gets worse, especially with girls. It astounds me that women can be so supportive and amazing, when they’ve been through such bitchy behaviour in school growing up. But I guess we have to hold on to that fact – mostly your other playmates will eventually learn to be decent caring people. Lovely post x

    • Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three says:

      I agree with you completely. It does worry me having a girl growing up. I hope either of them don’t experience some of the bitchniess I had growing up at school but I am sure that they will because I think it is part and parcel of having a girl. x

  • katie says:

    I couldn’t stop looking at that photo – it’s so magical!

    I know exactly what you mean, it is a scary world out there. It’s also one of the reasons i’m dreading school, kids can be unkind and it’s inevitable our little ones will be excluded or picked on at some point. I guess it’s just part of the learning experience though – that life is not always rosy.

    Your girsl will have a wonderful childhood though, i am sure of that, it’s already there in everything that you say x

  • This is lovely, I’m sure your girls will have a lovely childhood because you are aware enough to let them be children and have fun. It’s something I am always concious of as Lucas grows up and it makes me so happy to see him running in the park or playing an imaginary game. I always look back on my childhood as being the same, I was quite naive I think but I had a great time. xx

  • Caroline says:

    I want to wrap my eldest in cotton wool, and can barely let go of his hand walking (even when it’s safe!!). I’m the mother of the child who pushes 🙁 living in fear that his gentle push could result in him getting slapped or bitten by the other party(and hoping that other parents don’t judge him… Or me). I mean, I have no idea why he thinks it’s a good idea

    Lovely words and pictures, as always (no idea how you make the time)..

  • Kara says:

    Gorgeous photo and quote, it exudes magic, this would look amazing on a canvas.
    Ashley and I were only talking with my stepmum about similar thoughts today, I feel terrified at the thought Addison maybe bullied just like I was as a child, I want her to be a kind spirit but with enough fight to not be hurt.
    You are an awesome mummy and between yourself and Mr E you will make their world perfect xx

  • Charlotte says:

    Gorgeous photo! Hopefully we can hold onto the fairy tale for a while yet! x x

  • Mammasaurus says:

    What an amazing photo! I am constantly torn between feeling that I should keep my tight close by and letting them go a little bit. Parenting isn’t as easy as it looks when you don’t have children!

  • You’ve put it perfectly. I feel the same when it comes to preserving our children’s innocence and cherishing childhood. It’s such a developmental time and builds a foundation for life. Lydia x

  • Alex Davies says:

    I love this post, your words ring so true with me. Sometimes it’s overwhelming as a parent when you see all the bad stuff going on in the world and you just want to protect your little one – it keeps me awake at night! But the flip side like you say is just creating wonderful, magical memories for them. Fab blog 🙂

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