Words #8



I love this quote.

It completely describes my biggest girl.

At two and a half she is growing up every day, and most of the time she is hilarious.

She lives in a world of make believe- she likes dressing as a fairy, thinks Daddy is a dragon and likes to build dens.

She carries around ‘treasures’ in random plastic eggs and loves having ‘monies’ in her little purse. Β She calls me ‘Mummy my darling’ and tells me that LL is ‘her baby and the best baby ever.’

She comes up with such gems like when I asked could she reach the sky cause she was sat on her Daddy’s shoulders she said ‘No silly Mummy I need a ladder to do that’ and on seeing our road saying ‘Oh look that’s where our house lives.’

Her speech is incredible but she occasionally muddles up words such as saying the other day ‘I think so not Mummy’ instead of I don’t think so, and on me saying she needed to stay in the buggy because we were near a road she said ‘Don’t worry I will stay on the Patient’ instead of pavement. Β  And I will never tire of her saying ‘Onaange’ instead of Orange. Β We all say it like that now because of her.

She giggles at the most random things, makes me eat countless ‘chocolate cakes’ that she has cooked in her oven, and dances around naked to Tree Fu Tom.

She is full of innocence, full of love and as bonkers as they come.

I want to revel in her crazy side, nurture her affectionate side and fill her world full of make believe, fun and adventure.

She has the ability to drive me insane but in a way that when she isn’t looking I secretly laugh to myself because she flounces around and tantrums over the most random things.

She is definitely in her own little world, but it is a world that I feel completely priviliged to be a part of.

The world of my crazy, incredibly sweet two and a half year old.



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