Just Because…

Last year I got a little lazy when it came to taking my ‘big camera’ out with me. While photography has been my number one passion for the last five years, busy life just got on top of me and somewhere along the line I stopped taking photos ‘just because’. Of course I took my DSLR out when we went out somewhere exciting for the day, or for the weekend, or on holiday, but with my iPhone being there with me constantly, it some how just became a pattern that I took most of my ‘everyday’ photos with that. I still got some gorgeous photos over the year that I love (here is myΒ photography page with some of my favourite photos on there) but somehow I fell out of love with my DSLR.

So at the start of the New Year I made myself a little resolution, or goal if you will. I actually made this the previous year but didn’t keep to it whatsoever. I wanted to fall in love with photography again. I wanted to forget that the weather in the UK sucks, or that I am too busy with work, or any other excuse that normally comes into my head. While I can operate my way around my camera and can shoot in manual and have done for years, I feel like my photography hasn’t improved. It has just sort of stayed the same. I decided 2016 would be the year I fell in love with my photography again, using my DSLR in the house more, or just at the weekend when we were lazing around and not doing much. While I have no doubt, there will be times when I can’t be bothered, I know it will help me improve on my photography if I do think outside the box and take photosΒ of our everyday.

So we woke up last Friday morning and there was that delicious winter sun, that golden kind that is my absolute favourite. I took Mads to school (sadly having a school age child means that photography and blog stuff that involves her has to be done at a weekend!) and then I pestered Mr E to take ten minutes out of his work to come to a field on the edge of where we live.

It was chilly and our noses went red, so LL, Mr E and I literally stayed out at the most for about 6 minutes. For no reason other than taking photos. I even gave the camera to Mr E and he took the most lovely shots of myself and LL, although I still have to set the settings for him! You look at these and think it is a gorgeous location, but the reality is it is a crappy muddy field with a duel carriageway literally less than 100 feet away. But that doesn’t matter. We got some photos that we will treasure forever. Just because.

I forgot what it feels like to take photos for the sheer fun of it, not because it is for a brand post, or because you are on holiday and want to capture the moments so you don’t forget, or because it is a milestone like a birthday or Christmas. And I forgot what it feels like to look back on them a little later when you put them on the computer and feel so proud and thrilled with what you see on the screen. Where you think I took those and that’s myΒ family.

That’s the beauty of a photograph.

Just Because.

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