25 Months…

To my dearest little lady,

25 months.  Another month has gone past and now you are officially well into the swing of being two.  Two has so far bought a huge amount of joy, excitement, new things and with it a little bit of the ‘terrible two’s’ that are known far and wide.

You are certainly not terrible, you are a very independant, good, well behaved little girl but you are most definitely learning to ‘test’ your boundaries.  Although they are not very often you can have almighty tantrums, almost over nothing.  They are normally when you are tired or feeling under the weather.  You really have a strong opinion, which Mummy kind of likes, but you really will not take no for an answer when you feel like it.  If you don’t want a kiss you say ‘Go away,’ or if you don’t like something to eat you say ‘yuucccccccck,’ which we are desperately trying to stop you from saying!

Speaking of food, you are going through a stage with your eating habits.  You have about four meals that you actually like and if we prepare anything else for you and you don’t like the look of it you will simply refuse to even try a bite.  Mummy had a hot chocolate with whipped cream the other day and I know if you had tried it you would have loved it, but you simply refused because it was ‘new.’  You are a funny little thing and you don’t like chips, spaghetti hoops or Mcdonalds- anything that would normally be a treat to other children.  But in a way I am secretly pleased as I am sure it won’t be long before you want things that are unhealthy.  You are like your Mummy in the respects you have an incredibly sweet tooth!

Your speech is just incredible, you are like a little parrot and repeat every word we say so we do have to be careful.  The other night we were lying in bed and I asked you what you were doing and you said ‘Just chilling Mummy.’  You also like to ask a huge amount of questions, ‘What are you doing Mummy?’ is your favourite at the moment and it has become a bit of a game because I ask you back ‘What are you doing Mads?’  You have also started to try and sing the words of nursery rhymes which is very cute, as you do a dance at the same time.  You say please and thank you to everything which makes me very proud of you indeed.

It is scary to think that this month is potentially, all being well, the last month I will write you a letter as my only little lady, by the end of next month we will have another baby joining our family.  I have no idea how you are going to react, I suspect because you are such an independant little person you will just take it all in your stride, although I am sure there will be moments of jealousy.  I feel so incredibly nervous about making sure it doesn’t affect you or that you don’t feel left out.  As we spend our days together at the moment, I constantly look over at you and want to shower you in as much love as I possibly can, and also just capture every single little moment together before I have to share you.  I know I am not sharing you, but I am sharing my love and I want to just enjoy these last few moments with you as my only little girl.

I know you will love having a little sister and giving you the gift of a sibling is something I most excited about, but at the same time I want you to know that you will always be my baby, and you have made my transition into Mummyhood the most incredible time of my life.  You are truly a blessing, and although you have your little moments, we are so proud of the big, well behaved, kind, polite girl you are becoming.  You certainly have made the last two years of my life the best ever, and that will never change.

You will always be my first born, you will always be the person who made me a Mummy, and you will always be the person who changed my life forever.  And for that I thank you.

Mummy loves you more than anything in the world.  But as always you already knew that.






  • Hannah says:

    I remember the feelings so well. You desperately want your new baby to arrive but at the same time you want to freeze frame time with your firstborn, to really cherish your special time together. All these changes are big but make us who were are, you will just grow as a family and the alone time you will get with Mads after the baby is born will mean ever more than you both imagined 🙂 x

  • Charlotte says:

    You brought a tear to my eye! I’m sure Mads will know that she is still your baby! Beautiful post and gorgeous photo! x

  • This letter is so very beautiful it made me cry.
    I also envy you a second pregnancy.
    If things were good in my marriage I would certainly be trying for a 2nd or already pregnant.
    Lots of love honey,
    Liska xx

  • Stephanie says:

    I love this! I need to start writing letters to my little one. That’s too funny that your daughter said “just chilling.” She’s so cute!

  • notmyyearoff says:

    Ahhhh this is so lovely. I know exactly what you mean about parroting everything and meal times…..I cannot wait till they enjoy everything!!
    Wow – I can’t believe next month you will be a family of four. 🙂

  • Louise says:

    awh the terrific twos! Hope you enjoy the last few weeks of time with your firstborn. Sounds like you will have a lovely little helper there when the new baby arrives xx

  • Kara says:

    As always a beautiful picture of Mads and a beautiful letter to her, you inspire me to be the mum our babies deserve each time I read your blog.
    I hate the fussy food stage, Addison goes back and forth through it, it can be very frustrating indeed.
    It is funny when they become parrots you have to be so careful.
    I can’t believe I will soon be reading and seeing double little E girlies xx

  • Did you cry writing this blog post? I bet you did. I cried writing most of posts just before the little lady was born, just thinking of all the changes. I’m sure Mads will love having a baby sister and will love being a big sister. X

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