30 months. Blimey.


My Dearest Mads,

I am a little bit behind on this letter due to all the adventures we have been getting up to, and you turned 30 months old on the 24th June.  30 months seems particularly grown up for some reason.

We have had a busy time this month, the weather has been better and we have had some great days out and fun times.  We have been on lots of picnics, with friends and with Daddy, and spent lots of time on the swings and slides.  For some reason whereas when you were little you used to be a little tough nut, nowadays you have become quite weary of slides and won’t go on them unless Mummy or Daddy holds your hand.  You love to climb on anything and everything, including the furniture, toy box, in the car or where ever you possibly can.

You have some really beautiful summer clothes- little floaty dresses, shirts and sandals.  It makes me chuckle when we put you in a cute dress and you have your bruised legs poking out from underneath- they are proper toddler legs- full of cuts, bruises and grazes from all the adventures you have.

Our time together at the moment is either absolutely wonderful or a little testing.  You definitely are going through a stage where you can be hard work, we can have a week or so of you being a little angel and then we can have a day where you can be a nightmare.  I can’t explain what you do, but you just whinge and whine at everything and have tantrums when you don’t get your own way.  A lot of the time it is just because you are a little under the weather or tired but you can really test my patience.

Most of the time however you are a very good girl.  At the moment you are just being so incredibly sweet and affectionate.  The way you are with your sister makes me melt.  You have never so much once had a cross word to say about her, and have never shown any animosity towards her, even though I can imagine it probably rocked your little world a bit.

You cuddle her, talk to her and tell her that she is your best friend and your best baby ever.  You will never know just quite how I feel when I watch you together, it sounds silly but it makes me just want to burst with love and pride for you both.  I can’t quite believe that we created you little people.

But you are also incredibly affectionate with Mummy and Daddy too- you constantly ask for cuddles, and still play with ears to as a comfort.  You tell us you love us and you always try and sit on my lap.  In the evenings we all snuggle up and read a bedtime story and you constantly hug us and give us kisses- I love that side of you.

You also keep coming out with some really funny things and you make us laugh constantly.  We recently went away for the weekend and you asked us if we were nearly there yet, and said ‘Are we nearly there, near to where the seaside lives?’  And in the car Will Smith’s song ‘Getting Jiggy Wit It’ came on the radio, so you started to sing it.  Hearing you sing it while dancing, in your little voice was so cute.

You love to read, and have recently started getting into ‘The Gruffalo’.  I know we are way behind the times but you just love it, you read it back to me and get so excited by the story.  Your imagination is developing all the time and you love to role play in your play kitchen.

You have had a weird obsession the last few months where you like to watch collectable egg’s being unwrapped on youtube. They are just Peppa Pig eggs with some sweets and a little toy inside. It sounds crazy, but there are obviously others that agree with you as these video’s have had millions of hits.  We have bought you a couple as a treat and Grandma bought you some too and you have been carrying these empty eggs around every where you go the last week or so.  I often find little treasures in them that you have been collecting.  You have even taken to sleeping with them and I will go and wake you from your nap to find you clutching them.

I have downloaded an app on my phone called Timehop which shows you what you were up to via social media, one, two or even three years before.  I look at it every day and marvel at just how much you have grown up in even a year.  Time is going so fast and I keep reminding myself every day that I need to relish it- some days I might not want to be the perfect Mummy and play constantly, or I may seem a little impatient when you have one of your hyper days- but then I realise that one day I can guarantee I will miss these moments.

Grandma dropped you off earlier today and she said to me ‘You are so lucky’ to which I replied ‘Why?’  ‘To have that little girl’ she said pointing at you ‘She’s perfect.’  And I have to agree.  You aren’t always perfect- you have your moments, you can be a cheeky little thing, can test my patience, and make me so cross I could scream, but you are kind natured, affectionate, sweet and a lot of fun.

We are so incredibly lucky to have you.

Mummy loves you more than anything in the world.  But as always you already knew that.







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