37 months.

To my beautiful big girl,

Mummy is late in writing your letter this month, in fact you are very nearly 38 months but shhhhh, we all know how unorganised I am.  I had to think about how many months you were this time, it’s getting a very big number and I am starting to lose count.  I did wonder whether to stop writing your letters now you are three, but then I decided that was a silly idea.  I would have loved a monthly letter from my own Mummy detailing what I got up too, so I shall carry on. One day we will read them together. This whole blog is for you, for us, to have a record of our lives together as a family.

This past month you have been such a good girl.  Towards the end of last year, you were testing my patience quite a lot and pushing boundaries whereever you could.  Funnily enough a few of my friends have said the same thing when their children turned three, I wonder if is a developmental milestone or something similar?  However that testing phase seems to have calmed down for the moment and you are back to your lovely self.  Of course you still can have tantrums, or be whiny, especially when you are tired, but for the most part we seem to be ‘getting’ each other this month.  We really do have such fun together and we giggle all day long- you always tell me I am your best friend, and I think I have to agree that you are mine too.

You have settled in to nursery well and although you sometimes still cling to my leg when I leave you, when I pick you up you are full of stories of the fun you have had and the things you have got up to.  You always eat all your dinner at nursery, things that I have made you at home that you won’t even touch, and I have no idea why but I am just pleased you are trying new things.  If you eat all your lunch at nursery, you get to have a ‘treat’ dinner in the evening- usually Nutella sandwiches, fruit, crisps and something naughty like a chocolate or a biscuit.  You get so incredibly excited about this and chatter all the way home about ‘chocolate sandwiches’.

You are still napping in the afternoons, it is completely crazy that you still do at three, as most of my friends children stopped a long time ago.  But you are quite happy going up to bed at around half one (or half two on nursery days) and snoozing until at least half three or four.  Because LL sleeps at the same time, I get quite a nice break to do work or housework, and as such I am pretty strict about them.  It’s only because firstly I know you still need them and secondly because the more times in a row we don’t have them, the more likely they are to stop.  You still go to bed absolutely fine at 7pm and sleep until 7am the next day.  You have always been our amazing sleeper, but I do keep wondering when it is going to go wrong.

Every night you and Daddy pretend to be something when you walk from our room to your own bedroom after your bedtime story.  It can literally be anything, one night you were Ken and Daddy was Barbie, you have been dinosaurs, silly talking cupcakes, Toy Story characters, whatever takes your fancy that day.  You make me laugh watching you and it has become part of our little bedtime routine.  It’s a small part of the day but one I always look forward too.  You are so silly and put on funny voices.  You love to make us laugh.

You are so loving and kind to your little sister and I think you are excited that she is starting to be able to play with you more now.  You crawl around the room and chase her and you both laugh hysterically, and every afternoon after your nap you bring down Pongo for her to cuddle.  You always share your food with her, even if Mummy doesn’t want her to have it!  You constantly want to cuddle her and hold her hand, and it makes my heart swell on a regular basis that you are so good with her.

I probably ought to draw this to a close, as I could ramble on about you all day.  Thank you for being such a feisty, wild spirited, kind and loving daughter.  Our days so much brighter because you are in them.


I love you, always and forever.

But as always, you already knew that.

xxx Mummy





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