Mads You Are Four!


To my Dearest Baby Big Girl,

It’s Christmas Eve and everyone is excitedly getting ready for the big day tomorrow- rushing to the supermarket to get last minute essentials, wrapping presents while listening to cheesy Christmas music or just spending time with family and friends.  We are doing all that, except we are also celebrating an extra special day.  Your birthday.  Today my biggest daughter turns four.

I often joke about two things.  Firstly that no Christmas present anyone ever buys me again will ever come close to the Christmas present I received on the 24th December 2010.  My early Christmas present and the best one I have ever and will ever receive.  You were worth spending the whole of Christmas in hospital for, worth not seeing my family for as they weren’t allowed to meet you or come in the wards as it was shut due to Norovirus, and worth every single Christmas being a teeny tiny bit of a letdown ever since.  After all what can come close to meeting your baby for the first time at the most special time of year?

The other thing I joke about is that it’s a rubbish day to have a birthday and that Daddy and I should have planned it better.  But actually deep down I think Christmas Eve is a pretty exciting day to be born.  We do all those festive things, but with the added extra of it being your special day.  You arrived into the world, my little c-section baby, to the sound of an extra special song that means a lot to Mummy and also to the sound of Christmas songs as well.  You wore a Christmas hat from a cracker that Mummy pulled with the midwives at less than 24 hours old and we often said we should have called you Holly or Eve.  There was Christmas music playing on the wards non stop, everyone was in good spirits and it was so quiet- there were only 4 babies born on the whole ward over Christmas time.  That meant that you got extra special attention from all the staff.

And now my biggest girl is four.  The one who made me a Mummy.  The one who changed everything we thought about life.  Who made us realise exactly what is important.  That it’s the little things and that as long as we have each other, we couldn’t be luckier.  I often stare at you and it takes my breath away- a weird emotion between insane happiness that you are mine and almost a little bit of pain about how life can be so sad and how it can change in an instant.  I can’t quite believe you are four.  Three still seems little, still clinging on to the last grasp of toddlerhood.  But four is big.  Four year olds go to school.  Four is a little girl and there is no inch of toddlerhood left.

You make me so incredibly proud every single day.  As I type this I have tears in my eyes.  Some slight ones over the fact it is so bittersweet just how fast the time is going.  How I wish I could make it slow down, or pause the good bits and replay them again and again.  But mostly my tears are for just how proud I am of you.  You are one in a million- kind, gentle, the worlds best big sister, hilariously funny with a dry, sarcastic wit even at your tender young age, and the most affectionate little person I could ask for.  We have our moments, you can be a stroppy little thing, or have days where you drive me mad, but for the most part you are the loveliest, happiest girl and you brighten up all our days.

I am going to relish these next few months as come September I am going to have to let you go just a little bit and share you when you head off to school.  I am, to be quite honest dreading that day as I just don’t want this stage of our lives to be over.  But I know you are ready and you will love and enjoy it, just as you do when you go to nursery two long mornings a week.

Happy 4th birthday my darling girl.  Enjoy being four and all the adventures it brings.  Thank you for being you.

Mummy loves you more than anything in the world.

But as always you already knew that.








  • Oh I feel quite emotional about her being four… that’s weird isn’t it? It’s just mad how fast these kids grow up.
    I definitely think a Christmas Eve birthday is a mixture of rubbish and amazing. My “bro” has a Christmas Eve birthday and we alway loved it as kids because it meant we had a big Christmas Eve celebration, rather than it being a bit of weird day all about anticipation.
    I hope Mads has a great day, and that you do too. Four years of mummying is a big achievement!!! x

  • Emz says:

    Ahh! What a lovely post & what a gorgeous girl

  • Kerry says:

    Happy 4th birthday Mads! xxx

  • She is just the prettiest little girl and a big Happy 4th Birthday wish for her. How lovely to have had a Christmas eve baby! Best Christmas gift EVER by miles. Have a GORGEOUS Christmas with your beautiful family xx

  • Happy Birthday Mads, it is my mum’s birthday today too and have always liked that we would spend the day as a family doing all the pre-Christmas bits and bobs whilst enjoying birthday cake.

  • Such a gorgeous girl for you and your OH to be proud of – happy birthday Mads, enjoy your special day xxx

  • Kerry says:

    Aw Happy Birthday Mads xx

  • Donna says:

    This post made me cry just a little bit because I realised the day you were giving birth was the day we found out we were pregnant with Athena. That Christmas we also had such an incredible Christmas present and so in a way I can relate, that Christmas we had people around us but we may as well have been on our own, just Hubby and I, in our perfect bubble. We had zero sleep that Christmas Eve night and I hosted Christmas feeling emotional and exhausted but it will always be one of my favourite Christmases, with a secret only HUbby and I knew.
    Happy Birthday Mads, I hope it was as special as you are, beautiful girl x

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Aw no way? It is such a magical time isn’t it, that bubble where you know but no one else does- it sounds extra special that yours was over Christmas. x

  • Aaah I hope she had a fabulous birthday Katie, I also think that Christmas Eve birthday is quite cool, it means you get to really enjoy the day as a birthday, and not just the over-excitement of waiting for Father Christmas to come! 4 does feel big- Freddie will be 4 on the 6th Feb and I can’t believe it. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas- had a blog breather the last few weeks so just easing myself back in by catching up with some of my faves! x

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      She had a really lovely day thank you Becky. Aw I didn’t realise Freddie was so near in age to her, I knew he was near but not that close! xx

  • Mummy Says says:

    So so lovely. I hope she had a wonderful day Katie and that you all had a brilliant Christmas. I’ve so loved keeping up with stories of your girls this year xx

  • Oh blimey bab. This made me have a little weep! My girl is four and will be off to big school in Sept so I am making it MY VOW to have as much fun with her as possible in the next 8 months. Preschool may be missed for the odd trip to Alton Towers and I am going to spoil her as much as humanly possible xxxxx

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Aw ours will be going at the same time. And I agree, adventures are our main thing to do this year before she goes to school. xx

  • Katie says:

    Beautiful Katie, also brings a tear to my eye as 4 is wonderful but you are right so grown up all of a sudden! IMO though my kiddies just get better and better with age, i love how F’s interests are expanding so much right now and the conversations we can have.
    Happy bday to Mads and a very merry Christmas to you all xxx
    p.s i think Xmas eve as a bday rocks!

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Ah thank you Katie, 4 definitely is grown up. Every stage is wonderful but I must admit I do feel sad leaving the baby and toddler days behind. Luckily I have a couple more years with LL left. 😉 x

  • Oh hun, such a beautiful letter to her. She sounds like an amazing little girl and she is so lucky to have such a wonderful mummy xx

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