My Sisters in March 2015…..


It’s been another whirlwind month, with some ridiculously busy and hectic times, mixed with some quiet and normal routine times too.  At the moment as I type this it’s Saturday evening and I am just so tired- part and parcel of one of the aformentioned hectic weeks, and I just want to switch off the laptop and snuggle up on the sofa- I love all the Saturday night trash TV like Saturday Night Takeaway and The Voice.  But of course I couldn’t miss out on chatting about my sisters in the month of March.

The biggest milestone to happen this month for Mads and LL is that they are about to go into a new joint room together.  I am excited and nervous about this in equal measure.  I hope that they will love it, that it will bring them even closer, and that it will the the start of a new adventure for them, but yet I am nervous of the potential sleep implications them sharing a room will bring.  As we were sorting their room out yesterday they got into bed to have a ‘sleepover’ like they always do, and they snuggled together on the bed for ages giggling and cuddling each other- I sat back for a minute and observed them and thought that we were definitely making the right decision in having them share a room.  Fingers crossed it all runs seamlessly.

Our photos this month were taken after nap time one weekday early evening.  The girls love going to the park just by our house, but more often than not they go with Daddy, as he often takes them if I am doing a bit of work on a weekend afternoon.  However the sun was shining and so we headed out to blow away the cobwebs after a afternoon snooze.  My Mum got them these little colourful rain macs, and they are their new favourite things to wear, I absolutely love them too because I love them in colourful clothes.  When they walk together at the moment you would almost be mistaken in thinking they are closer in age than they actually are- but then when you watch them for longer you will realise that there is a bigger gap- LL is still not talking much at all, although she is getting better every single day.  On Friday she said ‘Bye Bye Mads’ for the first time, Mads was so excited she has finally learnt to say her name, but she won’t say it if you ask her too!  Typical stubborn, feisty lady.

I do love these photos- I am a sucker for bright colours and a sucker for that golden light, and of course I am a sucker for my two little ladies, so all in all these are some of my favourites I have taken in ages- although I say that every time!











This month on our lovely Siblings Project, I am shouting all about Amber who blogs over at Goblin Child.  I haven’t mentioned her on her before, but her blog is fast becoming one of my favourites to look at for stunning images.  She blogs all about life with her partner Kirsty and their gorgeous, gorgeous twin boys.  Oh and their dog Josephine. (What an amazing name for a dog- if I had a dog I would call it Brian in case you wanted to know)  Be sure to check it out!



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