The months seem to be passing us by quickly and March is no exception, I can’t believe we are already half way through. I don’t know about anyone else but I feel like little signs of Spring are starting to emerge, albeit it slowly. Some days it’s mild enough to go out without a coat, daffodils have sprung up, and the shops have got their usual array of chocolate eggs ready to entice us ahead of Easter. More so than ever before, I honestly can’t wait for it to get a bit lighter and warmer. It feels like every day I wake up and it is just so grey, dark and bleak outside.

But while I am really looking forward to the warmer months, I am also wanting the time to slow down, mainly cause I am not ready for our  baby boy to be one. Even the mere thought of it is making me feel so sad and sentimental, so in some respects I want April to not arrive so quickly. I cannot comprehend that he is soon going to be one and these tiny baby days will be over, yet at the same time I couldn’t possibly imagine life without him in it now. When it was approaching April last year, I remember seeing these little signs of Spring and willing time to hurry up so I could meet my baby. I remember spending hours imagining me pushing him around in his buggy in the sunshine, I was so excited to have a Spring baby. Indeed the day we came out of hospital it was warm enough to just wear a t-shirt, which felt weird after being cooped up inside the hospital for two days without seeing any natural light. I remember sitting at my mums house when he must have been about three days old, I was still struggling with that initial pain in breastfeeding, and I sat in the sunshine in her garden clenching my fists and swearing while he latched on. I can’t believe that we are nearly at his one year milestone- please time slow down a little.

Life with these three has been busy as usual this month, as can only come with having three young children, but rather than out of the ordinary busy times, we have just been getting stuck in to routines, lazy weekends and not much on. I’ve enjoyed it, while I adore travelling and having new adventures, I also just really love being at home. We have deliberately been having some quiet weekends as April is really busy for us, and it’s been so nice just enjoying days at home together. I love this time of year, the anticipation and promise of the Summer ahead of us.

All three of them are still incredibly close in that wonderful relationship that only siblings can have. The girls warm my heart on a daily basis with how cute they are, yet also stress me out on a daily basis as they constantly bicker too. But ultimately they adore each other and I love watching my sisters together- it’s a privilege to be able to witness their bond. This month LL has become even more obsessed with her baby brother. She has always been like that, with both of them fighting to hold him first thing in the mornings, but she has become even sweeter with him if that is possible. It is hard to explain really and put into words, but she’s just always there for him. She is like his shadow, constantly cuddling him and playing with him, and I love watching their relationship develop and grow. It’s almost like LL is the glue that holds them together, I often joke that she is the filling to our sandwich and that is so true. She has a wonderful relationship with her big sister and the same with her little brother, she spreads herself around and gives so much to both of them. She’s just lovely and I am so proud of her. Don’t get me wrong Mads is also just as lovely with her little brother, but I can’t explain LL. She sort of fills a role of being the middle child and yet I can’t even really explain what that role is.

We took these photos last night, as I probably don’t need to say that I left it till the last minute again. We went over to my mums after school as it was my stepdads birthday, and we had a little cake and sung happy birthday. The weather was quite nice so I took a couple of photos in the garden and also a couple of photos on the window seat in her kitchen. Unintentionally they sort of matched the window seat which made us all laugh…

Head over to check out what LucyAmberCarieKeri-AnneDonna and Natalie and their lovely siblings have been up to this month.


  • Janine Dolan says:

    Last minute or not these photos are beautiful. I love the bright colours. It’s so springy. #siblingsproject

  • Colette says:

    Wren is suddenly looking so much more grown up – I think perhaps his clothes and his hair?? How is he nearly one though? It seems no time at all since you were posting lovely bump shots on instagram!
    Hurrah for outside photos and sunshine x

  • Mads face in the first ones! She makes me giggle bless her, so much personality. Spring is coming and it’s so exciting!! xx

  • Beautiful shots, Love the girls jumpers I brought the same for Maisy 🙂 xx

  • Such gorgeous photos! I always look forward to seeing the sibling photos of your trio each month. Wren is looking very grown up suddenly! x #siblingsproject

  • Lovely photos,time does really go so fast doesn’t it? X

  • These photos are full of spring and I love them. I know exactly what you mean about LL and her role as the middle child. My friend is a middle child and I always say to her, that without her, her sister and brother would be lost without her. She is the one that brings them all together as a three. She is the one they both turn to when they need something. Don’t get me wrong the older one and the younger one have a brilliant relationship too. But she as the middle is kind of like a mini mummy. Like you I can’t quite describe it, but she is a special person, just like LL xx

  • I can’t believe he is nearly one. I actually cannot believe it! It doesn’t seem a minute that I was keeping an eye out for news and patiently waiting for it to be my turn to meet my boy too. Madness. Gorgeous photos of the three of them, beautiful babies. xx

  • Fab set of pictures as always. You’re 3 are always so colour co-ordinated. I always enjoy seeing your photos of them each month. #siblingsproject

  • Time really does go way too quickly!! I still cannot believe that my baby girl is already 10 weeks old. I feel incredibly sad having to sort out her newborn clothes and going on to a bigger size :-(. I love your mum’s window seat. What a lovely space!

  • I cannot believe that he is almost one! It only seems like two minutes ago that you had him. Gorgeous photos x

  • Gemma says:

    Gorgeous photos Katie – I love their matching/non matching outfits! I hate how time flies so fast too xx

  • Aw Ted just saw the pictures and said “Mummy they two do look the same, they have the same socks” 🙂 Gorgeous pictures xx

  • Laura says:

    Love their coordinating outfits and Mads face in the first photos! I can’t believe Wren is going to be one next month, time is just going way too fast xx

  • Just beautiful. I too am looking forward to spring but with a little melancholy as my boys seem to be growing so quickly! Beautiful shots I loved how they matched that gorgeous window seat too! #siblingsproject

  • Jenny says:

    Oh Katie their outfits, their smiles, their happy faces so gorgeous every time. You can see their bond and dynamics between all three of them in your photos. It’s so lovely to see. Little man is growing up so fast. I can’t believe it. With the very best two sisters anyone could wish for to look after him. How can he nearly be one already? It’s craziness. I feel like we just had MM and LL and now they are starting school come to September. It blows my mind. #siblingsproject

  • The first thing I noticed was that they matched the window seat, I can’t believe that was a last minute accidental bonus!

  • I can’t believe he’s nearly one! Time just goes so quickly doesn’t it? These photos are beautiful. #siblingsproject

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