When Two Sisters Met Their Baby Brother…

I truly think the greatest thing about having my girls is that I get to watch their relationship grow and develop on a daily basis. When I was pregnant with LL I of course had nerves about the dynamics of having two children and I was a little worried that Mads would feel left out or unsure about having a new sibling. For the most part I knew she would be amazing with her, but you still can’t help but have the odd jitters. We couldn’t have been more lucky, from the second she met her little sister she has always been the most incredible big sister- truly incredible. It really has been so special to watch their bond develop over the years and nowadays they are the best of friends, even if that often involves bickering constantly, they still are as close as can be.

I definitely had similar nerves in my third pregnancy but this time I was worried about what a third child would do to the dynamic of their relationship. However with hindsight on my side, I knew that our new baby would just perfectly slot in to our family when he or she was born. Then we found out we were having a boy and I literally was counting down the days for our baby to hopefully be born safely and for him to meet his two big sisters. I imagined in my head over and over again what the moment they met would be like.

Because of the fact I had a c-section, we made the decision before hand that we would wait until Day 2 for our girls to meet their baby brother. This was because on the first day I would still have my catheter in and not be as mobile and I wanted to be able to get out of bed and also not worry the girls too much if they saw me in a more immobile state. On the first day in hospital my Mum, sister and sister’s boyfriend came to visit and then once I was up and moving around the next day (albeit slowly!) it was time for our girls to come in to meet him.

We also decided that we would have our baby boy in his hospital cot when the girls came in. This was just so that I could focus my attention on them and we could get them to go over to see him when they were ready. Mr E went to get them both from school and nursery and he text me when he was in the hospital car park to let me know they were on their way up. I was so nervous and excited, and I had butterflies in my tummy. I could hear them walking through the ward and I will never forget their little faces as they appeared round the curtain (you can see them in my birth story video) but they looked so concerned and unsure bless them. I gave them a huge cuddle and then they went to see him in his cot and they looked so excited to finally meet their new ‘baby boy’.

Then it was time for them to hold him. They were so excited and happily tried to make him play with ‘blue bunny’. Mr E bought both the girls an extra special bunny on the day they were born, so he wanted to do the same for him too. It was absolutely lovely to watch them with their baby brother, they were so incredibly loving towards him just as I thought they would be, although we did keep having to tell them to support his head. It was such an emotional and special moment, one which I will treasure forever- the first time my little family met for the first time.

Since then the girls have been amazing with him. For the first week Mads was a little overwhelmed I think, if you didn’t know her you wouldn’t be able to tell, but she was just playing up ever so slightly, generally not listening and just being a bit needy, talking in a baby voice and just generally not being her normal self. She is obviously old enough to understand what is going on now, whereas when LL was born she didn’t really know properly. However all is back to normal now and she is just the most wonderful big sister, constantly wanting to hold her baby brother, cuddle him and be near him. In fact I feel horrible most of the time as she always wants to hold him just as he has fallen asleep and I have to tell her to wait. LL on the other hand hasn’t been phased in the slightest and again is just lovely with him, constantly cuddling him and wanting to hold him too. Both haven’t showed even the smallest amount of jealousy to him and have accepted him perfectly into our family.

Three children wasn’t something I ever imagined. I always imagined two children, something which I have said many times before, two girls in fact. But then we decided if we were lucky enough we would like to add another baby to our family. It sounds cheesy but I feel like it was always destined to be our baby boy, it just seems like he was always meant to be here. I cannot wait to watch my three little siblings grow and develop together, I feel like the proudest Mum in the world, although I am sure it will have its challenges along the way.

As we adjust to our new sense of normal, I can’t but help feel a little emotional when I look at these photos. I will never ever forget the moment my three babies met for the first time.

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  • Oh this is so sweet! I remember we did the same with Lucas and waited until I was mobile, they let my husband bring him in outside visiting hours so he wasn’t too overwhelmed and I’ll never forget his face when he came into the ward! There is nothing better than seeing them accept new siblings so easily. What a beautiful moment xxx

    • Katie Ellison says:

      It’s nicer to be a bit more mobile isn’ it? And we also bought them in outside visiting hours too. It is such a special memory that as Mums we will never forget isn’t it? x

  • LauraCYMFT says:

    These photos are so sweet! We did the same when Z came to meet his sister for the first time and kept her in her cot. He wasn’t that bothered with her though LOL! I know Mads and LL are going to be the best big sisters to their little brother. x

    • Katie Ellison says:

      Haha I remember meeting my sister for the first time in the hospital and my mum did the same- put her in her cot. I was ten and I went completely past her and ignored her and didn’t want to look at her! 😉 x

  • Natalie says:

    Gorgeous Katy – what a lovely little family you have. I remember when Meme came into hospital to meet Harri – such a special time. x

  • This is so lovely Katie, reading this takes me straight back to when my two met and it is still the best feeling I have ever had I will never forget it, a third must just be amazing. Xx

  • Donna says:

    Such a beautiful moment Katie. I can’t wait to watch their relationship grow through your blog. You have a really beautiful family x

  • Gorgeous photos! I love how carefully you planned the moment that they met, and it obviously paid off as it’s all gone so smoothly for you. I remember waiting for Carl to bring the girls in to meet Ernie, I was so excited, definitely the main moment I had been waiting for! My eldest wasn’t herself for a few days after Ernie came home either. She was nearly 4, so old enough to know what was going on but not old enough to process it properly and I think she found it a bit worrying When I was in hospital. It’s amazing how quickly they adapt though. Your sisters look proud as anything, he’s a very lucky little brother!

    • Katie Ellison says:

      I am so glad it went so smoothly, it can be so overwhelming for them. I think it is a funny old time for them, my eldest was definitely a little out of sorts for about a week, whether that was tiredness, or just generally not really being able to process it properly. Luckily it all went back to normal for her pretty quickly. x

  • Steph says:

    My eldest chose a very similar (if not the same!) blue bunny for Q shortly after he was born! I’m in awe of your daughters relationship as siblings, and hope that my boys will grow to develop a strong relationship as brothers x

    • Katie Ellison says:

      Aw that is cute, it is a lovely bunny! I am sure that your boys will too, it is very special to watch the sibling relationship develop. x

  • This is so lovely! Your little girl’s close relationship is so clear from your photos and it’s obvious already how much they adore their little brother. I think introducing your older children to the newest member of the family must be such a special moment – I really hope we get to do that someday!

    • Katie Ellison says:

      Thanks Katy, I do feel very lucky that for the most part they seem to get on really well. It is a very special moment indeed. x

  • Ah what lovely photos to treasure- they really capture their reactions to their new baby brother so well- they look utterly besotted with him. I wish we had waited a little bit before F met L but I was unexpectedly discharged after 6 hours and we just walked into the house with him and then F was already there waiting- he didn’t understand and it was all too much for him and the following morning he hadn’t really remembered so was confused and upset why there was a baby in the house 🙁 if we were to have another I’d introduce them like you did- in hospital on neutral territory. It sounds as if they’re doing really well with the adjustment and I’m sure they’re fantastic big sisters to him xx

    • Katie Ellison says:

      They were so proud to meet him and it was one of the most special moments of my life. That must have been hard for you all, it can be so overwhelming for them and so I definitely think neutral territory is best. xx

  • Molly says:

    Gorgeous photos Katie. What a moment to treasure! My two girls met for the first time at 4am, when I’d just got home from the hospital with our new baby and went upstairs to check on F – who then woke up and was too excited to wait until morning to meet her baby sister! It means all our first photos are blurry and dark, although obviously I still treasure them. It was all slightly surreal, looking back.

  • So sweet! Both girls look incredibly proud of being big sisters to your gorgeous little boy. LL just has the cutest smile.

  • Such a special moment, and lovely to have caught it on camera! Your three will have so much fun together! Such a joy to look on as Mama and see them forming their own little relationships, isn’t it?

    • Katie Ellison says:

      I can already imagine the fun they will have. And it is very special to have a front seat viewing for that isn’t it? We are very lucky xx

  • What an amazing moment. It is just so lovely when it feels like they’ve been here forever. He’s very lucky to have two doting big sisters!

  • Notmyyearoff says:

    Awww they look completely taken with him straight away and that moment is just soooo special isn’t it? We got z out of school early and recorded it. I sound a bit high in it from all the drugs so still haven’t put it online anywhere 🙂

  • So gorgeous! Looks at their little faces, they are so happy xx

  • Wonderful photos. We’ve five kids now, and the older ones meeting the newcomers for the first time are some of our favourite family memories! Precious times 🙂

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