madslostatooth29thjan2017A momentous moment in a little girls life when she lost her first tooth. She is growing so quickly. I took her and two friends out to the cinema and McDonalds as a treat on Saturday and she loved it, it is a real joy to see her loving life with her friends.


ll_feb_2017 She is fast approaching her fourth birthday and I am willing time to slow down. She is just the ‘easiest’ little girl, no trouble, adores playing non stop and having imaginative games with all her toys, and just generally so laid back and chilled. Her favourites at the moments are her trolls and her superhero figures, they are always out and never far away from her.


newcot_feb17 It was an emotional week for both of us, his first time in his new cot. After generally not being a very good sleeper for all his life, he surprised us by going down on the first night and going 7pm till 2. Then the next night he went till 3. And the night after that 4am! It was obvious he needed the space and we were disturbing him. I know it is best for us all but I am going to really miss the all night snuggles, I am hoping we can get into a balance of him coming into our bed around 4am for cuddles.


  • The words which accompany the photos remind me so much of my own children, the milestones of losing teeth and when they went into their own bed for the first time really struck a chord, so thank you for that. I think so much about how they are NOW that I forget the things that have happened in the past.

  • Such lovely photos and what a lovely idea to write s short caption about each of them each week. So often we don’t have the time to document the changes, but this is a lovely way to document the subtle changes. A x

  • Jenny says:

    So adorable I love how you have them matching in their individual photos too. Your words are so lovely here hunny as always you paint a beautiful picture with them as much as you capture the beauty too.

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