27 Weeks Pregnant…Bump Diary.



Another fortnight has passed and I am now 27 weeks pregnant.  Well actually I am 28 weeks now but I haven’t had time to upload the photos until today.  I genuinelly get excited each time I do one of these as I just want it to hurry up and be February so we can meet our new little person.

There hasn’t been much to report this past two week, after the excitement of handing in my MatB1 form in my last bump diary.  Bug is busy growing and wriggling and I can feel her a lot now- we have only had two episodes where I hadn’t felt her move for a while and I felt a little panicked, long may her wriggling continue as Mads never moved and I was on twice weekly monitoring from 26 weeks with her- however a lot of that was because she was stuck and breech!

I am getting the general aches and pains, my back hurts if I sit at my desk too long or if I do too much hoovering, and I still get the odd bout of sciatica in my leg.  I also keep getting restless legs at night, but I have yet to have the leg cramps that used to wake me up shouting in pain with Mads- lets hope they don’t come too soon!  Still being pregnant is such a blessing, and I would have all these side effects a million times over.

I have my 28 week midwife appointment this week where they will do the routine blood tests- one side of pregnancy that I don’t like as I hate having blood taken.  I am not fussed by needles, or jabs, but my veins are so thin that they usually have trouble taking them- I end up having blood drawn from my hand normally which hurts, or in extreme cases I have had it done in my foot.  I have been like it since I was little so I can’t say it is a part of it I enjoy too much- still its over within a second- or more in my case as they normally jab it in and then can’t get it so jab it in the other arm before resorting to another body part!

I am also a little confused about the jabs that pregnant women are entitled too.  I have been offered both the whooping cough and flu jab, and if you look online there is very conflicting advice.  Last time when I was pregnant with Mads, it was also winter and Swine Flu was very much in the spotlight- however the vaccine had only just started to be used and I therefore didn’t end up having it.

I find it hard to know about what the risks/controversies are surrounding vaccines, so I have booked in to have both.  I have my flu jab next week.  My theory is that I vaccinate Mads so therefore I should have these vaccinations too as they are protecting baby number two.  I am exposed to a lot more bugs than I was with Mads as I am around her and her friends who are always coming down with something.

Other than that it has been a quiet fortnight in terms of pregnancy- we had some bump photos taking the other day, mainly cause we were having family photos done and she shot some of the bump as well- we didn’t have anything like this with Mads so I am not sure how I will feel when I get them back.  It will be nice to look back on them though, although achy, I love my body during pregnancy- it is a beautiful thing.

Next week at 29 weeks or the week after at 30 weeks I will be down to single figures depending on whether I have a c-section a week early or not.  That is so exciting, and I hope the time goes quickly.  Third trimester now- wowee.



  • I have declined my 28 week blood tests as I am so bad with needles. I was told they only test for anemia and as my hemoglobin has always been high I should be fine. I have had/ am having the jabs though. Hope your appointments go well! x

  • amummysview says:

    oh god do we have blood tests at 28 weeks? My MW is the same one I had first time and she can’t take blood, massacres me, I end up with a bruised arm and having to go to the hospital blood lab! *runs for the door!* I get restless legs at night too, really bloomin annoying! lol! I had the swine flu jab last time and need to book for my flu jab this time. I just go with it to be honest as I think one min they say it’s fine, then they don’t and it goes on and on lol! Glad to hear all well though honey and baby having a good move around! x

  • LauraCYMFT says:

    Good luck with your jags and the blood. I never liked those :/ You are looking lovely. All bump!

  • Caroline says:

    Aw, your blooming lovely. 🙂
    Hope jabs go ok.. I’ve got blood tests on Tuesday and not looking forward to it. :/
    I still got my flu jab to have and also my midwife mentioned the whooping jab, I was a bit hesitant to have it, as like you had heard conflicting stories, but have decided to go ahead with it, so have that to book for the same day.lol
    Looking forward to your next installment of what I have to come.. 😉

  • Exciting to hear how things are motoring along. I’m at 31 weeks now and baby C is wriggling lots which is great. Like you am suffering lots of aches and pains and particularly with sciatica in my left hip, which is driving me a bit nuts. I have just been going along with all the jabs – need to get the whooping cough one still though. Hope things continue to be plain sailing for you xxx

  • jenny paulin says:

    i had the flu jab when i was pregnant with Jenson as swine flu was doing the rounds then and my doctor recommended i did. Its for the best for baby and you.
    my bump ached sooo much more the second time around infact i was glad that Jenson was a little early because i was so uncomfortable.
    you look amazing and still so slim x

  • You are looking fab miss. I’ve missed so much of your bump stories as struggling along with my growing family but glad to see its all going nicely xx

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