29 Weeks Pregnant…Bump Diary.



So another two weeks has passed and it is now time for my latest bump diary.  29 weeks, although again because I am late in posting I am actually now 30, which to me is another quite good milestone.  I don’t know why, I think it is just good to say you are no longer in the 20’s.

There hasn’t been much excitement the last two weeks.  I had a midwife appointment for my 28 week blood tests- I knew she would have trouble getting blood, as I mentioned in my 27 week post, my veins are very thin.  She tried in one arm and managed to get a little bit out but then it stopped flowing.  She tried in the other arm and couldn’t get any out so gave up and said hopefully she will have enough, otherwise she will call me and have to take some more.  Joy!

At the appointment I was told I was measuring 30 weeks instead of 28.  I expected this as I feel massive and know I am bigger than I was with Mads.  She told me it wasn’t a case that I needed to go straight to the hospital for a growth scan, but that they would keep an eye on it so I am going back in three weeks just so she can check my growth.  I got tested for gestational diabetes with Mads as she was measuring large, but I didn’t have it.  I think I just grow very big babies, she was 9lb a week and a day early, and because I am quite slim I literally am all bump as I don’t put on much weight elsewhere.

I had my whooping cough and flu vaccines this fortnight too.  The flu jab was fine, but the whooping cough one hurt a bit, I think apparently because it is a combined jab they sometimes sting a little more.  It makes me feel funny that we do that to our children at such a young age, but at the end of the day if it protects them that is the most important thing.

We have started thinking about Mads room, the baby is going to have her nursery and Mads is going to go into a new big girls room.  We have bought some lovely fabrics, and we ordered our furniture as well- although unfortunately the cot bed isn’t going to arrive for 10 weeks- we may put Mads in her new room in her old cot to get her used to it.  Once the wardrobe comes we can start sorting out the clothes for the new baby, we still haven’t bought a lot- a few babygrows!  But we can wash some of the old bits and pieces, there are still a fair few clothes we need though as while most of Mads clothes are in great condition, the newborn stuff is probably the worst because it obviously gets washed so much.  We definitely need a few more outfits for Bug.



  • You are looking lovely! I am measuring two weeks ahead as well but my midwife is only worried if I go above 4 weeks ahead. I am smaller this time somehow so hoping for a normal sized baby! Enjoy shopping for Bug – newborn bits are so tiny and precious, I wish I could buy more! x

  • Notmyyearoff says:

    Wow only 10 weeks to go, that feels like its flown by! I have tiny veins too. I usually have to sit there whilst the nurse ties belts round my upper arms and even then end up looking like they’ve been bruised due to all the poking. Hope Mads likes her new room! It sounds like its going to be brilliant!

  • I think that 30 week marker is exciting because it means the countdown goes into single figures. Not long now really. I found with the little man that once Christmas was out the way it flew by. X

  • Lauren says:

    You look amazing, I’m interested to see how big your bump will be in another 10 weeks time xx

  • You look fab! It’s amazing how you don’t put on weight anywhere else but your bump. I don’t think I did last time but I do seem to be getting a bit padded out round the sides this time, although that’s probably down to all the chocolate I’ve been eating! I think after Xmas the weeks will fly by till our due dates, I can’t wait to see photos of your new arrival! xx

  • northernmum says:

    You look stunning, I have such bad envy!!!

    your pregnancy seems to have flown by! x

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