35 Weeks Pregnant….Bump Diary.



I am behind in my bump diary posts yet again, I am now 36 and a bit weeks. I can’t believe that the next entry I write will mean that I am full term- the 30’s have definitely gone so much quicker than the 20’s have.

I am feeling pretty good overall, but am just constantly tired, I think I could fall asleep anywhere.  I don’t know if this is down to the anaemia, or just to the fact that I am heavily pregnant and looking after a highly energetic toddler, but I literally constantly feel tired.

I am starting to ache if I walk too far or over do it, and I am still pretty uncomfortable with my ribs and back, Mr E has been so fabulous, perhaps even more so than normal, and has been getting in from work and letting me have hour long baths to relax and soak my tired muscles.  Still in terms of pregnancy it is just the general late on aches, I feel really lucky to generally quite suit pregnancy.  I am still loving my bump, but have started looking at clothes I can buy once it has disappeared!

I am also very pale with dark circles under my eyes, again I don’t know whether this is the anaemia, but I look at myself in the mirror and get a shock every time about how pale I am.  I look like a ghost!

Last week I had my very important meeting that I have been nervous about since the beginning of my pregnancy- the VBAC v C-Section choice.  I was terrified going in there as I didn’t want to have my decision analysed- but in actual fact the consultant was fine, and I am scheduled to have an elective c-section at some point between 40-41 weeks.  I don’t know what will happen if I go into natural labour before hand, but I am happy with the decision of the c-section- it feels like a massive weight off my mind.

I will admit that I went into the appointment and started to cry because I was nervous of the reaction, it is funny that all went according to plan.

I have my serious nerves about having a c-section, not less the recovery with a toddler but ultimately I know what to expect with one, my c-section last time was a really lovely experience, I just hope this one will be the same.  I don’t feel like one of these women who needs to have a natural birth or I will feel like I have missed out or been cheated.

I am starting to wonder what on earth my body will be like after this baby.  I ‘bounced’ back quite well after Mads birth and while my tummy will never quite be the same again, I managed to get back into my jeans within a few weeks.  This time because my tummy is so much bigger and the skin is so much more stretched, I do wonder what it will be.  Last time I didn’t exercise at all, whereas this time myself and a pregnant friend have already said we will try and do buggy bootcamp or go running.  Obviously not for the first couple of months but that is our long term plan!

I have a routine midwife appointment this week but other than that, all is pretty quiet.  We are trying to enjoy our time together as a three before our lives get turned upside down with our new arrival.  While I cannot wait to have our new addition here now, I am relishing every hug, every bedtime ritual and every play date just the three of us before we become a four.




  • Looking great. I’m glad you were able to keep to your decision and that it makes you feel more relaxed, I think this is really important in the last stage of pregnancy. Who wants to be stressed the whole time?!

  • Sonia says:

    You look amazing honey – pleased that you have decided on your choice of birth xx

  • caroline says:

    Wow so close! 🙂
    Good that you’ve had the meeting/appointment and have the birth plan.. must be a weight off your shoulders now.
    I too am feeling the back and rib pain now, also like you say, a little pale.. but I havent really worn a full face of makeup in a a month now and even before that I only wore half of what I normally did.. so might just have to get used to my makeup free/natural look.lol
    After birth exercise/plan is all whats been on my mind from day one.. I have no idea how my body will react to bith and ‘bouncing’ back.. but I’m prepared for hard work.. and already have a ‘plan’ in mind.. I too have a friend that is pregnant and due a month after me, so will be great to motivate each other. 🙂

    • Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three says:

      The rib pain is the thing that makes me feel the worst. I can deal with back pain, tiredness and paleness etc, but its just fact I feel like my rib is about to snap! 😉 I can’t wait now to wear normal clothes again and put some makeup on and feel nice. I love being pregnant and will miss my bump though. x

  • I love your pregnancy updates. You look brilliant and if you’ve got this far without the extreme tiredness setting in, you’re doing well.
    Hoping the next few weeks go well xx

  • Wow, it’s gone so quickly. Won’t be long at all now. I remember the end dragging. Can’t wait to see the safe arrival of your new one xxx

    • Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three says:

      I think the end always drags a bit, I will miss being pregnant because I love the kicks and my bump, but at the same time I am definitely ready to have her here.

  • Becky says:

    You look lovely Katie!! Well done for making a birth decision. The thought of a C-Section scares me silly. I think your really brave! I cried all the time in the doctors/midwives with Holly! I blamed it on the hormones but it was just because I had no idea what I was getting myself in for! Only a few more weeks now! Eek! 🙂

    • Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three says:

      Thanks Becky, I know the thought of a c-section really scared me in my first pregnancy and I was absolutely terrified, but because I have had one it doesn’t scare me so much now as I have a knowledge of what they are like. x

  • It is so scary to think how near the end you are now. The 30s have definitely gone fast. I remember a few weeks back thinking that I felt like you had been pregnant forever, but now the end is in sight it seems really fast.
    I’m so happy for you that you’ve made your birthing decision. I know it was playing on your mind a lot. I think going in with a positive attitude is really important, and I know you feel far more confident about a c-section as Mads one was so positive.

    • Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three says:

      Thanks hun and I know it is so scary, I can’t believe in a few weeks I will have a little bundle of newness! x

  • Wow you look fab! I’m almost 32 weeks with my first and also suffering from sore back although finding hot water bottles and physio really helping to sort out the stiffness. I’d be really interested in your decision for an elective C-section. A friend of mine did similar and does sound like many advantages – was there a specific reason you decided to go for this (because you had a C before?).

    Anyway just discovered your blog so will have a read with a cup of tea this afternoon and good luck with it all, look forward to reading all about it!

    Sasha @ The Happy Baby Project

    • Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three says:

      Thank you. The main reason for my c-section choice is because I have had a c-section already due to my daughter being breech. Also because she was large and because I hadn’t laboured at all, I was told that this could stand in my way. The last thing I want is to have an emergency c-section so that is why I made my decision.

      Glad you are enjoying my blog and thanks for your comment. x

  • Gosh I can’t believe how near the end you are! That’s good that you’ve made a decision about the birth, it must feel like a relief and at least you know what to expect. That is a big plus I think. I am trying to prepare myself but in reality I am still petrified, I don’t even feel like I did it last time as I had an epi-dural so have no idea what it actually feels like. I guess I am worried that I won’t be able to do it. Hopefully I will though! Xx

    • Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three says:

      I am sure you will be fine lovely, and you shouldn’t feel like you didn’t do it just because you had an epidural, you still gave birth to your lovely lady. xx

  • Really glad you have the birth you want planned – well done for sticking to your guns 🙂 xx

  • Stephanie says:

    I love your bump diary photos! What a cute way to document your pregnancy. That’s great that you’ve got your birth plan in order. You’re getting so close! How exciting!!

  • notmyyearoff says:

    Glad your appointment went so well in the end – I feel relieved for you!! I know how you’ve worried about it for a while and how I would feel if they suddenly took a choice like that away from me, I think I’d be terrified! I’m sure it will be just as brilliant as your last one 🙂 No wonder you’ve had a sudden burst of shopping…bet it all feels like its actually happening now.

  • I’m a little late catching up with your blog but I was so pleased to read that you are able to have an elective c-section. From following your other bump diary posts it seems like this was the right choice for you and I hope everything does smoothly when the time comes xx

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