Buying For Baby 2.



When I was pregnant with Mads, buying things was like a military operation.  As soon as we had our 20 week scan and knew that things seemed to be progressing well, I became fixated on researching baby products and items.  I bought myself a very cute little ‘baby planner’ notebook and would write lists on all the things we needed for our little bundle.  I loved going to big shops like Kiddicare, and choosing things our buggy, and I also loved buying clothes and other gorgeous little bits for our impending arrival.

This time it is totally different.  As yet, I haven’t bought a single thing for baby number two.  It isn’t that the excitement isn’t there, it still is, although because we don’t have to buy everything again, I must admit that it isn’t the same.

We have everything we need pretty much for our little bump from last time- especially all the main essentials.  We have her nursery ready as it is Mads who will be going into a new big girls room, we have lovely little girl blankets, a bouncy chair, a play mat, toys and of course we have clothes.

We do need a new double buggy, however I am not planning on buying a brand new one, as Mads will be 26 months when the baby arrives and therefore there is just no point in spending a fortune on a new one.  We also need a new steriliser as ours ended up being used quite a lot as I used to have to constantly sterilise my breast pump attachments!

Other than that we just don’t need much apart from bits and pieces like new muslin cloths, bibs and some newborn clothes as we don’t want her to wear all of Mads, as countless washing has made some a bit tatty.

However this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have to be exciting.  In actual fact, buying for Bug when we eventually get round to doing it, will actually be more exciting as instead of buying all the boring stuff- we get to just buy lovely things like cute clothes.  I am also determined to keep this baby in babgrows and all in ones a lot longer than I did Mads- I really wanted to dress her in little outfits but this time I want to keep with the onesies as long as possible.  Pretty ones though.

Here is my wishlist of things I am liking for our new addition at the moment-


1.  I love these massive Muslin Clothes from Aden and Anais.  We had one with Mads and used it all the time, it is perfect as a general sick wiping cloth, but also good for breastfeeding as when you are in public you can cover yourself with them.

2.  I had one of these gro swaddles all the time when Mads was born- we have two still that we can use but would like to add another one to the collection- they are perfect as a swaddle blanket and Mads slept well from the beginning- can I contribute it to these?  They are cosy and come in lovely patterns too.

3. I love this little Mustache romper from Beau Loves

4..  I love this vest from ‘Little Sister’ romper from Next, I adore it and think I may buy it as our going home outfit.  That seems like a long way away yet.

5.  I am a big fan of the Aztec stuff that is around at the moment, and therefore I love this little suit from Next again.

6.  This strawberry onesie from Not on the High Street is adorable too.  This baby will be in onesies until she is eighteen!

EDIT- We finally bought our first thing for Baby Number 2- the Next Little Sister Onesie that I mentioned above- finally she has something!



  • I was nowhere near as crazy buying stuff this time around either. In fact I think I wrote about it because I felt bad that it didn’t feel like we were preparing for Splodge at all. Then in the last few weeks when the nesting instinct kicked in I bought quite a few clothes and bits and pieces. I just suddenly felt like I couldn’t put my lovely brand spanking new baby in old clothes (even though most of the tiny stuff we had for the little man was gender neutral.)Obviously I have enjoyed the chance to go a bit shopping crazy since she arrived and I realised I could go and buy cute girly things.
    I’m definitely with you on the onesies thing too. Both my kiddos have spent the majority of their first month in onesie rompers and sleep suits. They look so cute and comfy and it’s funny how they instantly look older once you put them into “proper” clothes. X

  • Lauren says:

    The aztec suit is SO cute!!
    One reason I’m glad we didn’t have a girl is due to clothes, there is so much out there, I’d spend an absolute fortune.x

  • They are so cute, I love the Aden and Anais muslins cloths, they are so big! I am really excited about buying boys stuff this time, there doesn’t seem to be as much choice as girls but it will be nice to look at different stuff! x

  • Hannah says:

    Oh these are lovely, isn’t it great picking out favourite things. I like them all! Onesies are very cute and I think babies should look like babies rather than in more grown up outfits x

  • amummysview says:

    Totally agree, you don’t seem to have to do half as much this time round do you? Nice to still have a look and pick out a few things though! 🙂 x

  • I have bought a few bits for Squish but not as much as I would like as I know we have so much already! D was in onesies for a couple of months but had to come out of them as people had bought us so many little outfits and he was going into the bigger sizes much earlier than expected. I agree that this time we are keeping squish as a baby for longer – viva la onesie! (and we have a big brother and little brother outfit ready for the arrival too – far too cute!) x

  • KateQ says:

    Even though this is my first I still haven’t bought anything as I feel a bit clueless as to what I should be buying! I’m also relying on lots of gifts as he’ll be the first grandchild but if that backfires I’ll have to dress him in a pillowcase for a couple of days!

  • Susan Mann says:

    It really isn’t the same is it for the second. Gorgeous things you ahve picked out, I’ve still not got anything for the new one yet x

  • I’m exactly the same, not bought a thing yet for baby number two but I think I’ll buy her a few cute little coming home outfits at least x

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