Goodbye Bump…Hello Baby.

On the 10th June 2012 I sat down on the toilet and did one of those cheapie internet pregnancy tests.  We hadn’t even really started trying for a baby as we were waiting so I could have a few drinks on our holiday in the middle of June, but we had been being ‘less careful.’  Imagine my surprise when a very faint line appeared.  I shouted to Mr E ‘Can you see a line?  Can you see a line?’  He said maybe but it was very faint.  Cue a mad dash to Sainsburys to buy a ‘proper’ test and me being so impatient, couldn’t wait so I did another test in their toilets.  Classy.  But another faint line appeared.

And just like that my pregnancy journey began.

We had an interesting situation to begin with where a doctor told us we weren’t pregnant but in the end it was confirmed that we were indeed expecting a new addition to our family.

We announced it in a way that I will remember forever.

And my bump grew.  And grew.  And grew some more.

We found out we were having another little girl.  I couldn’t have been more thrilled.


 And then after months and months of waiting and waiting we finally got to hold our new little bundle in our arms.  And it was totally worth the weight.

At 39+3 weeks my little lady came into the world.

And just like that my bump went and all of a sudden there was a pink, screaming baby in it’s place and I was left with a sort of deflated beach ball tummy.

I don’t know if anyone else feels this way but the first few days I couldn’t help but stare at my tummy then stare at LL, and not quite believe that she was inside me just days before?  How was this tiny human actually in my tummy?

Pregnancy most certainly is a miracle.  Our gorgeous children who mean the absolute world to us, start off as a mass of cells the size of a poppy seed and grow and develop until they are fully fledged little humans.  I find that mind boggling to think that is how we all started off.

I am so thankful for my body that it has served me well and safely grown my two children.  I am a huge worrier in pregnancy and every little cramp, niggle and soreness makes me panic, especially in those early days.  It truly is a miracle that our bodies can grow something so special, and I feel so thankful that my body seemed to know what to do and we didn’t have any huge problems in conceiving or sustaining our pregnancies.

And now I have these two little girls to show for it.

Yes I also have a belly button that has seen better days due to a huge amount of over stretching, and a tummy that will never quite be the same again.  Yes my belly is a bit ‘loose’ and Yes I no longer have a waistline and I dread to think what my boobs will be like after breastfeeding for a second time…

…But I grew my children safe and sound.  I may have suffered back pain, and with both of them such bad rib pain, and I may have got the odd leg cramp, but really in terms of pregnancy I have been very, very lucky to feel surprisingly good.  And even if I hadn’t it would be totally worth it.

I don’t think we will be having any more babies, I don’t want to go through another pregnancy where I worry, plus after my last c-section I would be worried about the scar tissue as the surgeon said it seems I had an infection after my first section, so looking back on these bump shots is very bittersweet for me.  It makes me feel nostalgic to think that I won’t feel another one of my babies kicking me on the inside, a truly special feeling that only you know about.

However I now get cuddles on the outside.  And that is a million times better.

I am so grateful to my body for growing these miracles.

I will treasure my bump photos forever.

Pregnancy is a truly incredible thing.

(My full bump diary posts and pregnancy posts are here.)



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