Pregnancy Style #3

This bump is getting big.  Apparently they don’t start measuring your bump until 28 weeks with your second baby but at my VBAC appointment the other day the midwife mentioned that I was measuring larger than my dates.  I don’t know by how much, but I do know that I have already lost my belly button- that didn’t happen until about 32 weeks last time.  Eek.

I also can’t see to shave my legs or paint my toenails- luckily I have a Mummy who owns a beauty salon or I would be looking particularly hairy right about now.  It did get to the point last time where Mr E had to shave me- lets just say that we won’t be doing that again.

I still haven’t bought any maternity clothes, but I have been sent a couple of lovely bits.  I haven’t bought that many new clothes- I am living in my old clothes that I don’t particularly care about, so I don’t mind if they go slightly out of shape. It means I am not looking my best! I will be hitting the shops soon though as I am fed up of wearing old stuff.

I love my bump and am lucky that so far I haven’t put on any weight anywhere else- I am living in my pre pregnancy leggings and tops.  This could all change soon though as this bump is growing.  Fast.

Here is what the bump and I have been wearing recently.






1.  I have been living in shirts, but I just don’t do them up.  This Miss Selfridge Boyfriend Denim shirt is a staple at the moment, as it is big enough to cover up my lumps and bumps.

2.  I bought this dress from New Look when I was breastfeeding Mads as it was easy to undo and now it is great as a maternity dress.  It is stretchy and if you team it with a belt it looks nice with the bump- it is one of those things that I haven’t worn for a long time but have dug it out and it is perfect for my new pregnancy body.

3.  This coral pink jumper from Next has studs all over it, I bought it recently but it isn’t maternity, although I can’t find it on the website- it must have sold out.  It is cosy and baggy, perfect for days when you just want to feel snuggly.  The coat is my new favourite maternity item from Yummy Mummy Maternity.

4.  This flowery dress from Ark isn’t maternity, but when coupled with a belt, fits nicely over my bump.  It is again another dress I am not too worried if it goes out of shape but the material means it probably won’t.  I like the autumn colours of it.

5.  I have been living in my Yummy Mummy black vest top because it just fits so nicely on my bump and moulds to whatever shape I am wearing.  I have been wearing it with my normal cardigans and shirts over the top- the brown cardigan is from River Island and doesn’t do up anyway as there are studs instead of buttons, so makes it perfect at the moment.  The boots that you see in every photo are from ASOS by River Island, and I got them the other day- I am living in them because the weather has now turned so cold.  I think they have sold out now though as I can’t see them on the website.  I am also living in these Topshop Jeggings.

6.  Sometimes you just need to chill out, I wore my Abercrombie hoody to work the other day- luckily I didn’t have any clients in or they might not have got the best impression.

7.  I was sent this lovely babydoll chiffon top from Crave Maternity, it is nice to wear when I go out for dinner or somewhere a bit smarter- I wore this when I went out for a meal with my girlfriends the other day.  It has a tie at the back meaning you can fit it to the shape of your bump.  Am also living in black leggings.

8.  This is my new maternity coat from Yummy Mummy Maternity- after seeing my dilemma in my last pregnancy style post they very kindly came to my rescue and sent me this one.  It is a wool material and so warm- as someone who didn’t have a maternity coat with Mads, I can safely say that I would never look back now.  It fits so nicely to my bump, and is warm and cosy- there is plenty of room in it to grow and I think it will look nice when the baby is here because I can just do it up tighter.  I am really pleased with it and it has made my husband happy as he used to get so cross last time that I would go out without a coat on!  I have been living in it since I got it.



  • Lauren says:

    You’re certainly getting your moneys worth out of your gorgeous new boots 🙂
    The chiffon top is beautiful x

  • You’re definitely looking very stylish my dear. Is it just me, or has your chest grown a bit too? Not that I’m staring at your boobs obviously. 🙂 x

  • You are looking fabulous Katie, a stylish yummy mummy in deed! xxx

  • Charlotte says:

    Lovely bump! How exciting!!!

  • Caroline says:

    So nice to read a maternity/bump style post.. I;ve felt quite lost since getting a bit of a bump and with it all being new to me..
    I have a feeling at my next appointment I may get told I’m showing bigger than I should and at the beginning I do amit to indulging far too much, but my appetite has calmed down recently.. So I have had to invest in some maternity items, the needs of work trousers and jeans as a must!
    I’m mostly living out of my normal clothes, theyre just a little tighter.. and recent winter purchases have been made easy as its the season for ‘over sized’ jumpers and such anyways!
    Love all your outfits and in love with your boots! I’m in need of a new winter pair as my new look riding boots have no tread and my mr is sick of ‘catching’ me, when I slip

  • Notmyyearoff says:

    Those are some really cute dresses and tips. I love the yummy mummy top and the coat is just gorgeous!

  • Iris says:

    Looking gorgeous honey x

  • Tanya says:

    I remember in your last style post you mentioned you were not going to buy a coat. I had the same mindset as I made do with my first but then with my second my mom bought me a maternity coat and I didn’t look back either! Between pregnancy and breastfeeding I now have a number of non-maternity clothes that are ready to bite the dust!

  • amummysview says:

    You look fab honey. Love reading your style pieces. I have bought a few pieces for work and a couple of pairs of jeans and basic tops from Mamas and Papas and Next but that’s about it. I did invest in a coat from H&M MAMA and am squeezing into my winter parker that I got in 2 sizes bigger for my post baby belly after I’d had my daughter. It’s so hard to know what to do isn’t it? I got a lovely Mama.licious dress for Christmas nights out though, couldn’t resist. I was offered a couple of items from a certain maternity brand and picked a lovely dress for my anniversary night out and a suit for work but I got a last minute email the night before my anniversary weekend to say they wouldn’t be sending them. Luckily a friend came to the rescue with some dresses for me!

  • Looking gorgeous, really love your boots and your Yummy Mummy Maternity coat – looks fab, I will have to check out the website myself xx

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