Pregnancy Style #4

My tummy is growing bigger by the day.  At my midwife appointment the other day I was told I was measuring two weeks ahead of my dates which explains my tight and achy tummy.  I still haven’t really bought that many new clothes, instead wearing my old clothes to death to try and prevent buying anything that I will only really wear for a couple of months now.

As such my pregnancy wardrobe is a little lacking, and not particularly glamourous.  However I just keep thinking if I don’t spend any money, come February I will have more to spend on new clothes once the baby is born.  Because obviously I am going to get back into my skinny jeans straight away.  Ahem.

Here is some of the things I have been clothing myself and bump in recently…







1.  This is the type of outfit I live in the most!  My PJ’s.  Pretty much as soon as I get home from work or from out playing with Mads, the PJ’s come on.  There is something about snuggling in PJ’s during the winter.  I bought these festive ones from Primark, Primarni definitely do the best jammies, they are also fab for pregnant ladies as a lot of the tops are really long and therefore cover the bump.

2.  I have been wearing a lot of my old snuggly jumpers, this one is from River Island and is so comfy, it is that big it even does up over the bump.  The bag featured in nearly all the photos is my Marc Jacobs- a honeymoon present from Mr E back when we had pennies to spend on ridiculous items.  It only gets outings when I don’t have a toddler dropping juice/crumbs/bogeys into it.

3.  A casual day at work now- the top is just a stripy t-shirt from New Look, it isn’t maternity but because it is stretchy it fits well on the bump.  The jumper is a snuggly number from Zara which I love- the lining is sheepskin and the buttons are duffel buttons- it is so cosy.  The snood is a recent purchase from H and M, I love burgandy at the moment.  I put Burgandy lipstick on to try and distract from the fact my eyes were so tired.

4.  My trusty River Island biker boots that I am wearing non stop at the moment, teamed with an aztec cardigan from New Look, another one that isn’t maternity but is good for bumps as it doesn’t have buttons anyway.  The grey jeggings are also from New Look, I find their stuff cheap enough that if I do stretch them, it doesn’t really matter.

5.  Another casual day at work (every day is casual at the moment as I fit into no smart things!), I am wearing a denim shirt that is long enough to hide lumps and bumps, the trusty burgandy snood and black leggings which I am living in.

6.  Out for dinner with my friend, this cardigan from New Look is new and doesn’t have buttons so it is fine for the bump- however I added a belt so it held it in place a little more.

I am lacking the inspiration to buy anything new, I love my bump and am enjoying being pregnant, but clothes shopping is just a nightmare- hence I am living in old stuff.  I have asked for money from family for Christmas so once baby two is here I can go out and revamp my wardrobe a little bit!


  • I was exactly the same when I was pregnant; not wanting to waste money on clothes that I wouldn’t actually wear for that long. I lived in cheap stretchy tops that I didn’t mind if they ended up out of shape. Tops continued to get stretched beyond believe once they are here if you are breastfeeding, I have some vests with straps that will never be the same again. I found it easier this time around with it being summer as I could wear floaty dress to dress up. Christmas parties and things are quite tricky when you’re pregnant so I ended up with two maternity dresses for going out when I had the little man. X

    • Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three says:

      I just think that its better to wait and then you can buy nice clothes when the baby is born! x

  • Joanna says:

    You look absolutely amazing! I love your style, really fashionable but comfy looking too! I’m living in black leggings and boots post baby. Where is your denim shirt from? I’ve been looking for a nice long one, as you say to hide lumps and bumps!! xx

  • I have that Zara cardigan in black and grey and love it! I agree that PJs are the best maternity wear of all x

  • I’m so envious … you look so good whereas I now resemble a beach ball; a badly dressed beach ball. I may even have to resort to leaving the house in my pjs soon as they are the only things that fit.

  • Caroline says:

    Love those PJ’s! Need Need Need! 🙂
    I too seem to crave and at weekends live in my PJ’s! lol
    I’ve tried to restrain from buying new clothes/maternity stuff, but felt I was pushing uncomfortable bounderies with some of my things, so have ended up making some purchases.. But simlilar to yourself, I have found myself less enthusiastic about most outfits, work wear is simple and as comfy as poss..

  • Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three says:

    I definitely think my style is more safe in pregnancy- there is only so much you can do really! x

  • Looking gorgeous Mrs E, as always x

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