Me and Mine: A Family Portrait Project- January.

One portait of your family a month for twelve months.  Sounds simple right?  Especially as I am the person whose camera is permanently attached to their hand, so much so that it is like an extra limb.  However while I take lots and lots of photos, I rarely get in them myself.  Firstly because I don’t particularly like myself in photos and secondly taking photos of the three of us is a bit of a palava.  Unless you are out with other people, then it involves getting the tripod and my remote control out, fiddling with the settings so they look ok without you being in control of the camera, and to be honest I just find it easier to be behind the camera taking the photos.

However along with a few other bloggers, I have decided to rise to the challenge of taking a photo a month of my little family.

How it works is a group of us take a photo each month and then promote all each others blog post in a circle.  This month I am encouraging everyone to visit the lovely Lucy at Dear Beautiful Boy who doesn’t really need an introduction as she is one of my best blogging friends and also a very close real life friend now too.  You should definitely go and check out her gorgeous little family, her photos always make me smile.

There is also a linky below, or on any of the other blogs, if you would like to join in our challenge and take a photo of your family.


Anyway here is January’s photo.

DSC 0581

I love this shot for many reasons.

It isn’t particularly the best photo- in fact far from it- it was one of only three I took and the rest were terrible!  Mads was playing with my remote control the other day and has managed to lose it so I went to set up my tripod next to our bed and realised that I was missing the remote.  I had to keep getting up and using the camera self timer, which isn’t easy to get back again in 10 seconds when you are heavily pregnant.

Mads was grumpy as hell, and we bribed her to stay still on the bed with a biscuit, which practically is one of the worst parenting skills ever.  She very badly needs a fringe trim and looks like a scruff bag.  I just look very pale.

But you know what?  This is my family.

We aren’t perfect.  Our life isn’t full of amazing shots.  Mads does get grumpy, I do get stressed and bribe her with a biscuit and we don’t always have those picture perfect days.

This is us.  And this month is the last month we will be a family of three.  When I come to take a photo at the end of February, there will be another little person joining in.

For that reason I will look back on this perfectly unperfect shot and treasure it forever.

It’s my little threesome in all its perfectly unperfect glory.






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